Best stock companies earnings 2023 globally and in the Arab world –

Best stock companies earnings 2023 globally and in the Arab world –

Best dividend stock companies

Perhaps the most important investment benefits that accrue to the investor is to bring about development, through the development of the share portfolio in many major industries in different countries. Investors who seek to develop their wealth usually resort to buying small shares of shares in several companies and different fields in order to avoid the risk of falling prices, and we mention The following are the best dividend stock companies in the world:

What are dividend stocks?

Successful investment is achieved by adhering to the important advice of specialists, especially experts and economic analysts, where you must start investing in shares after providing sufficient funds for investment, and you must also make sure that there are no debts on those who want to invest, we mention in those lines what are the shares that distribute dividends :

Home Depot

  • It is an American home appliance distribution company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • It is the world’s premier retail distributor of home improvement products.
  • The products are marketed through a network of 2,287 stores around the world.
  • In the realm of stocks, it is one of the best dividend paying stocks for income investors.
  • It also increased its quarterly earnings by 380%. And with a payout ratio of 50%, it has more room to grow, with an annual rate of return of 2.2%.
  • Note that the company pays quarterly dividends of $1.5 per share.


  • American multinational computer and microcomputer company.
  • It was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
  • Revenues amounted to $110.36 billion.
  • MSFT stock is currently trading at $218.59, which represents a yield of 1.02%.
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  • It is an American company established in 1971 by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman.
  • It is based in Beaverton, Oregon
  • It is a manufacturer of sporting goods such as shoes, apparel and sports equipment.
  • The strength of the Nike brand as well as the resilience of its business model has been demonstrated by the company’s rapid turnaround since the fall of March, resulting in strong returns for those who bought its shares, which are up more than 37% this year.
  • The company also pays a quarterly dividend of $0.275 per share, which represents a yield of 0.80%.


  • A global company located in Calgary, Canada, listed on the S&P/TSX 60 Index.
  • It specializes in transporting oil through pipelines and also includes its own northern pipeline projects.
  • It also protected the company and enabled it to grow, so the company pays a quarterly dividend of $0.6525, with a rich annual return of 8%.


  • WALMART Wal-Mart is an American multinational corporation that specializes in mass distribution.
  • It was also founded by Sam Walton and today is chaired by his eldest son S. Robson Walton.
  • Note that the stock now has an annual return of 1.48%.
  • The company also pays a quarterly dividend of $0.54 per share.
  • The dividend yield was 23%, and the stock closed at $145.95 on Friday.

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Dividend mutual funds

Traded investment funds offer customized offers for your capital, your core investment portfolio, and your strategic investment. Traded investment funds usually have lower management fees than traditional funds and are easier to calculate their costs. We explain the most important investment funds that distribute profits:

Russell high earnings index

  • This fund is designed to provide investors with dividend payments for a large number of stocks, average dividend payments.
  • The index also includes large-cap companies. It is a dedicated index built using an objective, transparent and market-driven structure.

High yield from Vanguard

  • Vanguard exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a class of funds offered by Vanguard.
  • They also combine exchange-traded funds, diversifying mutual funds with a minimum investment required.
  • Vanguard also offers real-time rates.

First Trust NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index NASDAQ Technology

  • It is a fund that is traded on the stock exchange, where the fund seeks to obtain investment results.
  • Especially those that correspond to the price and return before fund fees and expenses for the stock index called the NASDAQ Technology Dividend IndexSM.
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The best companies to invest in dividend stocks

Arab stocks can be traded through many international platforms easily and completely safely, and high profits are achieved, especially in companies that offer many shares for trading and investment, as well as strategies for sound management and risk protection, and we offer the following the best companies to invest in dividend stocks:

  • One of its most notable features is that it does not charge clients for deposits or withdrawals.
  • This allows the broker to allow clients to deposit and withdraw funds using VISA and MasterCard credit cards; Visa Electron, Maestro, or wire transfers.
  • Only the amount originally deposited by credit card may be withdrawn to this account.
  • The balance of funds is then transferred to the customer’s bank account.
  • Note that deposits are generally credited instantly to clients’ accounts, except for wire transfers, which may take from one to four days to appear in the trading account.


  • Where eToro provides you with more than 1,000 stocks for trading or investment.
  • eToro also offers the possibility to trade 47 forex pairs.
  • Traders can choose from 13 stock indices of the US, European and Asian economies.
  • EToro clients also have access to trade 19 commodities
  • It also provides you with almost all electronic currencies available in the financial markets.
  • As for the leverage, it reaches 1:400 in all types of accounts available.
  • While the minimum withdrawal limit is $500 and $10,000 for corporate and premium accounts

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How to invest in dividend stocks in Arab countries

The dividend distribution process is a way to reward shareholders for their partial ownership of the company, whereby each shareholder has a certain share of the company traded on the stock exchange, and therefore he is entitled to obtain part of its profits, and we review the following how to invest in shares that distribute dividends in the Arab countries:

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Open an account with Alvexo

  • First of all, visit the Alvexo homepage
  • Then your email, and click on Trade Now.
  • Fill in your personal data from the phone number and a password
  • Click on Trade Now.

Fill in your personal information

  • To enter your personal information, you must click on the Settings tab.
  • Then provide your full name, date of birth, address, nationality, and other similar information.
  • You must upload your personal photo, photo of your identification card and a certificate proving your place of residence

Deposit money into your account

  • Click on the Fund Account button at the top.
  • Then choose your preferred payment method and the amount to be invested
  • Then, click on the Deposit button.

Invest in dividend stocks

  • Type the name of the stock such as Amazon in the quick search box.
  • The share price will appear.
  • Click on Buy or Sell as you wish
  • Lots, Stop Loss and Take Profit orders must be specified
  • Confirmation of a buy or sell order to execute the transaction

Equity investment risks

It is the investor’s responsibility to determine if what he wants is the highest return, he must buy risk-based shares, while if his goal is to avoid risks, he can resort to buying shares with a low return, and we mention the following risks of investing in shares

  • Market risk: The market risk on stocks arises when investors agree to pay a small amount to own some shares in an investment.
  • Company risk: The risk is represented by the occurrence of a catastrophe in the company’s workplace, which leads to a decrease in the market value of its shares.
  • Industrial risk: the occurrence of something disturbing and unexpected can lead to the collapse of the industrial process and, consequently, the decline in the value of shares.

The best stock companies are profitable. Trading in the stock market and the stock exchange needs adequate study, as well as knowledge of all the risks that surround the investor in order to avoid losing money, and this is what we explained in the article and more.

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