8 marketing methods used by the most famous international companies to promote their products

8 marketing methods used by the most famous international companies to promote their products

8 marketing methods used by the most famous international companies to promote their productsWelcome, dear visitors of the “Taqni.com” website, we present to you on this topic marketing ideas for international companies. We cannot deny that advertising and marketing have great interest on the part of company owners, as we know businesses need a marketing budget to implement the marketing plans and ideas that aim To attract the largest possible number of customers, thus increasing the percentage of sales and developing the company and making it competitive in the market.

So we have seen a lot of searches recently about successful marketing ideas such as the spectrum of the company’s market in general, and what are the best marketing ideas that attract attention, or crazy and unconventional marketing ideas, all to ensure the success of marketing for the company, but we found examples of some international companies that have used Ingenious marketing ads have transformed your ordinary products and services into distinctive products that make you want to buy them immediately, so in this article we will show you the 8 best marketing ideas that the most famous international companies have followed to promote their products.

Marketing ideas for international companies: 8 marketing methods used by the most famous international companies to promote their products

8 marketing methods used by the most famous international companies to promote their products

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It is known and common among customers and marketers that the selling process takes place quickly through advertising, marketing and enticing the product, where attention is not attracted except through successful advertisements, in converting the offered products from ordinary goods to goods that must be owned, as this method attracts the customer to buy the product Although the customer himself does not need that product, but the method of advertising and marketing is what inspired the desire to buy the product. In this article, we will present the most famous marketing methods in the promotion process, which the most famous international companies have followed.

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1. Mike’s Taxi

This company has implemented one of the best ways and marketing offers, as it is known that the taxi has a limited scope of work in the roads and to deliver customers. Instead of the company printing advertisements and advertisements about the company and the services it provides, the company presented the tourist and recreational areas in the country in addition to cafes, museums, parks and many more. From other places, it is natural if the customer wants to go to one of those places, then he must take a taxi to reach the specified place. In this way, the company increased its profits and gained customers by one of the methods mentioned in the marketing offers.

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2. The process of selling men’s blades and selling women’s blades

After studying and scrutinizing the needs of men and women of commodities, the specialists in marketing operations for cosmetic commodities found the following:

Women consume cosmetic goods more than men, as it is natural for women to care about their beauty and the purity of their skin, and this is a sufficient reason to explain why cosmetic products are sold to women more. Men or women are like razors, but excessive consumption by women has raised the price of the cosmetic product.

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3. IKEA stores

IKEA stores have made the long and winding corridors in a striking way in an advertising and professional manner, as it is not medically to have these corridors in the usual way, but this design was done to attract a large number of customers and sell the largest number of products, as the products were repeated in all the corridors in the store and that In order to ensure that the customer sees the products more than once and in all directions, which increases the opportunity to sell the products more, and the customer automatically buys the product even if he does not need it.

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4. HBO (American television network affiliated with Time Warner flags)

This company has made the most famous and most attractive promotions by announcing the third season of the series “Game of Thrones”, where the series was promoted in an artistic and attractive way, by drawing the shadow of a dragon on the covers of magazines and randomly in addition to the daily newspapers read by individuals in the United States Through this method, the company worked to draw the attention of the individual and inspire within him curiosity to know the secret of this shadow drawn on the newspapers and daily newspapers.

5. Alka-Silters Contraceptive Pills

Alka Stars Company has adopted the advertising of its pharmaceutical products through the repetition process, where the original advertisement included one tablet to be dropped in the water. After this announcement, the company increased the number of tablets to become two tablets that were dropped into the water. Indeed, the advertisement was successful and the company gained many customers as it doubled Significantly sales.

6. Pampers

The idea of ​​this advertisement may be a little funny to some, as this idea was made after a chemical engineer changed his daughter’s diapers, which is called (Kafola), as he always had to wash them, then dry them and reuse them again. This tiring matter made the chemical engineer think of a way to be able to use The nappies are one time and then immediately disposed of, hence the idea of ​​Pampers.

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7. Red Bull

Red Bull has done a smart way to raise the price, increase sales and promote its products without the knowledge of the customer. The company asked shop owners and retailers to put Red Bull drinks outside the beverage department, that is, they are placed anywhere outside the beverage department. This method was successfully completed and the company’s competitors were overcome. .

8. Starbucks

It is one of the very famous cafes, but a new competitor appeared, but in a name that contradicts the real name of the company, which called itself “other than Starbucks.” To look a little, which prompted Starbucks to buy the entire company and then take care of the shops belonging to the company “other than Starbucks” previously, which made this idea of ​​competition stronger and fiercer, but in this way, Starbucks attracted customers and coffee lovers to its company more than other companies.

In conclusion, we have presented some of the most important marketing and promotional methods for products carried out by the most famous companies in the world. Through these methods, you can strengthen the advertising and marketing thought within you, as well as take a general idea of ​​competing intelligently and in professional ways.

We hope you like the article and thank you for taking the time to read.

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