Business Development Essentials – Our Trade Platform

Business Development Essentials – Our Trade Platform

Business Development It is the mechanism for implementing plans, strategies and opportunities that promote the growth of companies and projects and contribute to increasing revenues. It also aims to create new horizons; It increases the number of potential customers, and even seeks to gain their trust and deal with them permanently. Business development of enterprises, commercial and industrial activities is closely related to sales. This is done by seeking to increase the sales turnover through systematic strategies and plans developed by the reliable business developer in this field. And the more professional he performs; The more he contributes to the growth of the company he works for and the more profits he makes. Given the importance of this offering in the labor market and for entrepreneurs and company owners; Research curiosity prompted us to prepare this article via our trading platform. Through which we will learn extensively about the concept and how to develop business. In addition to highlighting the business developer’s skills, his many tasks, and other related details.

Business development concept

Business development: It is a mixture of approved and developed steps in a thoughtful and competitive manner to stimulate business growth effectively. This is done by increasing revenues and improving relationships with potential customers. These steps are what your business development team relies on permanently and continuously. From developing and marketing the business plan for the project, to selling and making profits. This developmental mechanism of work also contributes to knowing the real goals of the company or institution, so it is easier to achieve them through the correct promotion of the brand, understanding the target audience, and establishing and maintaining strong relationships with customers.

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Business development concept

Business development concept

Basics of business development

Business development depends on a package of basics or tools necessary for growth, which are as follows:

  • Professional business plan.
  • the sales.
  • Marketing.
  • Partnership strategic relationships.
  • project management.
  • Product management.
  • cost management.

Professional business plan for business development

Any project, at its inception, needs to develop a thoughtful and professional plan of action to advance it and achieve its goals successfully. They are documents designed to explain the mechanism of work from the starting point until reaching the desired final results. It is also the basic rule on which the staff relies and seeks to apply its theoretical ideas in practice with all its strictness.

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the sales

The sales person always focuses on markets and customers to promote the company’s products and services. He also seeks to know the best market and the most suitable customer through which he can achieve a higher percentage of sales and develop his field of work. The greater the number of customers, especially the permanent ones; The higher the percentage of revenues and profits resulting from the increase in the sales process and control of the market with merit and strength comparable to the rest of the competitors. This, in turn, contributes to the growth and development of work in the foreseeable future.


The marketing process includes promotion and advertising aimed at successful sales of products and their arrival to end customers. Marketing also plays a complementary and important role in achieving sales goals. This is why business development initiatives are dedicated to; Always a discretionary marketing budget. Higher budgets allow for powerful marketing strategies such as interactive standing calls, in-person visits to online stores, roadshows, and free sample distribution. Whereas, low budgets tend to result in negative marketing strategies, such as limited online ads, print ads, social media ads, and billboards.

Partnership strategic relationships

The owner of the project or company needs strong relationships with others, which guarantee his direct entry into the labor market. Especially alliances with strategic partners with a long history in marketing and business growth. Here, it is necessary to open up to the surroundings and communicate with the legal and financial teams related to business development, which have a positive role in proposing the right partnerships for the future of the company or institution.

project management

Business expansion requires a new facility in the market, so it is very necessary to rely on good management of the project that its owner wishes to develop and advance to achieve its required goals. Here, the role of the successful manager leading the work, who seeks to develop it through a wise and sometimes strict administrative policy that guarantees the implementation of the work in the fullest manner and with the utmost precision and craftsmanship, emerges.

Product management

Regulatory standards and market requirements vary from country to country. For example, a drug of a particular formulation may be permitted in the United States of America but not in India. This is why project managers and business developers must take into account the importance of product management and its compatibility with the market as supply and demand. As well as developing a strategic business plan, which determines the components of the product and the costs of its production and promotion as a basic mechanism of business development plans.

