Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt and the way to activate it 1444 – platform

Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt and the way to activate it 1444 – platform

Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt and how to activate itAl-Ahly Net service has contributed to many financial transactions, especially those related to money transfers and donations, while ensuring safety without the need for an actual presence in the bank, and this is not limited to that, but the expansion of investment transactions to include the purchase of investment certificates and linking deposits with following up on the customer’s savings pools, each We explain this and more by explaining the Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt and the way to activate it.

Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt

The National Bank of Egypt launched the new version of the Al-Ahly service as well as the Al-Ahly Mobile application. This periodic update comes out of the bank’s keenness to develop the services it offers to customers, which include digital banking services on an ongoing basis, and it is clear that these strategies aim at caring for the customer while providing the best services Whether individuals or companies, the following are the details of Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt:

  • Perhaps one of the most prominent services is the transfer of funds to other accounts affiliated with the branches of the National Bank through the security code.
  • As well as the ability to provide the customer with the service of opening a sub-account.
  • Ease of making all transfers that are repeated periodically.
  • It is possible to buy and sell investment certificates and link deposits.
  • View all account and credit card statements separately.
  • Further break deposits and obtain investment certificates.
  • With the availability of the customer service to pay the amounts due.
  • In addition to that, check the checks under collection.
  • Also donate to any of the institutions that follow the National Bank.
  • The bank also sought to provide card management and services on them, such as changing the password or activation.
  • It’s easy to create a new credit card PIN code.
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How to activate Al-Ahly Net service

Perhaps the most important thing that the National Bank was keen on is to activate the term that the customer is the focus of the bank’s attention, and that strategy is one of the goals that the bank relies on in order to raise the quality rates in providing digital banking service by providing more facilities to all customers, and the following is the method of activating the Al-Ahly Net service whether From inside or outside Egypt:

Activating Al-Ahly Net service for individuals inside Egypt

  • Customers must go to the nearest branch of the National Bank, in order to update all their data.
  • You must also fill out an application form to subscribe to Al-Ahly Net.
  • After completing all the procedures inside the branch, the bank employee hands the customer a welcome letter containing the user code.
  • Followed by sending the password to the customer’s phone number through which the personal data was registered while updating the data.
  • Also, the customer must request a security code device in order to be able to transfer from his account to any other account inside or outside the bank.

Activating Al-Ahly Net services outside Egypt

  • The subscription form for the National Bank of Egypt Net service must be downloaded via the link of the National Bank of Egypt.
  • It is also necessary to ensure that all required data is entered into the form.
  • You must choose the type of service, whether query only or financial transactions between accounts.
  • Subsequently, a copy of the national ID card or a copy of the valid passport is required to be sent by Egyptian post to the branch
  • The branch, in turn, will send your user code, which includes eight digits, to your e-mail.
  • Then your password, which was recorded in the data before, will be sent to you.
  • Through this code, Al-Ahly Net service will be activated.

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How to operate Al-Ahly Net service

The National Bank was able to expand the provision of digital services while providing full insurance for those services in the face of all kinds of threats, with the ability to educate customers about the risks of technology, and in light of the rapid development in the digital world in the means of penetration related to the security and banking data of customers, and clarification of what The following is how to operate Al-Ahly Net service:

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Operating Al-Ahly Net service through the branch

  • The customer is required to go to the nearest branch of the National Bank of Egypt.
  • And request the data update service to subscribe to Ahly Net and Nbe Mobile services.
  • Accordingly, the branch employee completes the service subscription process and sends a welcome letter containing the user code.
  • The customer receives the passcode on his mobile phone.
  • He also receives a special message with the code on his Gmail.

Operating Al-Ahly Net services for individuals through the website

  • The customer visits the Al Ahli Bank website through the following link: from here.
  • The national number is also entered in the field designated for that.
  • It is required to write the mobile phone number registered with Al Ahli Bank.
  • Wait a few minutes, the system will review the entered data.
  • After making sure that all the data is correct, the customer must send the verification code on his mobile phone, after which the code is verified by the system.
  • And then the Gmail email is written.

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Forgot Al-Ahly Net user code

One of the most prominent problems that customers face is forgetting the password, and perhaps due to the sensitivity of the situation, it requires taking many procedures, especially since the information is very confidential and linked to the future, for fear of falling into the increasingly widespread hacking operations during the recent period, and the following is an explanation of the solution to the forgotten mode problem Al-Ahly Net user:

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to make sure that the password is forgotten, and this comes by entering the Al-Ahly Net service, and in the event that this is not possible, it is possible to contact the Al-Ahly Bank customer service on their hotline.
  • The customer service representative will respond and ask him to reset the password for Al-Ahly Net service.
  • The service representative displays the questions and personal information, such as the national number, name, and the operations that you have performed on the customer’s bank account recently, such as withdrawing from the ATM.
  • After verifying the validity of personal and confidential data and information, he will send a custom code to your phone number registered with the bank.
  • After receiving the code, you will enter the Al-Ahly Net service. Click on Forgot your password or Reset a new password.
    After clicking, the previous code is entered, and after entering it, the rest of the steps must be completed to obtain a new password.
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How to cancel Al-Ahly Net service

Al-Ahly Net service is one of the most important electronic services available to all customers due to the ease of the process of managing all their personal accounts, deposit operations, transferring bank balances and other services in light of the availability of bank protection, but many considerations may lead to canceling the service. The following is an explanation of the mechanism for canceling Al-Ahly Net service:

Canceling Al-Ahly Net from inside Egypt

  • The matter requires the need to go to the nearest existing branch of the National Bank of Egypt in order to cancel the service.
  • Or perhaps by calling the Al-Ahly service number in order to cancel the service 19623.

Cancellation of Al-Ahly Net from outside Egypt

  • It is required to download the form for amending the status of subscription to the services of the National Bank.
  • Fill in all the information and then sign it.
  • Also, it must be sent by mail to the branch or by calling the National Bank service via the designated number 20219623 or 20225760777.

Inquiry about the account balance through Al-Ahly Net

Through Al-Ahly Net service, customers can perform many operations, such as requesting a loan, updating information, and donating money with ease, with the ability to pay credit cards online. We explain the following how to inquire about the account balance through Al-Ahly Net:

  • Log in to Al-Ahly Net account.
  • The type of account is also chosen from the side menu on the page, whether it is a current account or a savings account.
  • The account activity option must be selected, after which all banking operations, including withdrawals or deposits, will be shown.

Al-Ahly Net service from the National Bank of Egypt and the method of activating it. All procedures related to the Al-Ahly Net service were explained in the context of this article, with a mention of how to activate the service electronically.

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