9 ways to obtain a work contract in Germany 2023

9 ways to obtain a work contract in Germany 2023

It is considered Obtaining a work contract in Germany 2023 One of the most important things for expats who want to work and live in Germany, while they are not within the European Union.

Of course, the methods of obtaining a work contract in Germany differ according to where you come from and the period you want to stay for, as residence permits may be required for employment.

Of course, there are different ways to obtain work contracts in Germany 2023 depending on the type of work you intend to do, so in this article we will learn how to obtain a work contract in Germany in 8 different ways.

So if you are wondering how can I obtain a work contract in Germany, what are the papers required for a work contract in Europe, and what are the conditions for a work contract visa in Germany 2023, follow the details of this article.

9 ways to obtain a work contract in Germany 2023

Most residents of Germany know that obtaining job opportunities in Germany is not an easy matter, as some might think, through “employment contract offices in Germany,” especially Arabs abroad who would like to immigrate to Germany for work, but at the same time it is impossible.

In addition, every person who wants to work in Germany, especially those who are looking for jobs for Arabic speakers in Germany and wants to get a job in Germany, must take the legal path, meaning that he must search for the appropriate and best field for him in the legal form to ensure that the country’s laws are not violated, but Is it easy to get a work contract in Germany?

Where many people want to immigrate to Germany and obtain a work contract there, who are not citizens of the European Union. The new data and disclosures have shown about the number of the labor force in Germany, which ranges approximately from 36 million immigrants, most of whom are from the European Union, and they differ between those who possess professional skills or those who University degree holders.

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There are also many opportunities for workers who have low skills compared to others, as many low-skilled workers move to Germany after obtaining a job there, as Germany is visited by many people due to its high productivity among the countries of the world. In our article today, we look at the methods and steps to obtain A work contract in Germany.

How to obtain a work contract in Germany?

Visas and residencies are issued through German embassies and consulates. There are many types of work contracts, which are as follows:

1. A general employment contract in Germany

It is one of the contracts designated for workers who do not have high skills in education or other practical experience. The position is granted to the foreign worker in the event that the position does not need a European worker, as positions are given certain priorities, and they are granted for a specific period of time and most often for a year and it is possible to extend The contract in the event of the competence of the employee.

2. The case of having a relative or partner in Germany

If the foreign worker has a relative or partner who has an employment contract in Germany, he may be given permission to work in Germany.

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3. University graduation contract

The German authorities enable university graduates with reliable and recognized certificates to obtain a work contract if the graduate has sufficient funds to obtain a residence permit while the job is being found, and if the foreign employee has graduated from a German university and is looking for a job that the German authorities allow. By extending his residence period to 18 months while he finds a job and submits a residence permit with a work contract.

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4. EU Blue Cards

These cards are allocated to holders of university degrees who want a guarantee of obtaining a work contract with a high salary of approximately 50,800 euros, or in professions that face a shortage of workers, their salaries range from 39,000 euros, and the holder of this card is granted a permit to reside in Germany for a period of 4 years, in addition to that the German authorities enable the worker Who brought his family to live with him in Germany.

5. An employment contract for highly skilled workers in Germany

If you have high skills in professional life or in education in general, you can apply for an employment contract for workers with high skills, where the salary can reach 84,000 euros, in addition to that it is possible for the foreign employee to bring his family to Germany and live together without specifying a specific period of time for accommodation.

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6. Student contract in Germany

The German authorities grant those wishing to travel to Germany and obtain vocational or industrial training, where immigrants are given residence permits according to the course they are studying, and if the course lasts for two years, the student submits an extension request while he searches for work and submits a residence permit under the work contract.

7. Self-employment contracts

Most workers want to travel to Germany in order to work on a self-employment contract, where if the goal is to establish a company in Germany, the worker can obtain a residence permit valid for three years, and if the project is a successful business, it is possible to extend the contract, but these benefits will not be granted before submitting Some evidence of the success of the project, which includes the following:

  • It must be proven that the commercial activity brings economic benefits to the owner of the project and to Germany.
  • Provide an integrated and applicable business plan with all evidence of business financing.
  • It is necessary to show proof of provision of a pension if you have reached the age of 45.
  • If you are self-employed, you can apply for a self-employed residence permit.
  • It is necessary that you provide evidence that employs the need for your skills in Germany.
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8. A work contract in scientific research

If you are interested in conducting scientific research and want to work in Germany, you can make a work contract with a research institute in Germany that is officially recognized, and you must provide all evidence about your financial conditions, and a period of time of at least one year is given with the work contract, and it is possible that you will throw Lectures at the institute with which you signed the employment contract.

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How to apply for a work contract in Germany?

If you want to apply for an employment contract in Germany, you must submit the following documents and documents first:

  1. Fill out the application form with complete information and you must print and sign it.
  2. Two personal photos with a white background.
  3. A valid passport.
  4. Submit proof of residence.
  5. A health insurance certificate must be submitted, and it must be from the German employer. If you cannot obtain it, you can enter by presenting travel insurance starting from your entry into the country until the start of work.
  6. Submit the employment contract with all information about the salary and position.
  7. Submit a CV highlighting all academic skills and qualifications.
  8. A clean criminal record.
  9. Submit a personal letter in which you must indicate the length of stay in Germany.
  10. Documents proving payment of the visa fee.
  11. Declare the accuracy of the information in detail.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article, my friends, after we have provided you today with the most important details about information on obtaining a work contract in Germany. We hope that the article has won your admiration.

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