7 tips for taking professional shots

7 tips for taking professional shots

How is jewelry photographed?? If you own an online store specialized in selling jewelry and accessories, this topic is very important to you, as accessories and jewelry have recently occupied a large position in the field of e-commerce, which brings you high profits.

But you may encounter several difficulties that affect your sales greatly, so you may have a store full of all kinds of beautiful and required accessories in the market, but How to photograph jewelry wrong, thus affecting its distinctive appearanceSo, in this article, we will show you 7 tips for jewelry In a very professional manner, it is important that you follow the explanation to the end in order to know the most important basics of how to photograph accessories without the need for jewelry photography courses.

Jewelry Photography: 7 tips for taking professional shots
Jewelry photography tips

Jewelers promote their products of jewelry and gold accessories through special photo sessions for elegant and attractive jewelry, as the photography process is one of the most important tasks to display the field with high aesthetics and luxurious luster, as there are many ways that photographers take in order to take distinctive pictures of jewelry, as the photographer must possess The skills in taking pictures in terms of the position of the image, its clarity, and the intensity of the lighting in it. It is very important that the product appears as if it is small in size and is not clear to customers. In order to obtain accurate and clear pictures in jewelry photography, we presented today this article that includes some tips for photographing jewelry with high professionalism .

Top tips for photographing jewelry

Below we will show you the most important steps and tips for photographing jewelry with successful professional photos, so follow the steps with us step by step, here we are:

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1. Keep jewelry clean and polished

If you want to show the pictures beautifully and professionally, the piece of jewelry must be clean and well polished. In this case, many of the fine details and specifications of the piece of jewelry will appear through the image taken with the digital camera.

You can polish the piece of jewelry by wiping it with a damp cloth, or by wiping it with a microfiber cloth before photographing. Every time you change position.

2. Reflexology

When photographing jewelry, it clearly shows some reflections that may attract some other colors. These reflections are due to the reason for counting the photography on a white background, which leads to its appearance and a change in the color of the piece. To get rid of it, you must photograph it on a white background, as the jewelry will appear in this case more and in an artistic way more aesthetic.

It is known that taking a high-quality picture of jewelry has some difficulties, but the small size of the jewelry distinguishes it from not needing high-quality devices in order to show details and high quality in the image. If you want to block reflections, you can do that by placing a piece of paper around the camera to block reflections optical.

3. Use a tripod to avoid vibrations

Many photographers suffer from the problem of camera shake during photography, especially while photographing small pieces, most notably jewelry, as small movements that result from hand movement during photography can lead to blurring of the image, but this problem has been solved through the tripod, which consists of a head A spherical tripod that can be removed, as the head has a smooth movement, as it becomes easy to shoot at a certain angle, by canceling the head lock, as the photographer can rotate the camera at a certain angle before locking the head and securing a good position for shooting.

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4. Lighting in jewelry photography

If you want to show the luster of the piece of jewelry, you must use natural lighting on the piece. If you are thinking of using the camera flash, the flash will damage the image, because the bright light from the camera will reflect on the piece of jewelry, which will lead to covering a section of the piece of jewelry with the appearance of unwanted shadows in the image. It will spoil the aesthetics of the image.

Natural lighting must be relied upon in the photographing process. For example, you can place the piece next to the window during filming in order to obtain natural lighting. If they notice that the sunlight emits strong lighting on the product, just cover the window with a white curtain or by using a piece of paper. It should not be covered. The window is covered with a curtain in colors other than those mentioned, because it may lead to a change in the color of the light.

5. Use animated GIF files

Adding gif files to the images gives the image a wonderful and realistic effect, as the gif files are characterized by the speed of downloading and sending them, unlike video files. This feature is used to attract customers’ attention to the pieces of jewelry, with an explanation of the movement of the piece.

6. Focus accurately

Focusing on photographing a specific piece is one of the most important things for the success of photographing the image with high accuracy, as the goal of photography is to highlight the beauty of the piece, such as the sparkle of diamonds or the golden bracelet, and the photographer only has to do the auto focus on the piece, as it is possible for the focus to stop in the shots nearby.

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And if you want to verify, you can do that by examining the image and checking more, and if it does not work, just refocus and check how it works, and do not forget to lock it.

And the photographer must make sure to get perfect shots after completing the photography, provided that the luster and aesthetics of the piece are in the focal point, especially if the image will be placed in advertising catalogs, then the image must be visible in all its fine details, as the focus technology gives you the possibility of photographing many parts of A piece of jewelry with high accuracy and sharp focus, as the images will appear in a focused and highly aesthetic way.

7. Jewelry photo editing

The opinions of the photographers differed in editing the images, as there were supporters in editing the images, and there were those who rejected, as they expressed their objections to not modifying the images in order to preserve the reality of the image. The image can give the image more shine and beauty, as photographers use many programs to modify images, most notably Photoshop or GIMP, which is a program very similar to Photoshop, as it is possible to use the program to modify images via the Internet, and there is also Adobe’s lightroom program

Here we have come to the end of our article today, after we gave you the most important advice on photographing jewelry with high accuracy and aesthetic images, far from the damage that could lead to ruining the image. We hope that the article has won your admiration.

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