10 foreign sites that pay you to work on different tasks

10 foreign sites that pay you to work on different tasks

In the event that you are interested in making money from the Internet and are looking for a guaranteed site to work and make money from the Internet, then through this article we have chosen for you “Top 10 foreign sites that pay you to perform various tasksFrom which thousands of users earn daily.

Where there are hundreds of websites that allow thousands of people to work remotely and earn money from home, whether you have skills that bring money or you are a beginner with no experience, so if you are wondering what sites can be profited from and looking for sites to make money from the Internet that are guaranteed, Then you are in the right place.

10 foreign websites that pay you to work on different tasks

We all know that there are many websites that enable thousands of people from all over the world to enter all areas of work online, i.e. remotely, earn money and increase income from home without the need to go out anywhere, and this includes you if you are a beginner or have one of the skills or experiences And start working through the internet.

As there are many sites, few of them allow you to withdraw profits when the site desires to do so without hindrance to the minimum amount of returns. Through our article for today, we will explain and address ten foreign sites that pay you money daily and over the course of 24 hours, whatever balance you have, follow us …

The best foreign sites for making money

There are many people who are afraid of sites for making money from the Internet for free from fraud, and for this reason we did not offer sites that we did not try or we did not take from the experience of real people who dealt with it, and there are sites specialized in remote work and transfer the profits that you earn to you monthly or every two months.

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There are also famous sites that specialize in making money through the Internet and enable their users to earn money in a very short period of only 24 hours, as we will introduce you to them through our article.

All the sites that we will mention are foreign, safe and not fake. We have collected them after verifying the opinions of users about them and their credibility. We have also seen many people using them from all over the world.

1. site Qmee

If you are looking for an easy way to profit from the Internet in 2023, Qmee is one of the additions to the Chrome browser, and it is also available to use it through an application on mobile phones for Android and iPhone systems, as it gives its users money and prizes by sharing their opinions on various topics or by shopping from various international brands. The application is also based on the principle of paid surveys.

2. site field agent

Field Agent is considered one of the best sites for making money for beginners for free, as it pays approximately $ 12 per hour for various tasks that are carried out, such as entering stores, taking pictures of the products required of you, or filling out surveys related to stores.

A lot of people are searching for carrying out easy tasks, traveling to retailers, and conducting operations in checking products or retail testing, as it is available directly on the site through its official page, or downloading the application available on the Android and iPhone systems.

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3. Location Google Opinion Rewards

Through the name, we know that the site belongs to Google, so here we become certain that it is absolutely safe, like other similar applications that pay money to you, so it allows you to use the site to answer surveys or evaluate products and earn money for that.

Also, the return from Google Opinion Rewards is very low, as the user earns between 0.10 and up to 1.00 USD for each survey that you complete, and the amount that you earn may depend on the number of questions within the survey and the estimated time to answer it.

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And you are allowed to participate in the available tasks if he sends you notifications about that.

4. Location gigwalk

Gigwalk is one of the well-known sites for making money from the Internet, and it is similar to the first site that we mentioned and works on the mobile phone, where you earn money through it in exchange for achieving small milestones according to your geographical location.

Retail companies are interested in the aforementioned site because they are looking for audits of trademarks or looking for comments for products and their offers, as the site will ask you to enter the stores and photograph their products.

The duration of the task assigned to the user is more than half an hour, and it may sometimes reach several hours, while the site pays amounts of up to one hundred dollars for that task, and often.

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5. Location barid bird

This site belongs to a foreign company that publishes scooters in the streets to help people move around within cities, so people can find scooters on the street and benefit from it by moving to the place they want for money.

The company also pays the people who take the scooters off the streets to charge them and then return them to their place to keep them in a state of complete readiness.

6. Location OneSpace

This site is considered one of the most famous foreign sites for profit from the Internet, as it is similar to its work system for the famous AppWork and Fiverr sites, as it provides jobs for users in all different fields and pays them for their completion of the tasks assigned to them. The site includes many areas, including content writing, translation, data entry, logo design and editing Video and even voiceover and much more.

And it enjoys that it allows you to earn money on a daily basis by withdrawing your money from it within 24 hours only, and the jobs through it are related to famous companies around the world, not ordinary people.

Where the site is based on converting large tasks into small ones by dividing them, and then asking for help from Freelancers to finish the work quickly and reliably.

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7. Location Scribie

Scribie is the best site for making money from transcription, as it pays you for transcribing speech into audio recordings or video clips and writing it, so your money through it depends on the experience you have in that field.

As usual, the hourly fee for recording or a video clip of 6 minutes on the site ranges between 5 and 25 dollars, and a 6-minute audio clip earns you from one dollar to two dollars.

8. Website ClearVoice

Also from foreign sites for making money, it is similar to the previous site by providing its users with a different task of self-employment, such as writing content and others for the benefit of famous international companies. You can start working and earn money directly by going to the site and registering on it.

9. Website TestingTime

If you are looking for a site to make money quickly, the site pays money to its users in exchange for a test experience of new products via Skype or Zoom. It also allows follow-up studies or surveys and many others. It also enables people to evaluate a specific product by making a call with the owner of this product and evaluating his product. by calling him.

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10. Location TaskRabbit

If you are looking for a site to earn money from the phone, this is one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet for free. This site depends on earning money and distributing tasks to its users through the application on the smart phone and includes the Android and iPhone systems.

Where it shows the tasks to the user that he can accomplish within his area of ​​residence, such as helping in workshops, buying some needs for a person, helping with housework, raising animals, and many other tasks.

And here we have come to the end of our article for today, during which we talked about ten foreign sites that pay you money in exchange for completing various tasks, we hope you have won your admiration.

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