American visa issuance offices in Egypt 2023 (addresses and phones)

American visa issuance offices in Egypt 2023 (addresses and phones)

Technical dot com is presented to you in this article American visa issuance offices in Egypt with addresses and phones Every American visa issuance office is in Egypt, and we will also know how much is the American visa from Egypt? Are there interviews at the American embassy and what are the papers to obtain a US visa from Egypt, so follow with us to learn about the best US visa clearance offices from Egypt 2023.

American visa issuance offices in Egypt

There are many American visa issuance offices in the Republic of Egypt, but there are some offices that are not accredited by the American embassy, ​​so care must be taken when choosing a visa issuance office if you want to travel from Egypt to America, and to choose a reliable office to deal with in order not to waste your money and your time.

The following are some of the American visa issuance offices in Egypt:

First – Al-Mahrousa Egyptian Travel and Tourism Company:

This company has many branches in the Egyptian Republic:

  • The address of the first branch: 38 El-Geish Street, next to El-Minshawi, Kafr El-Zayat.
  • Address of the second branch: Al-Khulafaa Al-Rashideen Street, at Al-Moharebeen Al-Qodaima Building, Kafr El-Sheikh.
  • Third branch address: July 23rd Street, at Makkah Tower, Bison.

Company number: 0403304665 or 0403314220

Second – Al Majeed Travel and Tourism Company:

The company is located in Mansoura Governorate and has a number of branches:

  • The address of the first branch: the side of the passports.
  • The address of the second branch: Fakhr El-Din Khaled Street, next to EgyptAir.
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Company number: 012224878960 or 01000723402

The company has a branch in Cairo also at Sherif Pasha Street, next to Costa Café, and can be contacted through the number: 01010001283 or 01000002279

Third – Travel Square Company:

The company has help offices in carrying out the procedures for obtaining and issuing a US visa.

The company’s address: Cairo, Obour Buildings, Salah Salem.

Company number: 01114505511 or 01065651145

US Embassy in Egypt:

  • Its address: Tawfiq Diab Street, at Garden City, Cairo, 5.
  • The American Embassy in Egypt operates in accordance with what serves the citizens of the Republic of Egypt, all days of the week, except for Friday.
  • The embassy opens its doors during its working days from seven in the morning until four in the evening.
  • Embassy contact number: 0020227973300

Embassy website:

Egyptian consulate:

  • Consulate address: Alexandria at Helnan Palestine Hotel, Al Montazah.
  • The consulate opens its doors to Egyptian citizens on all days of the week except Friday, from eight in the morning until four thirty in the evening.
  • Egyptian Consulate Number: 0020227973300 or 0022032002729

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Conditions for travel from Egypt to America

When requesting an American visa or a visa to America from any travel or tourism office or from the American embassy in Egypt, a set of papers and some other matters are requested according to the following:

  • It is necessary to bring a personal photo of the applicant, a copy of his passport, a statement of his bank account, his salary items, and the initial travel reservation that he made.
  • Accurately and correctly enter all the information of the applicant on the DS-160 form
  • Paying the visa value by depositing the required amount through one of the approved banks such as Samba Bank.
  • Set an appointment for the interview.
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Reasons for relying on American visa offices in Egypt

The offices are relied upon to obtain the American visa in the Egyptian Republic in order to ensure the implementation of all necessary procedures in order to apply for an application for the American visa, in several cases:

  1. The first case: If the applicant is unable to record his data on the form designated for the American visa form, due to his scant and insufficient experience in computers, then he submits to the offices that assist him in issuing the visa.
  2. The second case: the offices offer a lot of things and facilitations to the person applying for the American visa.
  3. The third case: The US visa office in Egypt provides a lot of services and assistance to Egyptian citizens, the most important of which is translating all documents written in Arabic into English, in addition to having them documented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt.

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The papers required to obtain an American visa from Egypt to travel from Egypt to America

There are a lot of papers and documents that must be available in order to obtain an American visa, and these papers are among the requirements of the embassy in order for the Egyptian citizen to be able to obtain a visa or a visa to travel to America.

The following are the basic papers for obtaining an American visa:

  • A copy of the applicant’s completed application form DS-160
  • An expired passport.
  • A special receipt confirming the process of depositing and paying the fees in the bank account approved by the US Embassy.
  • A bank statement file for the applicant for the last six months if he is an adult, but if the applicant is a minor, the statement is for the person who is his guardian.
  • A letter prepared by the work authority. This letter must contain the name of the company, the job title, the period for which the applicant worked, in addition to the value of his monthly or annual salary, the date of the beginning of his vacation, his tax record, as well as proof of what links him to return to Egypt, the date of the day that was set for the interview, and his academic certificate. .
  • Flight and hotel reservation.
  • A recent personal photo with a white background to be submitted on a CD or flash memory.
  • If the travel is for the first time, a high profession must be present in the passport and a strong account statement, in addition to a work letter from the private entity in which the person applying for the American visa works.
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The price of obtaining an American visa in Egypt

The price of obtaining a visa is $160 to be paid at the bank, and the visa takes approximately 14 days to be issued and obtained.

Here are some tips when obtaining an American visa from Egypt:

  • The first tip: Do not resort to immigration and tourism sites to avoid exposure to fraud or exploitation.
  • Second tip: Choose an office accredited by the US Embassy in Egypt so as not to waste your time and money without obtaining an American visa.
  • The third advice: The American embassy in Egypt is the most reliable and safe place to obtain a visa, and it is the place that is able to provide all the correct information and requirements related to applications for obtaining an American visa.

With this, dear esteemed ones, we have come to the conclusion of this explanation, through which we got acquainted with the reliable American visa issuance offices in Egypt, with the addresses and phones of the 2023 America visa issuance offices. I hope that you like the article, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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