Basic forex trading strategies and indicators

Basic forex trading strategies and indicators

During the process of trading and entering the stock exchange and currency trading indicators, you may hear about speculation which is a process by which traders buy and sell commodities or stocks in a short time the time frame of buying and selling can be a few minutes or a few hours.

Although it is similar to day trading, speculation tends to be larger in capital In addition, day trading is usually conducted by day traders unlike speculators (represented by speculation) who only trade in a very short time and not every day.

Basic forex trading strategies and indicators

Speculators take advantage of small movements of certain commodities to make money since they are not influenced by fundamental analysis or news, speculators generally have their own technical patterns that consist of different indicators.

moving average

Forex trading indicators is the easiest indicator and is widely used by speculators almost all trading platforms have a very easy way of working, including new traders.

You just need to select the trading time frame and then put a number of moving average composition lines.

Test it before you play it. One of the recommended combinations is the 5-8-13 SMA on the 2-minute chart.

This combination is effective for identifying trends when you should buy and sell. You can also predict when a trend will change.

Once on you will see a chart going up and down when the trend is still strong the line will stick to the 5 or 8 SMA if it is near the 13 SMA it’s time to close because the reversal will happen to open a position again you have to wait for all the lines to converge.

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Bollinger bands

Bollinger bands are also one of the low time frame speculative forex trading indicators widely used by traders, whether for stock or forex trading you can apply Bollinger Bands using period 12 and deviation 2.

Once the price touches the lower band, take a long position If the value touches the upper band, place a short position.

Do not place too many stop loss and take profit orders You can use a ratio of 10 to 5 pips between stop loss and take profit.

Keep in mind that there is no absolutely perfect strategy for trading, even if you use Bollinger bands.

This indicator is effectively used in range or sideways markets on the other hand, if you are trading when prices are trending, you may actually lose. This is because Bollinger bands often have trouble clearing a band break and affect the position you will take.


Forex trading indicators has a slightly different way of working from the previous two indicators in general, speculators use this indicator only to complement other indicators combined in one system.

If you are looking for recommendations, most of the reliable traders suggest you combine them with Bollinger bands or moving averages.

Advantages and disadvantages of scalping

As an option, forex trading indicators is a strategy that has advantages and disadvantages The weakness of scalping is that the technique is difficult and requires accuracy.

In addition, the trader must stay in front of the screen while trading.

The advantage of scalping is its ability to take profits in a short time as opposed to the long term that has to wait for days, with scalping you can get profits from trading in the same day.

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Another advantage of scalping is the ease of debugging when you realize a wrong open position, you can identify it and then you can choose to close the old open position and open a new one.

Basically, scalping is a strategy that is executed based on technical analysis so if you are interested in becoming a scalper, it is a good idea to start exploring technical strategies that you think have a promising winning potential.

If you are still confused, there is nothing wrong with asking a trusted trader who has already become a speculator.

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Support and resistance indicators in trading strategies

What is support and resistance? It is very important to know the concept of support and resistance in forex and CFD trading indicators.

The application of the concept of support and resistance is used not only in the world of forex, but also in other types of financial markets.

How to determine support and resistance

Support and resistance levels are an integral part of any financial market. Market participants define levels as the basis of supply and demand, or the flow of orders that can change rapidly.

This level is also what determines bullish and bearish movements that conflict with each other Price movements also follow or conflict with these levels, as sellers and buyers compete against each other.

If the trader decides to put everything on the chart to trade, he will not even be able to see the price on the chart.

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Because the price will disappear across the line however, the trader should still be able to identify the best support resistance forex trading indicators without the difficulty of reading and using charts.

How can traders identify important support and resistance levels?

In the vast majority of cases, support and resistance levels become important only when the market actually follows them.

However, if support and resistance levels are used only occasionally or even rarely, there is no point in the trader placing them on the chart.

Every day forex traders begin their trading journey in the world’s largest financial market Novice traders aim to profit from the huge fluctuations that occur in the moving average daily trading volume of $5.3 trillion.

Traders who are new to the market are not expected to make large trading movements, and those who make large movements should do so based on the results of the Forex market analysis.

The forex market has its own rhythm. It is better to determine the basis of the movement of a currency pair before you start trading, rather than based on sentiment.

Technical Analysis

It is one of the main types of analysis This type of analysis contains the basic concept that “history repeats itself”, and the analysis is based on the historical movement of a pair/share/commodity of the major currency trading indicators.

At the end of the comprehensive technical analysis, the trader will find support and resistance levels to consider when deciding on a trading opportunity.

A good example of one of the basic tools of technical analysis is Fibonacci, which will be discovered as soon as you enter the world of trading, along with many other methods of identifying important support and resistance levels that can be useful to novice traders.

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