Best cryptocurrencies to invest in before the end of 2022 –

Best cryptocurrencies to invest in before the end of 2022 –

Investing in cryptocurrency Digital is one of the best areas of investment that investors generally accept due to the high profit returns resulting from investing in it. Due to the spread of the field of profit from digital currencies and investing in cryptocurrencies globally, we have a huge number of new digital currencies that are issued almost daily, which made choosing and determining the best of these currencies a task that is not easy at all. Therefore, in order to avoid investing in failed cryptocurrencies that may make you incur a huge loss. In this article, we have decided to recommend to you the 5 best digital currencies that we highly recommend investing in before the end of this year 2022 AD

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in before the end of 2022

With nearly 20,000 cryptocurrencies currently out there, according to recent coinmarketcap data, choosing the best one is a bit of a daunting process. There are a number of important criteria that must be taken into account when searching for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, on top of which comes the opinions of experts and analysts about the future of this currency and the possibilities it holds to help it grow and stability in the future.

As well as the volume of supply and demand for the currency, and whether the volume of demand will be proportional to the quantity supplied of it, or will there be a difference between the supply of it, and the volume of demand for it may negatively affect its price in the future. Based on the above, we present to you the 5 best cryptocurrencies that are recommended to invest in 2022, which are:

First Coin Calvaria

Top 8 New and Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

Calvaria is considered one of the most important modern cryptocurrencies that analysts expect to achieve more highs and great rises, mainly due to the concept on which the currency is based, as it depends entirely on the Ethereum network on which the currency was created, in addition to that the currency falls under the category of currencies Premium games, which are based on a funky card game in which players compete professionally in a fun and highly realistic format.

In this game, competitors are allowed to purchase resources and equipment, which are displayed on the NFT network as well while allowing players to sell these tokens and resources later on the equipment platforms, so like the famous open sea platform.

A large number of cryptocurrency experts and analysts agree that the RIA coin, which is an abbreviation of Calvaria, is a promising currency with amazing potential that makes it a strong candidate for an excellent rise once it is released to the public.

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The coin has many advantages in addition to being completely built on the famous yttrium network. Success and achieving price hikes as soon as it is put on public platforms.

The number of coins on display is 95 million coins.

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Second coin D2T

A promising digital currency for investment .. What is the reason for optimism about the digital currency D2T?

D2T Coin is one of the best new cryptocurrencies in the “sell” phase first” Which experts and locals expect to achieve great successes as soon as it is presented to the general public and listed on the trading platforms.

“The currency succeeded in collecting approximately $2.1 million in its first week only, and this in itself is a great success.” great in a short time.

Where the price of the Dash to Trade currency managed to make an upward jump and the price rose from 0.004 to 0.005 in a very short time. These strong capabilities that the currency possesses make it highly qualified to achieve great success in the market.

It is known that the first stage of selling consists of 9 stages, and the more you can invest in the early stages, the greater the expected profits will be. And from the first hours of the coin offering in the selling stage first It succeeded in generating nearly $500,000 in the first 24 hours, then $800,000, until the initial coin offering phase concluded by raising about $2 million.

Below is a table showing the stages of selling initial Currency:

sales stages The amount to be collected in the stage custom icons
0.0476 USD $1,666,000 35.000.000
0.0500 dollars 3,500,000 dollars 70,000,000
$0.0513 $3591,000 70,000,000
$0.0533 $4,663,750 87,500,000
$0.0556 $4865,000 87,500,000
$0.0580 $5,075,000 87,500,000
0.0606 dollars 5,302,500 dollars 87,500,000

The currency is expected to rise well in the initial 9 stages of pre-sale and it is good to think about buying the currency at the present time, as its price is less than 4 cents, which is an excellent buying opportunity, as experts and analysts expect the price to achieve further rise in the near future .

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Third currency IMPT

Top 8 New and Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

It is one of the best modern cryptocurrencies ever. The currency has many important advantages that make it Excellent choice For cryptocurrency investors in general, The importance of the IMPT coin is due to the idea on which it was built, as this coin project works to reduce carbon emissions, which pose an explicit threat to the environment and climate.

