A project with a capital of 100 thousand pounds –

A project with a capital of 100 thousand pounds –

A project with a capital of 100 thousand poundsProject management is an important matter in the success of any project, and many companies depend on the presence of specialists to manage the capital of the project, and this confirms the importance of learning project management in a professional manner, as it simplifies the process of guiding the project to the right path and towards achieving the goals in an organized manner and without any Complications, and one of the foundations for the success of project management is to identify the problems that may face the project before taking the implementation step, and we attach in this article a project with a capital of 100,000 pounds.

A project with a capital of 100 thousand pounds

Obtaining an amount of 100,000 pounds is not easy to save, but it takes a long time to collect it. The owner of the project has accumulated debts, and to clarify this, we present a project with a capital of 100,000 pounds:

A car project and working with one of the famous companies

  • As a mother, work with Uber or Careem, which is one of the successful companies by all international standards.
  • The company also provides a monthly income of at least 7,000 pounds.

Food Commodity Trade Project

  • This project requires a large area of ​​the shop to be able to provide it for all small shops.
  • This comes after an agreement with the owners of companies and factories to supply goods to commercial markets.
  • These products are also sold at wholesale prices to all citizens, and this attracts a large number of customers who are looking for wholesale shops at low prices.
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Project idea for 100 pounds

Before moving forward with any new project, the financial forecast must be studied, which is an essential tool for determining the return on investment and helping to make business decisions based on facts, not intuition, which will not work in those projects. We present the most prominent projects, which can be 100 pounds:

accessories sales project

  • This project may be possible with 100 pounds if it is on a mobile car, or in one of the small rugs located in a populated area.
  • It is possible to purchase simple materials as a starting point for the project and then gradually buy more of them in order to achieve a feasible profit.
  • Many people started this path and arrived, without paying attention to the simplicity of the project and to the negative thoughts about it.

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Unexpected projects

It seems strange to many when talking about projects that are not included in our dictionary, but the need for their presence is great, some of them found a way to success and continued on the extent of their progress without the presence of any competitor to monopolize them only on the owner of the project, and some of them remained captives of the mind and mere ideas but when implemented It is more feasible, and we explain in these lines projects that did not come to mind:

The camping project is one of the most unthinkable ideas

  • The idea is to have luxury camping services offered, to experience living and adventurous living in deserts and jungles but in the most fun and safer ways.
  • It will then be necessary to have high-quality canvas tents, with cameras, generators, lighting and security supplies, as well as food and drink utensils.
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laboratory mice farm

  • Such projects spread in the United States of America, because of the need for those mice for the experiments that are applied to them.
  • People started doing a small rat farm for laboratories.
  • They are provided with food and drink and taken care of, and upon reaching the age specified for conducting experiments, they are offered to laboratories for a reasonable sum.

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A project with an income of 30 thousand per month

Without a clear definition of what the success of a project will look like, it is impossible to know whether it was on the right track or even ended in failure and losses, but by identifying the point of success before starting the project, it is possible to determine how the project is measured and whether it reaches the desired goals, we show below The following is a project with an income of 30 thousand per month:

  • Perfume shop.
  • Also a men’s shoe store.
  • Sports equipment store.
  • Also a flower shop.
  • Handicraft shop.
  • Also a poultry shop.
  • Women’s clothing store.
  • A shop selling children’s and women’s shoes.

A project with a daily income of 500 riyals

In the current situation, the demand for small projects that generate a lot of profits, and this already exists, especially in the world of electronics, and dealing with social media platforms and Google has become. It follows:


  • It is a common project in all Arab countries, especially the Gulf, and it achieves a profit of more than 500 riyals on a daily basis.
  • It is also a guaranteed area to earn an excellent daily income.
  • Also from starting the e-marketing process with the Aliexpress platform.

Raising rabbits on tiles or the ground

  • A pair of rabbits can be purchased and raised and cared for properly.
  • After the birth of the female, young rabbits are sold in the markets, as well as to the owners of bird shops.
  • Especially since rabbits are distinguished by their high price.
  • Note that mothers give birth to three pairs of rabbits at a time.
  • As for the gestation period, it is a month, and this results in large numbers in a short period of time, and this leads to a great financial gain.
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Best project with money

As long as the project is small and benefits everyone, it is certain that it will succeed, and the ideas are many, but the best factor in how to deal with the feasibility of the project in all its elements, with the presence of the electronic and direct marketing element with customers and passers-by of people, and the following is an explanation of the best project that involves money:

Foul and Tamiya restaurant project in Egypt

  • It is one of the most popular foods in Egypt, which is very popular on a daily basis.
  • Especially by employees and students of schools and universities for breakfast.
  • It is also possible to establish a mobile cart to sell beans and falafel near population centers and government institutions.

Furniture store in installments

  • Providing products in installments and in several payments, contributes to attracting more customers.
  • As well as obtaining furniture in a retail system by major companies.

Newborn baby shop

  • This project is very profitable, especially with the increase in the number of births in fantastic numbers.
  • It exists all year round, renting a small shop and selling carriers, bags, baby clothes and all supplies.

Open a game store

  • Bringing and buying games is done by importing them from international companies, especially China, at low prices, as well as through wholesale stores.
  • The project needs a suitable vital location par excellence.
  • It should have comprehensive games for all ages, not limited to the games of the very young.

A project with a capital of 100,000 pounds, proper planning and implementation on the ground, with feedback on the entire project, are necessary steps to successfully move towards achieving the goals smoothly, and then reap the fruits of the project and may be followed by expansion in other projects.

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