Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO (Comprehensive Guide) ?Seo Stars

Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO (Comprehensive Guide) ?Seo Stars

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Google Chrome extensions for SEO have become more important nowadays than in the past, because Chrome extensions save time and effort in analyzing your site and competitor sites, and you can do everything you want while you are inside the site without having to open several other sites in the browser. During the past years, Google Chrome has become the most used browser, as it has captured the use of more than 80% of Internet users.

Therefore, I have prepared this list for you that every SEO specialist and everyone who owns your site will benefit from and make you more excited with the analysis of the basic SEO factors.

Google Chrome Store offers a variety of different SEO tools that can help you with SEO with just one click.

11 Best Google Chrome Extension for SEO


WooRank is a Google Chrome extension that provides an in-depth SEO report for any given website.

When you click on the WooRank plugin icon, the tool opens a SEO analysis menu for the site that covers statistics such as traffic estimates, site ranking, traffic sources, advertising campaigns, etc.

It also provides internal and external page data, such as title, description, keywords, text/HTML ratio, internal and external links, internal link texts, etc.


Buzzsumo is a popular content marketing tool that allows you to search for the most popular content on any given topic.

The Buzzsumo extension in Google Chrome provides you with insight into the performance of any particular content without leaving the browser. Allows you to view the backlink statistics created for the article.

To view these stats, simply click on the add icon to see stats like the number of social posts and backlinks you post.

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You can also use Buzzsumo to see how your competitors’ content is performing and create more shareable content like them.

Add BuzzSumo in Chrome

Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics by Google is a great tool for understanding how your visitors interact with your site.

The tool gives you useful data like where users click and the number of active visitors to your site in real time.

It also shows your usual Google Analytics like Pageviews, average time on page, and bounce rate. You must have this plugin if you rely on Google Analytics for your site statistics.

Add Page Analytics by Google from Google Chrome


Add SimilarWeb One of the best and most suitable Google Chrome extensions to start analyzing your site quickly. It provides powerful analysis about websites and not only SEO but also analyzes website traffic sources. The extension analyzes the clicks of website visitors through thousands of telecom companies providing Internet services around the world, due to the fact that SimilarWeb owns crawling robots its own, as well as its customers’ data.

As a result of these calculations, you can get reliable statistics about the geographic information of visitors to any site or brand, and within the report you will get an analysis of the advertising campaigns that the site carries out on social networking sites, and the countries from which it gets the largest percentage of visits.

All of these factors affect search engine optimization, and this offers you invaluable insights when analyzing your competition. Is characterized by Google Chrome Extensions It’s free, but some add-ons give the paid account access to more data.

Add Google Chrome SimilarWeb


Add MozBar Within google chrome extensions. MozBar is still the best among the SEO plugins on Google Chrome, as it includes several plugins in one add-on. You can create an account in Moz, which is a free account to enjoy the features of the add-on.

The plugin contains a comprehensive list of analyzes of technical problems in SEO, site content, social media posts, and backlinks.

The MozBar extension makes websites load a little slower, so it’s best to enable it only when you need it.

Add MozBar

Open SEO stats

An all-in-one tool that includes all the essential details you need in SEO analysis.

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Here is a list of the most important tools that the Open SEO stats extension contains:

Alexa Rank | Alexa Ranking

You can know the Alexa ranking and see a graph of the changes in your site’s ranking, so you will not need to install the Alexa extension on the browser and this will improve its speed.

Google cache information | Google Cache Information

We all want a quick archiving from Google for our websites, and some of us use some techniques in order to get a quick archiving. Cache information gives you information about Google’s archiving status for any page on your site, whether it has been archived or not. If it has not been archived yet, you will see the word N/A.

geological information | Geological Information

Through it you can find out the hosting IP and its location, and if you click on the link of the tool, it will show you information about the owner of the site.

Archived pages | Pages Indexed

This tool shows you the number of links that have been archived by search engines.

It also offers you to choose from among the most popular search engines.

backlink | Backlinks

Many tools for analyzing backlinks for a specific page or the entire site can be found in this section.

Add Open SEO Stats


It is a toolbar that provides analytics on social media, and through it you can know the number of posts and interactions on social media platforms such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus.

These stats include users’ social media posts to assess not only whether content has been shared, but also whether people have interacted with it.

These analyzes are a good starting point when analyzing the content effectiveness of a competitor’s marketing campaigns.

Add Impactana on Google Chrome

User agent switcher

When creating a new site or changing the design, you need to make sure that the site is compatible with different screen sizes and types of devices. It is very difficult to do this manually.

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The extension will give you the ability to view the display of your site on different devices and operating systems. It’s an essential tool for programmers, but very useful for anyone who does SEO analytics.

Add User Agent Switcher

SEO TextOptimizer

This wonderful add-on is for specialists in handling and developing content. The SEO TextOptimizer plugin allows you to measure the quality of the content that you publish on your site based on the search engines rating factors for the content.

This tool shows you the articles that you should develop as well as the articles that you should get rid of if their content is of low quality. This add-on also suggests you a list of keywords that you can add to the article to improve the content. The only problem is that it is compatible with the content in English and French only. If you have a website in those languages, you are in luck.

Add SEO TextOptimizer

META SEO Inspector

META SEO inspector A great tool for anyone who wants to evaluate html tags on any given page, without opening the source code. Information is displayed such as the number of characters used in the title and description of any page, which appears when you click on the add icon. Red warnings are provided to indicate that a description or title is too long or does not exist. If the site does not have any errors in the code, it will appear in green.

META SEO Inspector

Keywords Everywhere

The tool offers keyword analysis and it provides the same data as Google’s Keyword planner. Data displayed through Keyword Everywhere. All you need to do to set up this tool is to download the extension and then you will need an API key which will be emailed to you. Once you get the key, your account is validated and you will be able to analyze the keywords you want.

Google Chrome Extensions Keywords Everywhere

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