Billiard hall project cost – platform

Billiard hall project cost – platform

The cost of a billiards hall project, people spend a lot of time practicing daily life activities such as going to work, sleeping, and social duties, and this leads them to liberate themselves from psychological and social pressures by going to recreational places, most notably the billiards hall, and for this reason, starting the implementation of this project is a real gain For the investor, especially since the project does not require variable costs on a monthly basis, but rather fixed costs, thus achieving double profits, and we mention in this article the cost of a billiards hall project.

Feasibility study for a billiard hall project

Entertainment is a basic requirement in human life, and without it, a person will not find a normal and balanced life, and the urgent need for entertainment emerges in particular in the youth stage, and often young people find their comfort in the gaming halls and to fill the void of their time after spending a lot of their time in continuous work for long hours, and to open A billiard hall, it only requires purchasing some tools for the game of billiards, and most importantly, choosing a suitable location capable of attracting more customers. For more clarity, we study in these lines the elements of a feasibility study for a billiard hall project:

Billiard hall project requirements

In the end, many projects reach a catastrophic failure, due to the weakness of the investor’s personality, especially in the event of delegating responsibilities to others so that they manage the capital unprofessionally and pay unnecessary expenses that consume the investor and push him to accumulate debts, so the personality of the project owner plays an 80% role in the success The project or its failure, and 20% is beyond the will, and with regard to the billiard hall project, the owner is required to purchase the following requirements:

  • Where there is a pool table.
  • Also, display screens.
  • number of chairs.
  • Also, a bunch of tables.
  • Also, air conditioner.
  • Also, a source of electricity.
  • source of water.
  • And the buffet
  • Also, a coffee machine.
  • Also, a fridge for soft drinks.
  • In addition, high-quality decorations and modern designs.
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The right location for a billiard hall project

The game of billiards finds many of its fans, and in order to reach the fans of this game, a suitable place is obtained. Instead, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allows the establishment of these recreational sports projects in commercial centers, and there are some people who invest in the presence of cafes and cafeterias to add billiard halls inside them, so the choice The place will be as follows:

  • Where people crowded places.
  • Also, densely populated places.
  • Areas where markets and malls abound due to the increase in pedestrian traffic.

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Labor required for billiard hall project

It is preferable to manage the project is its owner, as the matter only needs to follow up on the status of the project, as well as to reduce the rate of costs, knowing that this project is like assets that give you and do not take from you except for the rental value, as well as maintenance of tables, and perhaps exploiting the project in opening a small cafe that includes only Hot drinks such as coffee and tea, and double profits.

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billiard hall project cost

Most of the proposed projects in the labor market, whether commercial or industrial, and others, depend on the initial cost of the project, and at that time the decision is taken to establish the new project or withdraw from it. Therefore, the progress of the project without calculating the initial cost causes confusion to the investor and randomness in making inappropriate decisions. The following is an explanation of the cost of a project Billiard Hall:

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Fixed costs for a billiard hall project

  • Where the costs of 2 billiard tables = 1600 dollars, knowing that the price varies according to the quality of manufacturing, and the company that produces these games.
  • The cost of interior furnishings for decoration and walls is $500.
  • While the costs of tables and chairs for 2 PlayStation games and their requirements = $100.
  • When taking into account the costs of 2 computers with screens and Playstation game tools, it = $ 2000.
  • Billiard hall storefront costs with front panel = $1,000.
  • Also, legal licensing and other transaction costs = $200.
  • With regard to the costs of electrical equipment, installations, connections, wires, and the like, it amounts to = $100.
  • Accordingly, the total value of the fixed costs of the project = 5,600 dollars.

Monthly operating costs for a billiard hall project

  • As the monthly electricity cost = $50.
  • The cost of water for the bathrooms = $20.
  • Also, billiard shop rent per month = 100 dollars, and it is better that the annual payment be.
  • Having a periodic maintenance budget = $50 per month.
  • It may require a worker’s salary, but the project does not need a worker and the owner of the project is satisfied with following up the project’s progress properly.
  • Therefore, the total value of monthly operational costs = $220

License required for billiard hall project

The regulators of commercial projects seek to register all commercial activities carried out by investors and owners of capital. Perhaps the ultimate goal of organizing these projects is not to cause harm to citizens, especially in the case of operational industrial projects. We explain the following the mechanism for licensing a billiard hall project:

  • An ownership or lease contract must be available for the place where the project is to be implemented.
  • Availability of the owner’s personal card.
  • Also, a detailed map of the business location.
  • A health certificate must be available for workers.
  • Also, the existence of insurance certificates for the labor force.
  • Certificate of good conduct.
  • It provides personal photos with a white background for the license applicant.
  • Also, a real estate tax certificate.
  • It provides the owner’s commercial register.
  • Also, an insurance certificate on the project.
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Billiard hall project profits

Although small projects indicate their small investment and capital size, the percentage of effective profits from these projects should not be underestimated, and this is what developed countries have proven of the success of their economic structure based on the multiplicity of small projects, so profits from small projects are the great savior For haters of job routine, when talking about the profits of a billiard hall project, several factors must be taken into account, most notably the following:

  • Where the profits of the project are based on operational costs.
  • It also depends on the rate of young people coming to the pool halls.
  • The number of hours spent per person in that game.
  • Also the number of monthly subscriptions to training courses.
  • As well as the cost expended in purchasing basic devices and equipment.
  • Therefore, the average daily profit from the two billiard tables will be as follows: $2 * 2 tables * 8 hours = $32 daily profit.

  • Let us assume that the rent for one table for an hour is $2, and the number of working hours in the hall is 8 hours per day.

  • Therefore, the amount of monthly profits from billiard tables = 32 in 26 working days excluding Friday = $832 monthly profits for two billiard tables only.

Factors for the success of the billiard hall project

Choosing the right place for the project, organizing the work, scheduling play dates between clients with each person taking his right to play, periodic attention to project maintenance, daily hygiene, and most importantly gentle dealing with clients and hall-goers, appearing attractive and all that and more contributes In the success of the project and obtain unexpected profits and do not forget to provide a marketing plan for the project.

The cost of a billiard hall project, although the word “small project” seems at first glance to be easy, but on the other hand, it requires an accurate study of the feasibility of the project and the correct implementation of the steps, and this in turn facilitates the way to reach competing companies.

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