Charities to help divorced women in Saudi Arabia

Charities to help divorced women in Saudi Arabia

Charitable societies to help divorced women in Saudi Arabia, welcome to the visitors of the “” website, the topic of our article today, in which we will learn about the best Associations that provide financial aid to divorced women in Saudi ArabiaAnd what are the associations that support divorced women or that provide aid to divorced women?

Where we have recently seen a large search on communication sites and search engines for financial aid for divorced and widowed women and what are the conditions for registration in the Charitable Association for Divorced Women, and what are the best charities that provide financial aid to divorced women in Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah, Dammam or Sharqiya, and other Kingdom cities. Therefore, in this article, we will show you the names of the best charities to help divorced women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Charities to help divorced women in Saudi Arabia

Charities to help divorced women in Saudi Arabia

Based on the belief in the right of divorced women to have a dignified life and helping them to overcome the difficulties that they may face in societies that reject the idea of ​​divorce and may complain and offend divorced women, many associations were established to help divorced women and preserve their rights Preserving her dignity is her goal.

In this article, we will provide you with an introduction to some charities that help divorced and widowed women in Saudi Arabia.

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1- The Saudi National Society for the Care of Widows and Divorced Women

It is a charitable association to support divorced women, located in Riyadh, and its services cover all cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is a development association concerned with the affairs of divorced women and widows and aims to provide them with the necessary care and preserve their rights in light of a society in which the problem of divorce has exacerbated and resulted in bad psychological consequences for divorced women, which made the establishment of a charitable association to help divorced women an important matter.

The Saudi National Society offers many programs that help divorced women and widows to activate and enhance their capabilities and develop them to make optimal use of their various productive capacities and benefit from them to be able to overcome life’s difficulties.

The association also seeks to raise society’s awareness of matters related to divorce cases, in an attempt to improve society’s view of divorced women, reduce this phenomenon as much as possible, and address its various consequences and the damages that they may cause.

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2- Support Association for the Care of Divorced Widows

Its center is the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah in Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to provide services and financial and psychological assistance to the segment of widows and divorced women, and it seeks to support them and provide them with health and psychological care. It provides legal, social and psychological advice, as well as fulfilling their important needs and providing adequate housing.

The association also seeks to provide the necessary support to widows and divorced women in order to prepare them to enter the labor market by securing job opportunities that are commensurate with their skills and abilities and to integrate into society.

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3- Esaad Association for the care of widows and divorced women

This association seeks to try to make divorced women, widows and orphaned children happy through:

  • Conducting training courses targeting widows and divorced women and rehabilitating them well.
  • Provides psychological and social support and care for this segment.
  • Providing financial and material assistance in proportion to the number of family members and their needs.
  • The association offers many programs that aim to help widows and divorced women as much as possible.
  • A development program whose mission is to provide training opportunities for divorced and widowed women and their children who are of an age that allows them to work.
  • A relief program that provides material and moral assistance to widows and divorced women, such as clothes and food baskets, and the provision of appropriate housing and its preparation in all respects, such as furniture and electrical appliances.
  • A legal program aimed at educating widows and divorced women about their rights and providing them with legal advice and assistance.
  • The association is concerned with preserving the privacy and dignity of the families that provide it with assistance.

4- Al Ber . Association

It is a charitable organization based in Riyadh. It seeks to promote the concept of solidarity in society and its implementation on the ground through the following:

  • Providing support to families living without a breadwinner and poor families in terms of housing, clothing or food, or by providing financial assistance to these families.
  • It receives alms and zakat expenses and distributes them to needy families.
  • It helps the afflicted and families who have been exposed to disasters and provides them with the necessary support to overcome this crisis, in cooperation with government agencies in Saudi Arabia.
  • In each season (festivals – school arrivals – Ramadan) it establishes charitable projects aimed at helping needy families.
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5- Widows and Divorcees Welfare Association in Medina

Founded in 1440 AH, based in Madinah. Interested in:

  • By providing financial support and rehabilitating divorced women and widows in the professional and craft fields so that they can enter the labor market, where the association secures job opportunities that match their skills so that they can meet their material needs and live a decent life.
  • The association also provides health and psychological care and counseling for all family members.
  • The association also organizes courses targeting divorced women and widows, aiming to raise awareness and culture for this segment.
  • The association seeks to achieve family cohesion and reduce the phenomenon of divorce and domestic violence and their effects on society.
  • The association is also trying to support initiatives that seek to marry off widows and divorced women and initiatives that seek to reunite broken families and reduce the impact of these problems on children.

With this, my dear ones, we have come to the conclusion of this explanation through which we got to know the most famous charities to help divorced women in Saudi Arabia and what are the organizations that support divorced women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even in the Arab world as well. I hope that you like the article, hoping to benefit from it for all.

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