A project with an income of 30,000 per month is very successful and guaranteed profit – platform

A project with an income of 30,000 per month is very successful and guaranteed profit – platform

A project with an income of 30,000 per month. The degree of economic progress in all sectors depends mainly on qualitative ideas and the extent to which the manpower is qualified to manage and operate projects, especially small and medium ones, which are led by a wide segment of the youth category, whether job seekers or graduates. It requires familiarity with modern technical skills, as well as the acquisition of knowledge. Academic or professional, and would contribute to the growth and progress of the economy, and we review in this article a project with an income of 30 thousand per month.

A project with an income of 30 thousand per month

Without awareness and organized planning for the project to be undertaken, it is impossible to know whether it is on the right track or deviated from its path with great failure. Therefore, the importance of studying the feasibility of the project with all the requirements desired by the investor to provide them from raw materials, capital and others, and many are Projects that generate a large income, the most important thing is to continue towards taking other steps, and we mention the following a project with an income of 30,000 per month:

  • Perfume shop.
  • Also, a men’s shoe store.
  • Sports equipment store.
  • Also, the flower shop.
  • Handicraft shop.
  • In addition, the poultry shop.
  • Women’s clothing store.
  • Also, selling children’s and women’s shoes.

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A project with a capital of 5000 riyals

Going into the midst of the free business market requires courage and daring to do more with determination and persistence, no matter what disappointments may appear for the project, especially with hearing that many projects have failed in a large percentage, and a small percentage remains in control of the free labor market, and it is certain that possessing the correct information and experiences An essential element for the success of the project, and we mention the following a project with a capital of 5000 riyals:

  • Where is the carnivorous pigeon project
  • Likewise, a rabbit breeding project achieves a large financial return.
  • Well, the beekeeping project.
  • Silkworm Project.
  • Also, a duck farm project.
  • Moreover, the geese breeding project.
  • Online purchase project.
  • Also, a women’s driving education project.
  • Motorcycle rental project.
  • In addition to that, an integrated farm project.
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An excellent income project

One of the most important advantages enjoyed by the owner of the project is the enjoyment of freedom and independence in work, and this matter gives an opportunity to progress and proceed according to the capabilities available to the owner of the project, without the presence of an authoritarian and controlling person as is the case in government jobs and the private sector, and we mention the following a project whose income is excellent:

A restaurant or cafeteria in a specific area

  • It includes a lot of different options.
  • It could be a fast food restaurant or specialize in specific and local meals based on simple ingredients, without high costs.
  • Also, Manakish Al Saj Restaurant.
  • Also, Foul and Falafel Restaurant is popular.
  • Perhaps a cafeteria for juices and ice cream, which relies on natural and household materials.
  • Moreover, a restaurant serving traditional sushi.
  • Also, the restaurant serves a simple Asian meal.

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A successful project with a small capital in Saudi Arabia

The lack of capital or even its non-availability constitutes a major obstacle for the pioneers of small projects, the tendency towards negative thinking and not taking a step towards its establishment that kills a dream but rather a person, so the pursuit of associations that are based on providing sources of financing, whether through loans or free grants, which are many And there may be many projects that do not require small money as a starting point for the project, and we mention the following as a successful project with a small capital in Saudi Arabia:

  • Where, Liver Shop Project.
  • Dispensary project.
  • Also, hardware gallery project.
  • Well, a medical laboratory project.
  • Vegetable shop project m
  • Also, the project of selling roses and wrapping gifts.
  • Mobile shop project
  • Moreover, working in Uber.
  • Arabic coffee project
  • As, the project of buying and selling used furniture.
  • Also, a perfume shop project.
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His daily income project is 1000

One of the sectors in which it is possible to profit a large amount is commercial projects, as well as service projects, as well as consulting and all of them, and more than it is possible to harvest huge sums from behind them, as the field has many doors available towards launching into the labor market, and the initiative and embarking on the first step, which is a study Feasibility, and as for his 1000 daily income project:

Clothing store project

  • Clothing is an indispensable service for all age groups on an ongoing basis.
  • Also, making a profit is guaranteed by a large percentage.
  • It is also possible to open children’s clothing, as well as a women’s clothing store, youth clothing, and perhaps experiment with sportswear.
  • Note that the project does not require employment, and the owner of the project may manage it and the sale and accounting process, but this requires sitting in the shop during its opening hours, without closing.

Kindergarten project

  • There must be those who have the capacity to deal properly with children, away from any form of verbal or physical violence.
  • It is possible to go towards expanding the project by attaching it to the Department of Speech Therapy, Behavior Modification and Speech Delay in Children.
  • On the other hand, it is exploited in the evening period for the purpose of doing private lessons and memorizing the Holy Qur’an, and the options are open to the investor.

Project for 4000 riyals

Many projects closed their doors before the completion of the time period specified for them and with the availability of capital, but the problem lies in the lack of proper management, the presence of a team that is not qualified to deal with products and provide services to customers properly, and to study the project randomly, so the matter needs no matter how small or Grow to an organized study and planning that leads to success, and the following is a proposal for a project for 4000 riyals:

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Plastic bags factory

  • The importance of using plastic bags in everything is highlighted, as the need for it is great, and most importantly, the cost is low.
  • Therefore, the presence of a factory capable of producing the largest number of bags, with the availability of a successful marketing component for various shops, is very feasible and profitable.

Simple capital project

The home cleaning service or for all institutions is one of the profitable projects at the present time, especially since it does not require a large cost, and the matter depends on the presence of good quality cleaning materials, as well as machines that help in cleaning operations, especially in the case of carpets and sofas, and perhaps the presence of a cooperative and proactive team towards work The good and the perfect contributes to its success greatly, as well as the availability of an electronic page on social media platforms through which the project is promoted.

A very successful project with a capital of 12,000 riyals

More importantly than obtaining a profit through projects, the investor gets a wonderful experience in managing and implementing the project properly, and knowing all the obstacles that prevented its progress and with treatment and not falling into the other stages of the project. Below we mention a very successful project with a capital of 12 thousand riyals:

Packaging project

  • Where the idea of ​​the project is based on packing food products in small packages, then distributing them to shops and selling them at a satisfactory price.
  • With regard to the products that are packaged and packaged, they are widely available, such as nuts, spices, and legumes, as well as vegetables and fruits.
  • As for the costs, the matter will require purchasing the goods in bulk, and with the availability of packaging requirements from the bags, and we do not forget the availability of a number of simple machines, and the most important car for the process of distribution to the shops, or any means of transportation.

A project with an income of 30,000 per month. We have touched on knowing many investment projects from which to obtain a good income, and it takes a conscious and organized study to identify the elements of the project and manage it properly.

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