Banque Misr customer service and what is the customer service number in Banque Misr

Banque Misr customer service and what is the customer service number in Banque Misr

Banque Misr Customer Service .. Banque Misr is one of the important banks in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is one of the banks that citizens are looking for inside the Republic, although the National Bank and Banque Misr are among the first banks at the level of other banks, and the reason for that is what Banque Misr provides banking services , which is the highest return for certificates, and the bank also offers savings books, and Banque Misr always strives to provide the best services to customers, so it has provided a hotline for customers “a customer service number.”

Bank of Egypt customer service number

The hotline number for Banque Misr or the short number for Banque Misr is: 19888 BM Phone, it helps keep customers connected communication With the bank, you can also communicate through the Call Center.
In this way, the bank can be contacted at any time. The Banque Misr hotline receives all questions, inquiries, and complaints related to the bank’s services to all customers, and working hours at Banque Misr. It is also possible to inquire about the customer’s account, and about all the services provided by the bank.

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Bank of Egypt customer service number

Banque Misr website

You can visit the Banque Misr website through the link through it, you can know all the services that the bank provides.

Bank of Egypt customer service

The call center and hotline of Banque Misr provide a variety of services to customers and answer many inquiries. Among the tasks of the customer service center are:

  1. Establishing and activating the RVI voice service.
  2. Work to send a statement of operations related to cards, whether credit or Visa Net.
  3. Create or change the credit card PIN.
  4. Cancellation of any wrong attempts to enter the password to perform the online banking service.
  5. Receiving complaints and customer requests on any of the services or products and responding to them according to the time specified by us.
  6. To inquire about the locations of the branches, their working hours, and the locations of the personal bank machines.
  7. Inquire about balances and account movements, whether they are: savings accounts, current accounts, or day-to-day accounts.
  8. Work on serving senior scholars, via the customer service number.
  9. Modifying customer data and accounts on the RVI service, including modification, deletion or addition.
  10. Modifying customer data and accounts on the online banking service, including modification, deletion or addition.
  11. The possibility of stopping the cards, and this is in the event of theft or loss.
  12. Activate cards, whether credit or visual.
  13. To cancel any wrong attempts to enter the PIN for all types of cards.
  14. Receiving suggestions from clients and working on studying the possibility of implementing them.
  15. Inquire about transfers, whether nominal or correspondent transfers on the account.
  16. Inquire about all banking services and products, such as: loans, cardstransfers, certificates, and more.
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important services

There are several important services that the business can obtain by calling the hotline number dedicated to serving Banque Misr customers, which are:

  1. The customer requests his own check book, and the customer receives the book when he comes to the nearest Banque Misr branch.
  2. Inquiry about the payments made by the customer at the bank, and this is done by credit card, which is inquiring about the last 5 trading operations that were made on the card fiduciary From Banque Misr.
  3. The possibility of inquiring through the hotline on all account balances of clients, as well as inquiring about the last 5 trading transactions made on the account.
  4. Also, change the customer’s password through voice services.
  5. The customer can request a statement of account for the credit card, and the number may be sent through mail or fax, or via the customer’s e-mail.
  6. The customer can request an account statement for the current accounts in the bank, and work on setting up savings accounts, by sending the accounts to him via mail. mail Or by fax, according to the customer’s choice.

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