Al Rajhi International Transfer Fee 2022

Al Rajhi International Transfer Fee 2022

In this article, we will learn whether international transfers have fees? And how much Al Rajhi International Transfer Fee Or how much does Al Rajhi Bank take on international withdrawals? Whether for Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, the Emirates, or any country outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where the bank management issued a set of instructions regarding the international transfer fees in Al Rajhi Bank according to the amount being transferred, so follow with us to learn the details about the international transfer fees Al Rajhi 2022-2023.

Al Rajhi International Transfer Fee

Bank accounts have spread among most people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where banks offer many legitimate financial advantages and benefits to whoever puts his money in bank accounts, and there are many banking banks in the Kingdom, and one of the largest Al Rajhi Bank Where the bank was ranked among the most important Islamic banks in the Kingdom, and the bank expands to nearly 500,000 distribution branches all over the world.

Al-Rajhi Bank offers many economic benefits to the Saudi economy, as the bank facilitates the process of cross-border trade, in addition to expanding and raising the Kingdom’s position among the countries of the world, and all this in order to preserve it, maintain customer comfort, and bring more revenues and economic returns to the Kingdom. In our article today, we will provide you with the most important details about Al-Rajhi Bank, in addition to providing the bank’s international transfer fees.

There are many electronic services provided by Al-Rajhi Bank to all its customers, as the bank provides the customer with 120 banks in various parts of the world, where the customer can send money to them, and then the electronic transfer services vary with many advantages, which are as follows:

  1. It is required to have an account in the sending bank to be transferred from one bank to another bank.
  2. The bank provided a service called Cash Online, which allows the customer to transfer money through the sending bank without having an account.
  3. Funds can be sent either through a third partner or through a correspondent bank.
  4. The bank provides an electronic service called “door to door”, in which the beneficiary’s address is placed.
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Al-Rajhi Bank has made many facilities provided to customers in a large way, through its use of modern and new technologies, as the bank has created the Al-Rajhi Bank application on smart phones, as the bank has added to the application many features where it is possible for the customer to carry out all transmission and reception operations through the application and in a manner It is very easy and fast, and among the services provided by the application:

International transfer, beneficiary management, bill payment, ATMs, currency conversion, government bill payment, transfer center locations, and the site also adds some features about the application, such as calling the application and many other services that help the customer transfer money from one account to another person’s account, all through the application .

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How to transfer money in Al Rajhi Bank from the Internet

Al-Rajhi Bank provided electronic services through the bank’s website and for all customers, as this method made it easier for many customers to transfer easily and save a lot of time and effort on the customer. If you are looking for steps, we will present them as follows:

  1. Go to the bank’s official website and log in to your personal account.
  2. After entering, you must activate the option for individuals, after which it will ask you to write the information and data that the site requires for individuals.
  3. After completing the previous task, the site will ask you to write the data of the recipient to whom you want to send the transfer.
  4. You are required to agree to all the terms and conditions imposed by the bank on you to transfer funds.
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Fast transfer method in Al Rajhi Bank

It is one of the best services provided by Al-Rajhi Bank to all its customers, as this service helps customers in the process of sending money quickly without the need to wait, as the transfer does not require knowledge of the account of the person to whom it is sent, but rather it is done by writing the phone number or by writing the private e-mail With the other person, the transmission process will be completed simply, and if you want to know the transfer method, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Al-Rajhi Bank application and log in to it, then go to the quick transfer service, and then enter the management page for alternative identifications.
  2. The application will display the terms and conditions, where you must agree to them, after which you must write all the information and data that it requests from you, and then click on the word transfer.
  3. Then select the account to which you want to transfer the money and write all the information and data of the person to whom you want to transfer the money with the quick transfer.
  4. If the number of the sender is registered with you, you can select it, and then the transfer process takes place directly, and if the number does not exist, you can click on Transfer to a new beneficiary.
  5. After that, you can register the number that you want to transfer, writing the reason for the transfer process, and then click on the word Next, choosing the name of the bank, in addition to specifying the quick transfer method.
  6. Then write the data and information needed for the transfer method, click on the word Next, and finish the request by clicking on the word Confirm.
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What are the international transfer fees from Al Rajhi Bank?

Many customers are looking for international transfer fees from Al Rajhi Bank. Here are the following data:

  • International transfer fees range from approximately 14 Saudi riyals to 79 Saudi riyals, and the number is accurately determined according to the transferred amount.
  • And the fees for express bank transfers in Al-Rajhi Bank amount to 26.25 Saudi riyals, as this service is considered special and the process takes place on the same day.
  • The internal transfer fee in the Kingdom is 21 Saudi riyals.
  • The fees for establishing a permanent account in any of the international or local branches of the bank amount to 15.75 Saudi riyals, in addition to the transaction fees, which amount to 10.5 Saudi riyals.
  • If the customer makes any cancellation or modification of the payments, the fee will be 26.75 Saudi riyals.
  • As for the fees for stopping or issuing international checks, they amount to 15.75 Saudi riyals.

And here we have come to the conclusion of our article, where we have provided you with the most important details about Al-Rajhi Bank and what services it provides in money transfer operations in addition to the fees that the bank imposes on internal and external transfer services. We thank you for the time taken to read the article, and we hope that it has been obtained Like it.

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