Cheap Egyptian shopping sites and cash on delivery 2023

Cheap Egyptian shopping sites and cash on delivery 2023

Are you wondering how to order products from Egypt? In this article we will offer you the best and cheapest Online shopping sites in Egypt And payment upon receipt, which you can deal with with confidence when purchasing any product electronically, as online shopping has become one of the most widespread shopping methods around the world.

So in this article we will get to know you The best online shopping sites in Egypt It supports payment on inquiry, so if you are looking for sites to buy clothes, accessories, electronic devices, or any other product, these sites are considered one of the cheapest online shopping sites without customs.

Cheap Egyptian shopping sites and cash on delivery

With the spread of technology around the world, many promotional websites for corporate products have appeared, where it is possible for the user to shop and buy products through his mobile phone, as there are many websites specialized in selling and marketing various commodities, whether it is women’s, children’s or men’s clothing in addition to Food and drink, displays of electrical and electronic devices such as phones and computers, and many other products that cannot be counted.

Also, most of the offered products are of high quality, and market stores offer many advantages to customers, the most important of which is that the payment process takes place upon delivery of the product to the customer in order to ensure the customer by making sure of the product specifications and safety, and today in our article we will present the most prominent online shopping stores in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The best online shopping sites in Egypt

In the recent period, many online shopping sites have spread in Egypt, which have gathered a large number of customers from all segments of society, and we will learn about the most prominent of them today, which come as follows:

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1. site Noun

Noon is one of the famous sites for online shopping in Egypt, as the store provides a large, huge and varied number of products, which vary as follows: The store contains personal and electronic products and varies such as perfumes, computers, smart phones, clothes, shoes, and all commodities whose prices are somewhat licensed and acceptable. Many advantages for customers in choosing the payment process, as the payment process varies as follows:

  • It is possible for the customer to pay through Visa and MasterCard cards.
  • Payment can be made through the Apple Pay app.
  • Payment can be made upon receipt of the product, making sure that it is safe and that it has all quality specifications.
  • The site provides services to customers throughout the day, as there are customer service employees 24 hours a day to answer customer inquiries and questions.

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2. site gearbest

Also, the site is one of the best online shopping sites in Egypt, as the site is classified among the international sites, as the site specializes in selling many diverse products from different fashions and various electronics such as smart phones, computers, and many other products, but there are some criticisms on the site as the site is generally Complete in English and not translated into Arabic.

The site has many important and attractive features for customers, as the site offers some gifts to customers if they purchase from the site, and the site is one of the fastest sites in the shipping process, and the shipping process takes from two to five days based on the shipping distance and dimension, and the products offered are products High quality far from inferior imitation products.

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3. Location Modanisa

It is one of the most prominent and famous sites in shopping, as it specializes on the site in selling clothes for veiled women, as the site sells a lot of different and varied costumes that are characterized by good taste and high quality. It takes into account their living standards, and the site provides customers with many payment methods, which are as follows:

  • The customer can pay upon receiving the product and making sure of its quality and specifications provided.
  • The customer may prepay.
  • It is possible for the customer to replace the product that he purchased within a maximum period of 14 days from the time of receiving the order.

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4. Jumia Egypt shopping site – JUMIA

It is one of the largest and most famous online shopping websites in Egypt. The site offers a very large number of diverse products that customers can shop and choose between. The site also offers many special offers as the site provides great discounts on product prices, as discounts can reach approximately 50% in the event that the customer purchases from the product for the first time or provides many other services.

For example, the site delivers the item to the customer’s home for low delivery fees, or it may offer discounts on new products in the first week of its presentation on the site, as the Jumia website facilitates the shopping process for many customers without effort or wasting time, in addition to And the quality of the advantage is that payment is not made unless the customer receives the product and makes sure of its safety. It is possible for the customer to prepay the product if he knows the product specifications previously.

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5. Location Com market is one of the famous and old online shopping sites in Egypt, as the site has been providing its marketing services since 2010, as the site was classified in the recent period from the sites visited by a large number of workers in order to shop, as the site includes a wide variety of products that start From clothes, accessories, electronics and many other products.

In addition, the site makes sales and discounts on a large number of products up to 75%. The payment process takes place upon receiving the product and checking its specifications. In fact, is one of the leading shopping sites, so do not hesitate to visit it and shop through it.

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6. Location Banggood to shop online

It is one of the famous Chinese sites located in Egypt. The site offers a large number of electronics products such as smart phones, computers and many other electronic products. The site offers great discounts on products to consumers while providing shipping service to all parts of the world at lower prices than other sites. These features provided by the site make it It is one of the famous and frequently used sites inside and outside Egypt, as it is used by a very large number of customers outside Egypt.

Here we have come to the end of our article today, after we presented the most prominent websites that allow customers to do shopping in Egypt, in addition to presenting the most important features that the sites enjoy.

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