Addresses of immigration offices to Canada from Saudi Arabia

Addresses of immigration offices to Canada from Saudi Arabia

We will get acquainted Addresses of immigration offices to Canada from Saudi Arabiawhich provides for those wishing to travel or immigrate to Canada, we have seen a lot of fraud and fraud that occur by websites in which many individuals fall prey to them, and thus exploit them to obtain money in illegal ways, for this reason we will present to you in this article Addresses and numbers of the best reliable immigration offices to apply for immigration to Canada and prepare all travel and visa papers through them.

If you want Immigration to Canada from Saudi Arabia For residents or citizens or who are looking for Canada visa offices Or about accredited immigration offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina, Dammam, or Eastern Province, this article is directed to you. Follow the explanation to get to know the details..

Addresses of immigration offices to Canada from Saudi Arabia

Migration has become the common word that we hear on a daily basis from the mouths of young people, as the simplest dreams of young people have become to migrate to a developed and economically strong country and to search for a job opportunity in the field that they choose based on their skills and experience. There is also another section of young people who want to migrate in order to complete their path. educational level higher than the one in their country.

European countries have the largest share in receiving immigrants to them in search of a better life and suitable work, and their various demands met in Canada, where many young people dream of immigrating to Canada for the previous reasons that we mentioned, but the question that many ask remains about how to immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia and where are the offices specialized in immigration to Saudi Arabia, in this article we will provide the most important details about that.

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What is the role of immigration offices in helping those wishing to travel to Canada?

Applicants must initially search for offers to work in Canada, and the evaluation is done through the specialized program to examine the submitted applications in addition to creating a profile on the Internet, as the profile includes all the data required by the Canadian embassies, in accordance with Canadian law, as these laws help the immigration offices To Canada from Saudi Arabia.

It is also possible, through travel agencies, to search for a work visa to immigrate to Canada and work with it, provided that the applicant fulfills all the employment conditions set by Canada, but nevertheless it is preferable to deal directly with the Canadian consulates and embassies located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What are the visa conditions that must be fulfilled at the immigration offices from Saudi Arabia to Canada?

  1. The applicant must be proficient in English or French, as this must be proven through an evaluation document obtained through the IELTS language test, which is standardized worldwide.
  2. The applicant must prove his financial and banking ability in the event that an application to immigrate to Canada is approved.
  3. The applicant’s job must be widely spread in Canada, in addition to the applicant having at least one year of experience in his field of work.
  4. The applicant must have at least a high school diploma and nothing else is accepted, with a full report on the academic certificates possessed by the applicant.
  5. In the event that the applicant has a family, all official birth certificates for the children must be submitted, in addition to proof from the applicant’s country to prove the family relationship (the applicant’s marriage document).
  6. The immigrant must provide evidence that he has sufficient funds, which can provide interest to Canada and contribute to the prosperity of the economy.
  7. In the event that the applicant is separated from his wife, he must provide proof of custody of the children.
  8. Submitting a criminal statement about the criminal record of the applicant from his home country, as it is required that the criminal record be clean for admission.
  9. The applicant must have a valid passport.
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What are the immigration programs offered by immigration offices to Canada from Saudi Arabia?

  1. Those wishing to immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia can inquire about the programs offered for immigration to Canada through the immigration offices to Canada, as the programs vary between the immigration program for businessmen and the immigration program for capital owners, where the applicant must own a large capital in case he wants to invest in Canada, in addition to presenting a study on the project established there.
  2. The family reunification program, in the event that there is one of the family members in Canada, he can reunite them to Canada, and it is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada.
  3. Express Entry Program to Canada The applicant can obtain an express entry visa by collecting a number of points, after which the nomination can be obtained for the applicants after thoroughly studying the applicant’s application.
  4. The immigration program for craftsmen and workers, but to obtain a special visa, many conditions must be fulfilled in terms of practical and theoretical experience.

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The best immigration offices to Canada in Saudi Arabia

There are many offices located in Saudi Arabia that help those wishing to immigrate to Canada, where those wishing to travel to Canada can inquire about the conditions required through the immigration offices to Canada from Saudi Arabia, which are classified as follows:

1. The Canadian Visa Application Center in Jeddah

It is one of the important centers in Saudi Arabia and is located in Jeddah. Anyone wishing to emigrate can visit the office according to the following address: It is located in King Abdullah Street, Abeer Building, second floor, Jeddah.

2. The Canadian Visa Application Center and Office in Riyadh

He is one of the bestAccredited immigration offices in Riyadh, where it provides many services for those wishing to immigrate, and the office can be reached through the following address: Dove Plaza on the first floor in Umm Al-Hamam Street, Umm Al-Hamam, Riyadh.

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3. The Canadian Visa Application Center in Al-Khobar

Also, this office is one of the well-known immigration offices to Canada in Saudi Arabia. Those wishing to travel can visit the center in King Faisal Street, Al Kathiri Center, its first floor, Riqqa, Al-Khobar.

4- Salama Consulting Services Office

Also, the Salama Consulting Services Office is one of the approved immigration offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that helps you travel to Canada or immigrate. The office provides advisory services for immigration to Canada for citizens and residents, and it is accepted by large numbers because it is an approved and reliable office to provide all services related to immigration and travel to Canada.

Phone number for contact and inquiries: 201227606899

Their website: Salama Consulting

Al-Rashed International Company for Immigration Services

Al-Rashed Company is considered one of the international immigration companies specializing in immigration services for all European countries. It is a company legally and internationally licensed to provide all travel advice, and also to provide immigration services to Canada or to a group of European Union countries, as well as New Zealand, Australia, America and other countries.

It also has a number of branches in many Arab and foreign countries. It also provides all the various immigration programs to Canada, such as (work, permanent residence, and even in matters of naturalization). Canadian government.

As for the travel programs available at Al-Rashed Company:

  • labor migration.
  • immigration for married couples.
  • Asylum to Canada.
  • brain drain.
  • visa invitation.
  • investment migration.

Phone number for contact and inquiries: 269725593625 or 065532325

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article for today, after we presented to you how to immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia and what are the conditions required of applicants, in addition to the best accredited immigration offices located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which provide services for those wishing to travel to Canada with detailed addresses about the offices.

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