Arab sites pay for writing

Arab sites pay for writing

Arab sites that pay for writing 2023 and profitable Arabic sites for writing articles that we will present to you through Masary sitewhere you can benefit from it by registering with them and starting work on writing articles and publishing them on those sites, and despite the financial return resulting from that work on those sites from home, they differ in terms of the field in which they specialize.

Arab sites pay for writing

It is possible to choose between a number of Arab sites that pay for writing in 2023. In order for the writer to meet the parties that wish to present their fields, and does not require a personal presence in the headquarters of the companies that offer work on those sites, but they were launched in order to avoid routine and boredom.

Working with it depends on booking the price of the service with the site so that the other party performs the tasks entrusted to it by agreement and pays it, and it is a safe way to deal between the two parties:

1_ Khamsat website

It is one of the most important Arabic sites that pay for writing, as it was established in the footsteps of Fiverr. Thus, it works to provide small or micro services, and the least value for the services it provides is $ 5 at the opening.

You can also enter the site from here Registration and service provision in this market is characterized by the number of people present in it.

It is possible to benefit from the advantages of the site, as there are hundreds of users, including clients and workers in the field of writing, but the following conditions must be met in order for it to work:

  • Competitive offers must be made to gain customer confidence and win the new customer.
  • The need to impose talents and writing abilities in order to obtain a new client and increase income.
  • For natives of different languages, its grammar and syntax make it the perfect choice for many clients who prefer robust, spell-free works.
  • A spirit of competition is required with ambition and self-confidence to take advantage of this unique market.
  • There are many domains that can be chosen on Fiverr. Such as translation, proofreading, content writing, research writing and paraphrasing, and many types such as sports, health, technology, and others.
  • Also can beginners profit Easily on the site with commitment and provide the best.
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Khamsat website
Khamsat website

2_ Mostaql independent platform

This platform is slightly different from the rest of the other sites, as it is one of the first platforms in the Middle East and is similar to the Fiverr site in making profits from writing articles, as:

  • The difference is that they do not provide micro services, but they specialize in large projects and do not publish services and wait for the customer, but follow another different system.
  • The customer publishes the service he provides, and in return, when entering projects, he chooses the offer that suits him and the skills offered to choose the right person to implement the project.
  • The platform can be accessed from hereThen the user will find that she will communicate with him to implement the project, guarantee the rights of project owners, and be a mediator between the two parties until the full completion of the work and wages.

3_ Aklmko site from Arabic sites that pay for writing

This site has gained great fame among the Arabic sites that pay for writing, as the site is entered and registered through the main site and start writing articles for many fields, but the writer must fulfill some conditions to achieve the greatest profit and gain experience, and these conditions are as follows:

  • You must pay attention to the way the writing is done, in order to avoid randomness, so that the writer attracts many visitors. And stay away from imitation of ideas or imitation of what is going on.
  • Find new topics and methods to engage your readers.
  • When starting the site, you must adhere to a specific price for articles without increasing it for some time to achieve the desired fame.
  • The author can share Articles On social media platforms to be seen by the largest number of readers, and the percentage of visitors to the site increases, and thus profits increase.
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4_ Istakteb website

It appeared recently, but has gained a lot of popularity among writing professionals, although it does not have many customers. It is a website dedicated to bringing together people with writing skills.

It does not provide any services for the fields in which it is located, but it allows the implementation of services related to translation, creative writing, writing studies, or research. This is done by entering the site from here and registering with ease.

It also allows some other miscellaneous services such as text content, proofreading, audio content review and transcription. Which can make a continuous profit.

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5_ Pixelsseo website

This site is characterized by providing many proofreading services and working to fix all linguistic errors in addition to translation and others.

It is one of the most important Arabic sites that pay for writing, and it is one of the golden opportunities for those with experience and skills in writing. And it works to include many bloggers.

Enter the site from here Sign up to start earning as soon as possible online and work on developing expertise and gaining language skills.

6_ thaqfny is one of the Arabic sites that pay for writing

It is one of the sites dedicated to providing distinctive Arabic content and allowing the publication of articles in various fields. The site can be accessed from here And take advantage of the advantages it offers to users, which are as follows:

  • This site is based on a system of material profit sharing, where the user benefits from 85% of the profits that come in monthly. And the site management benefits from 15%.
  • It has many departments that can work and write articles in its various fields, including religious, artistic, health, and others.
  • It has a high visibility on search engines.
  • Also, it relies on profit through Google Adsense, which is one of the giant advertising companies that follow Google.
  • The rules and instructions must be respected so that users can benefit from the percentage of profits allocated to them.
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Tips for profit through self-employment on Arab sites

After we have clarified the most popular Arabic sites that pay for writing in 2023, we will give you some useful tips in the field of writing on these and other sites, as follows:

  • When you start working in the field of writing, the prices must be suitable for that stage in order to reach the stage of fame. Avoid overpricing.
  • It is necessary to create a PayPal account in order to receive financial earnings through it.
  • Make sure articles are free of spelling errors.
  • Work on improving articles by adding numerical statistics to be different from other similar works.
  • Care must be taken to adhere to grammatical rules, which is what distinguishes the work and helps to gain a good reputation.
  • Try to publish all articles on different social media platforms, to promote and benefit from all the experiences and guidance that you will receive after publishing.
  • More than one platform can be used to publish articles for a plus Chances of getting a lot of business.
  • Reading in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). To acquire those SEO skills for the Arabic language, thus increasing the chances of getting a lot of business.
  • The most important tip to use is; Stay away from copying ideas or imitating to achieve quick success.
  • Each site has a section dedicated to services and thus can be used to sell different services at the start of the business.

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Tips for profit through self-employment on Arab sites
Tips for profit through self-employment on Arab sites

And so we explained Arab sites that pay for writing With the advantages of each and how it works, in addition to some important tips to start working on these sites.

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