The currency aims to reduce carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment, through the use of carbon credits, which were created for the purpose of reducing carbon dependence, by encouraging people to reduce the use of carbon footprint, and thus it is considered one of the environmentally friendly currencies as experts and analysts call it .

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The IMPT project team hopes to revolutionize the crypto world by relying on the mechanism of carbon credits, which was previously the preserve of companies only. All days of the week.

In addition, there are nearly 25,000 partners for the IMPT shopping platform, including giant companies, such as: Microsoft, River Island and Samsung.

This enhances the currency’s position significantly, as individuals will be able to use the currency in purchases while shopping on IMPT-supported platforms as well as the possibility to win rewards, prizes and many more.

The big advantage of this is that the carbon credits redemption and exchange will include the burning of IMPT coins, which will enhance the scarcity of the currency in the market and thus the possibility of its price appreciation.

“In addition, there are many expectations and speculations by a large number of traders and experts about the possibility of a rise in the price of the currency, which is still in the first selling stage” by more than X100

It is a very excellent opportunity for investment, as the current price of the coin is 0.018 which is very low, given the amazing potential that this coin has.”

“The IMPT currency is also a distinctive currency whose price may double a lot when it enters the general market, as investors and owners of this currency are expected to achieve very good profits.”


Fourth coin Tamadog Tamadog

Top 8 New and Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

This currency is considered one of the best digital currencies that experts and analysts expect to achieve great heights in the future, as the currency has already achieved a great rise as soon as it was launched in the first selling stage, it rose by 200% in a very short time, which made the first investors earn an excellent profit.

Certainly, the expectation that Tamadoge will be able to generate even a small part of those returns certainly explains the excessive interest in it by investors.

The coin succeeded in raising $ 19 million in the first sale stage, which is a clear translation of the popularity and overwhelming demand from investors for this coin. Through this platform, you can raise animals in the form of NFT and train them to struggle in metaverses with the possibility of winning a lot of real money.

Currency developers rely on the idea of ​​negative inflation, by burning quantities of currency in order to reduce its prices and reduce its supply, which raises its value and price continuously.

In addition, the currency is expected by experts to achieve profits of up to 100 times as soon as it is publicly traded to the public, and it is expected to be launched soon on the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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The current market value of the coin is $30 million and the total value is expected to reach $1 billion soon. And theThe price of TAMA for 2023 is likely to multiply many times, with a market capitalization of $1 billion or more, especially if Bitcoin and the crypto market in general rise. It is also possible that the price of TAMA coin for the year 2023 will multiply many times especially if Bitcoin and the crypto market in general rise.


Fifthly, bitcoin

BTC is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. They are used to make purchases online and offline, or if you are like most bitcoin investors, or are shown as a buy and hold asset in the investment portfolio. Investing in bitcoin has become more of a safe investment than a currency, which has made it a place in your long-term cryptocurrency portfolio.

Additionally, Bitcoin got a boost in 2021 when Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company had bought $1.5 billion worth, after which it would accept Bitcoin as payment for its cars.

This is what actually happened as Tesla announced the acceptance of BTC as one of the payment options available to customers in order to purchase famous Tesla cars. This gave a huge boost to the price of the currency, making it achieve very large heights, breaking the barrier of 50 thousand dollars in a few hours.

In addition, crypto experts consider Bitcoin to be the mother of cryptocurrencies and the main source for them, so it is never right for any investment portfolio in the cryptocurrency world to be devoid of the cryptocurrency market giant Bitcoin.


In the last end, we presented to you, dear friends, the best cryptocurrencies that are expected to achieve great heights in the cryptocurrency market, which we strongly recommend investing in them before the end of this year. And theIn fact, the cryptocurrency market is still a great market to invest in, due to its many advantages. We are talking about the possibility of achieving high profit returns on investment that may exceed 100%, but you should always keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is a double-edged sword. If you manage to deal with it well, you will achieve the highest profits in record time, but the wrong handling and ill-considered investment may cost you a lot of money, my dear.

Therefore, you must deal with investing in cryptocurrencies like any other investment that requires a lot of study, analysis and scrutiny, as well as the need to constantly review the news of cryptocurrencies, and everything that is new in the crypto world so that you can choose the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, and therefore The highest profits from them, both in the medium and long term.

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