Al-Rajhi Travel Plus Card Advantages and disadvantages of the card

Al-Rajhi Travel Plus Card Advantages and disadvantages of the card

we present to you Al Rajhi Travel Plus Card The advantages and disadvantages of the card, which is one of the prepaid cards offered by Al Rajhi Bank to customers to use while traveling.

What is Safar Plus Card?

It is a credit card issued by Al Rajhi Bank, to work on charging it in different currencies in order to facilitate its financial transactions during travel times.

Issued to bank customers who have a current account with Al Rajhi Bank.

This card has the advantage of being issued with a low credit balance of $10, and this card is issued free of charge.

Unless you want to get a replacement card, you will pay 50 riyals for it.

The card can only be used by its holder, thus it is different from the Infinite Murabaha card.

The cardholder can issue multiple cards to the same account for use by the cardholder’s family members.

An annual fee of 150 SAR is deducted from the card.

When adding a new currency to the card, a fee of 25 SAR will be paid.

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Features of Al Rajhi Travel Plus Card

Features of Al Rajhi Travel Plus Card

Al Rajhi Bank has recently introduced the Safar Plus Card to facilitate various financial transactions for the customer while traveling.

The bank has provided it with many features to support different customer services.

Below we explain to you the most important features of the card:

  • The biggest advantage of this card is that it can be used free of charge for life.
  • Ease of obtaining it, as soon as you follow the steps to extract it and receive a confirmation message, you will go to collect it immediately from any of the bank’s branches.
  • This card also provides free credit at the beginning of the customer’s acquisition of it, and its value ranges from forty to fifty US dollars.
  • Using this card saves time and effort by completing direct reservations for various flight operations, or in connection with hotel reservations, as well as reservations for various restaurants.
  • With this card, you can enter a very large number of different airport lounges, amounting to about 900 lounges.
  • Using this card also allows you to make all purchases, through which you can buy some tickets for various concerts or events held in the Kingdom. You can also buy and rent cars through it.
  • Travel Plus Card with NFC, this feature has the same features as wireless connectivity. Once swiped across different POS machines, all card data is automatically read, allowing easy access to it. use.
  • It provides concierge services through which it is possible to communicate directly with support services or personal assistants easily by calling the following number 8008443488 if the customer is inside the Kingdom. If the customer is outside the Kingdom, use the following number 0097143611234 to receive all the various inquiries.
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Free travel card for life

  • Also, the use of this card is not strictly limited to a certain type of currency. But there are many options for charging them with different types of currency.
  • The shipping fee for this card is very low compared to the prices of other cards.
  • Visa cooperates with Al Rajhi Bank in relation to the users of this card, providing free insurance to all customers who own this card. In addition to insurance on various flight operations.
  • This card also allows easy transfer from the person’s bank account to the card’s currencies directly and easily using the services of the Al-Rajhi mobile application.
  • Determining a fixed fee for banking operations against the US dollar. Approximately 3.75 SAR is spent on every US dollar used.
  • The rewards system is also supported by entering the “Rewards Program” issued by Al Rajhi Bank. The travel card through this program allows adding many points for every currency spent.

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How to get a Travel Plus card

Talking about the Al Rajhi Travel Plus card, the advantages and disadvantages of the card. It was necessary to talk about how to obtain this card, and to extract the Plus card from Al Rajhi Bank, and one of the following methods can be followed:

  • You can apply directly to the Safar Plus 2023 card by registering the various application data through this Link And clicking on “Register”.
  • You can also apply for it by going to Al Rajhi Bank branches or through ATMs and entering all the necessary data, then the card will be immediately received from the bank.
  • The bank’s customer service can be contacted at the following number 920003344, and obtaining this card only requires a copy of the national identity proof.
  • However, a current bank account is required to be able to complete the registration steps and agree to all terms and conditions.
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The ability to load multiple currencies on the card

Some travel cards give the advantage of adding from 5 to 13 different currencies at once. This feature is also available through the Al Rajhi Bank Travel Plus card, where it can add 5 different currencies to the card.

Most travel cards can also be topped up in currencies again either through the bank’s electronic applications downloaded to your phone, via the bank’s website, or by calling the bank’s customer service number.

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Al Rajhi VIP Cards

If you travel a lot and want to get a lot of benefits during your travel, then insure yourself a comfortable travel experience.

You can count on some of the other travel credit cards offered by Al Rajhi Bank. It is one of the best banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, you will find the best services, and these cards allow their holders to enter the VIP lounges in a large number of airports, including:

mada Signature Card

mada Signature Card

It is one of the travel cards intended for Al Rajhi Bank’s Tamayuz account customers. It is a Signature ATM card issued in cooperation with the Saudi Monetary Agency Mada.

The difference between a mada card and a credit card is that it gives you more electronic smart services and includes using your phone instead of the card at points of sale.

Another advantage of the mada Signature card is that it also gives you access to VIP lounges in more than 500 airports around the world, regardless of your class of travel.

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The card also provides its customers with a global concierge service, which allows customers to book airline tickets. As well as the ability to easily book luxury hotel and restaurant rooms by contacting customer service to provide the places you want. As well as the ability to directly upgrade your room and some other travel offers and packages.

Platinum Visa Card

It is a card issued to those who have a high credit limit within the bank, for a fee of 500 Saudi riyals. With the possibility of obtaining another free card for the same account, which is without delay fees and works within the Islamic Murabaha.

The program offered by Al Rajhi Bank. This program issues several cards including the infinite murabaha card which is a purchase card but also gives the customer some travel features such as room upgrade.

Travel Plus Card Cancellation or Loss

The cardholder can apply for cancellation by submitting a written declaration to the bank.

Cancellations can be made without payment if the request is made within only 10 days of receiving the card.

But if 10 days have passed, the bank will collect any fees or dues on the card from the customer’s account. The application must be submitted 45 days or more before the annual fee is collected.

The customer can also pay the value of the fees due on the card directly or deduct it from his bank account for the bank to deduct it.

If the card is lost for any reason. The customer must report the theft at the card center by calling 920003344 from within the Kingdom or 00966920003344 in the case outside the Kingdom.

Thus, we have finished presenting the most important information about the Al-Rajhi Safar Plus card, the advantages and disadvantages of the card.

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