Buying a car in installments without interest, UAE 2023

Buying a car in installments without interest, UAE 2023

In this article, “” provides you with a method Buying a car in installments without interest, UAE 2023 Offers of interest-free car installment companies in the Emirates, Islamic car installments without down payment, interest-free used car installments in the UAE, interest-free car installment exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman, and how to buy cars in direct installments without interest.

Many citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates want to obtain cars for transportation through the installment system instead of buying at once, so in this article we will learn how you can buy a car in installments in the UAE Interest free for the year 2023.

Buying a car in installments without interest, UAE 2023

Many people are looking for a good car in order to buy it, but today’s prices for modern, new and used cars have made owning a car a bit difficult, as many people looking for a car to buy find the prices are high and somewhat high compared to their financial capabilities, as this matter stands as an obstacle to these conditions. It gave car companies and dealers new ideas in offering cars for sale through the installment method, especially in the United Arab Emirates.

Where after the implementation of this idea, the possibility of buying a car in installments became easy for many people who need a car in order to fulfill their daily needs by moving around in it, as the installment system in the UAE is one of the best systems in the world, as the process of paying money is somewhat easy for citizens and residents in United Arab Emirates In this article, we will talk today about buying cars in the Emirates in installments and without financial interest.

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How to buy a car in installments in the UAE without financial interest?

There are many companies in the United Arab Emirates that offer many systems for selling cars in installments, without obtaining interest, as this process is carried out through companies located in the Emirates, and without the buyer needing to apply to banks

Also, financing companies do not adhere to the conditions set by the Central Bank, so it is possible to provide a financing rate of up to 100% of the value of the car, as the sale process takes place through the following method, in that the companies specify all the payments that the buyer must pay after paying The first payment of the value of the car

Where the rest of the loans placed on the car are paid in monthly installments, and the company writes checks in order to ensure that the borrower pays the full price of the car. In this way, companies do not ask for financing from banks.

This is due to the fact that banks, in the event that an individual requests a loan in order to buy a car in installments, follow the conditions set by the Central Bank, and the bank must adhere to those conditions, and therefore they provide a financing rate of up to 80% of the value of the car.

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Companies offering offers to sell cars in installments in the Emirates without interest?

If you are thinking of buying Car in installments in the UAE Whether used or new cars, and you are looking at the latest offers of car companies in interest-free installments, through this article we will give you the best Car installment companies in the UAE Without down payment.

Below we will show you the best companies and banks for selling cars in interest-free installments in the UAE, as follows:

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Islamic Finance House

If you are looking for Islamic car financing, you can get a car in installments through the Islamic Finance House, as the house does not impose any interest on selling the car in installments, as the house has a supervisory board composed of a number of scholars concerned with Islamic banking services, and the house is licensed by the bank You can contact the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates in order to inquire about the conditions for purchasing a car in installments at the following numbers:

600511114 – 026194000

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Afaq Company for car installments

It is one of the best financing companies in the United Arab Emirates and the United Arab Emirates, which relies on the Islamic Sharia approach in the sale process. The company has many branches distributed throughout the Emirates in order to provide all its services to customers with their various requests. The company does not rely on car financing only, but has many other specialties. Such as individual financing or real estate financing and medical equipment as well. If you are interested in communicating with the company, you can call the following number: 043306444

What are the documents required to purchase a car from Afaq?

  1. The company requires some documents when you submit a request to buy a car in installments without financial interest, which comes as follows:
  2. Salary statement document.
  3. The applicant’s driver’s license.
  4. Statement of bank account statement for the last six months.
  5. Business card.
  6. If you are a resident, you must bring your passport and residence permit as well.
  7. Insurance document.
  8. Vehicle registration documents.

Emirates Bank Dubai

We have mentioned in the previous paragraphs that the companies are the ones who fully finance the purchase of the car in installments without the need for banks, but we have presented to you the Emirates Bank for a special matter, as it is considered one of the best agencies that provide customers with the ability to buy the car in installments without imposing any taxes or interest on the purchase of the car, whether The car was new or used

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This is done through the following method, where the car is financed through a financial entity that supports financing, in order to buy cars at a low or fixed interest rate, and this is done by agreement between the customer and the bank, or it is without any financial interest through the purchase by credit cards

If it is agreed to buy the car, the customer must pay the first payment, which amounts to 20% of the price of the car in the event that the customer is an individual, but in the case of sports companies, the first payment rises to 25% of the value of the car, and no one can refuse to pay the first payment except companies And if she wanted to pay, it would be 10% of the car price

If you have interest in buying a car from the Emirates National Bank, you can contact them through many methods, either by going to one of the bank’s branches located throughout the Emirates, or by applying on the official website of the bank, or by contacting technical support, or by going to Direct sales teams of the bank

You can inquire more through customer service by calling the following number: 600540000 or by e-mail: [email protected]

And here we have come to the end of our article today, after we presented to you the most important companies that offer offers to sell cars without obtaining financial benefits or additional taxes. We hope that the time that was wasted in reading our article will be useful.

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