A project with a capital of 5000 riyals –

A project with a capital of 5000 riyals –

A project with a capital of 5000 riyals, Each country attaches importance in its laws to small projects and facilitates them to invest in various commercial, agricultural and service fields, as it contributes to advancing the wheel of economic development. At that time, each project must have a specific definition with precise planning characterized by a clear purpose. Unclear planning without a clear goal will not achieve Therefore, the importance of studying the feasibility of the project with all its elements is the basis for the success and continuity of the project. In this article, we present a project with a capital of 5000 riyals.

A project with a capital of 5000 riyals

Experiencing the free business market does not require the presence of an element of fear, especially with hearing the failure of many projects in a large percentage, and a small percentage of what succeeds and remains for the largest period, and the failure may have reasons that are not studying the project with its full material and human requirements, and it is certain that having the right information and experience An essential element for the progress of the project, and we mention the following project with a capital of 5000 riyals:

  • Where is the broiler pigeon project: the project needs a very small capital ranging from 1000 to 5000 riyals, knowing that it is very desirable in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • Rabbit breeding project achieves a large financial return.
  • Also a beekeeping project.
  • Silkworm Project.
  • A duck farm project.
  • As geese breeding project.
  • Online purchase project.
  • As well as a project to teach driving cars for women.
  • Motorcycle rental project.
  • Integrated farm project.

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Excellent income project

Enjoying freedom and independence at work is one of the advantages of the project, whether small or large, and this gives an opportunity to progress and move according to the possibilities contained in the project owner, without being bossy or controlling money or making decisions, and the following we review a project whose income is excellent:

Restaurant or cafeteria in a specific area

  • Lots of options available to the entrepreneur, so it may be a vegetarian restaurant that doesn’t serve baked meals.
  • As a fast food restaurant or specializing in specific and local meals based on simple materials, without high costs.
  • Saj Manakeesh Restaurant.
  • Also a popular Foul and Falafel restaurant.
  • Also a cafeteria for juices and ice cream, which are based on natural and household materials.
  • A restaurant serving traditional sushi.
  • A simple Asian meal.

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Successful project with simple capital in Saudi Arabia

There is no doubt that capital constitutes an obstacle and a great challenge for thousands of graduates, especially as they get a job, and not go into the business field to obtain capital to start the project. A solution to this problem is by registering with the Social Development Bank to obtain financing, and the following is a presentation of a successful project with simple capital in Saudi Arabia:

  • Kebda shop project.
  • Dispensary project.
  • Hardware Showcase Project.
  • Medical lab project.
  • Vegetable shop project m
  • The project of selling roses and gift wrapping.
  • mobile shop project
  • Work at Uber.
  • Arabic coffee project
  • Project of buying and selling used furniture.
  • Perfume shop.

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A project whose daily income is 1000

Trade is one of the most profitable areas of work, and it is possible to make a commercial project that exceeds a daily income of a thousand pounds, as well as establishing service projects that do not depend on selling goods but on providing services and consultancy, and the profit rate is high, as the field has many available doors towards launching in the business world. Al-Hurra, and we review a project whose daily income is 1000:

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clothes shop project

  • Clothing is one of the indispensable basics, for all age groups and periodically.
  • Therefore, the profit is guaranteed in a large proportion.
  • It is possible to open children’s clothing, as well as a women’s clothing store, and youth clothing, as well as to experiment with sports clothing.
  • The project does not need labor and perhaps one person who is able to sell and manage the project successfully, but this requires him to be in the shop all day without closing it.

Kindergarten Project

  • The project needs a human element more than a material one, especially when dealing with children through the presence of specialists such as teachers and those who have the capacity to deal with them and carry out their duties.
  • The project can also be expanded by adding a section for speech therapy, behavior modification and speech delay in children.
  • As well as exploiting the evening period to do private lessons, and memorize the Noble Qur’an, and the options are many for the owner of the project.

Project for 4000 riyals

If you are looking to go through the experience of establishing a private project, you must rely on several skills through which you can reduce the risks involved in any free market. Many successful companies have started from scratch, some of them had clear plans, and others were not based on clear plans during the implementation of the project. It succeeded, and the factor that led to success is to benefit as much as possible from the few available materials without excessive planning and developing a scenario at each stage. The following is an explanation of a project for 4000 riyals:

Plastic Bags Factory

  • The use of plastic bags for everything has become and the need for it is great, and most importantly, the cost is low.
  • Therefore, having a factory capable of producing the largest number of bags, with successful marketing of various shops, is feasible and profitable.

Simple capital project

Commercial cleaning service is a highly profitable project, it does not require special skills or technical experience, so the presence of such real opportunities that are exploited to the fullest creates a great financial return, and the project requires access to the largest number of clients, as well as the number of clients in the project It depends on the extent of ambitions and the extent of expansion that the project owner wants. The larger the expansion of the project, the greater the need for workers and the presence of specialists in certain services.

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A very successful project with a capital of 12 thousand riyals

With the completion of every step in the project, the realistic experience will be the biggest treasure that the project owner has obtained, as they are experiences to deal with developments on the ground, such as knowing the real reaction to the product, which may differ greatly from the planned, and the most prominent of those successful projects with a capital of 12 thousand riyals We mention them below:

Packaging Project

  • The idea of ​​the project is to pack food products in small packages, then distribute them to shops and sell them.
  • As for the products that are packaged and packaged, they are many and limitless, such as nuts, spices and legumes, as well as vegetables and fruits.
  • With regard to costs, it will require the purchase of bulk goods, packing requirements from bags, as well as the availability of a number of simple machines, as well as a car for distribution to shops.
  • Note that the strength of the project’s success depends on the extent of the success of the marketing process with experience in managing work with all its requirements, and all its stages.

A project with a capital of 5000 riyals. Going into the project experience is the greatest success, whether the person fails or succeeds. Knowledge and experience are the biggest gain in that with achieving self-satisfaction. There are many options available to the door of projects, so the matter needs to be implemented.

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