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cost management

Business development is not just about increasing sales, products and market access. There is also a need to make strategic decisions to improve the bottom line, which includes rules for managing and rationalizing costs. Where management can implement similar cost-saving initiatives by outsourcing non-core work. Including billing, accounting, finance, technology operations, and customer service, which are part of business development.

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Business development strategies

There are many strategic ideas for business development, the implementation of which contributes positively to expanding business horizons and obtaining new investment opportunities, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Create a new way of working.
  • Providing accurate and appropriate advice to the labor market, based on a study of competitors.
  • Presenting sales presentations to potential clients.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Create a specialized website for work.
  • Expanding the skills and capabilities of the work team.
Business development strategies

Business development strategies

How to develop a business

How to develop the business of any company, organization or start-up project is represented by the following basic points:

  • Conduct a comprehensive market analysis.
  • Have a conscious practical vision.
  • Gain customer trust.
  • Provide exemplary customer service.
  • Sales content development.

Conduct a comprehensive market analysis

Successful business development depends to a large extent on understanding the market and target audience. If the owner of the company or project does not have the ability to know the requirements of the market and consumers; His project will inevitably fail. Therefore, it is very important when starting any commercial or industrial activity; Study and survey the opinions of existing customers to find out their inclinations to buy from you. It is also necessary to get to know the competitors in the markets and to know the mechanism of their work in order to take the positive ones from them and avoid the negative mistakes as much as possible.

Have a conscious practical vision

Business development, as a broader practice, extends beyond increasing the company’s sales traffic, as it is based on always creating new development ideas that keep pace with the field of work. It also seeks to activate it by increasing awareness of the products and services offered, whether in a traditional or electronic way. This depends on the activity and professionalism of the marketing department in any company, which is entrusted with the task of attracting customers and creating a strong popular base that guarantees the success and leadership of the company.

Gain customer trust

Building credibility is one of the most important steps you can take when doing business development. Where it is not possible to stop only with potential customers, but it is necessary to gain their trust and ensure the continuity of their dealings, which contributes to increasing sales and achieving the desired commercial and professional goals. Therefore, successful companies adopt many methods to maintain their customers, including providing interactive content through online stores, as well as holding live and recorded webinars to promote products and present them in a friendly and reliable way to the follow-up customer.

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Provide exemplary customer service

Business development is an ongoing process that involves virtually every aspect of the business including the provision of customer service. Where any company or organization needs to attract and maintain customers by meeting their requirements and answering their questions directly, kindly and positively through the company’s customer service. This contributes to the growth of the business, the consolidation of the commercial identity, and the enhancement of mutual trust between the client and the work team.

Sales content development

Business development is about translating customer satisfaction through actionable and promoteable sales content, that is, product-specific content that is used to drive sales. Thus content sales are used to attract potential customers. Whereas, content marketing is used to lead thought and gain public interest.

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Business development officer duties

Business development needs a highly experienced professional in developing practical strategies that contribute to business growth and progress towards its expected goals. Thus, the work developer has several tasks, which we will list successively as follows:

  • Attracting potential customers and trying to gain and maintain their trust.
  • Creating professional methods to identify target customers and build bridges of effective communication with them.
  • Permanent and proactive search for new job opportunities to always keep pace with the labor market.
  • Market and competitor analysis and knowledge of new market trends.
  • Submitting permanent and periodic reports to work managers, which put them in a permanent vision of the course of action.

Business developer skills

The business development officer must have the following skills:

  • Research skill and deep research strategy.
  • Analytical thinking skill.
  • Also effective communication skill.
  • Also creative thinking skills.
  • Management skill and the ability to make decisions in a timely manner.
  • In addition to negotiation skill.
  • Ability to adapt to working conditions.

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At the conclusion of the lines of our article, this was the most important information about Business Development Including the basics of business development and strategies for this. In addition to the tasks and skills of business developers and other important details for anyone who wants to start or continue the entrepreneurship experience. Whether from owners of companies or projects or businessmen and investors who always strive to grow and advance their business towards achieving its positive final goals.

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