Companies giving personal loans in Kuwait 2023

Companies giving personal loans in Kuwait 2023

The best companies that give personal loans in KuwaitWhere some citizens need to improve their financial income by establishing their own small projects that need simple loans, but the problem with these loans is that they need important conditions and guarantees. The loan was small, so some financing companies were keen to provide financing programs that are suitable for different groups and capabilities. Below, we will show you a set of them The best finance companies in Kuwait Which is committed to following the provisions of Islamic law.

If you are wondering how to get a personal loan without salary transfer, an office or a company that gives loans without collateral, or how to get a personal loan by card only in Kuwait and what are the conditions for obtaining personal loans in Kuwait, then this article is for you. Follow us to know the details.

Companies giving personal loans in Kuwait 2023

Kuwaiti finance companies grant personal loans to meet the aspirations of customers to secure homes, cars, or cash advances through certain conditions and within easy monthly installments according to the required loan, as we will, through our article today, present the best companies that offer soft personal loans. Follow us to get to know them.

The best companies that give personal loans in Kuwait 2023

Finance companies, as we mentioned earlier in Kuwait, grant customers cash personal loans at a higher interest rate than banks, because these companies aim to grant their loans to people who are unable to submit loan requests from banks for many reasons, as they are fast-paying loans, and we will also get to know the preferred companies in credit Money for Kuwaitis and expatriates to Kuwait is as follows:

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Commercial Facilities Company for Personal Loans

The Commercial Facilities Company for Personal Loans is considered the best financing company for personal loans in Kuwait. This company was established in 1977. It is closed and dedicated to financing individuals according to the installment system. It provides financing for new cars, boats, marine equipment, home and office furniture, and electrical appliances. It also purchases raw materials and provides cash and commercial advances to people. Those wishing to do so, as we make it clear to you

Ways to contact her are as follows:

The company is located east of Abdullah Al-Ahmad Street, Commercial Facilities Building, which is its main headquarters. The company has several branches, including:

  • Fahaheel branch in Block 61, Plot 322, Al Ajyal Complex, 3rd floor, behind Fahaheel Central.
  • Al-Jahra branch located on Marzouq Al-Miteb Street in Al-Waha Commercial Complex – Plot 82 in Building No. 17
  • Sulaibikhat branch located on Jahra Road in Plot No. 3 Sama Mall on the third floor.
  • Farah Hawalli, located on Tunis Street in the Al-Bahr Center Complex – Basement.

It is also possible to communicate with the company through the phone number 1833232, and the company can be reviewed personally during working hours from eight in the morning until one in the afternoon, which is the morning period, and from four thirty in the evening until seven thirty in the evening, which is the evening period, and the company is closed on Friday and Saturday.

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Kuwait Finance and Investment Company

It is called KFIC, and it is the leader in the field of investment and financing in Kuwait. It also operates within the service financial sector in Kuwait. It enables all those wishing to apply to it to obtain personal loans in Kuwait. It can also be contacted through its dedicated channels as follows:

The company’s headquarters is located in Khalid Plaza, on the tenth floor, Qibla, in Plot No. 1 – Al-Ma’ari Street. The company has two branches, namely:

  • Al-Rai Branch: located in Al-Rai Industrial Area in Plot No. 3 in Street No. 9, Building 1690, Shop No. 7+8, Ground Floor
  • Al-Qurain Branch: located in Building No. 465 in Showroom No. 2 – P.O.Box No. 21521 Safat 13037 Kuwait.
  • You can also contact the company by phone through the number 1889000.

It is also possible to review the company or one of its branches during the official working hours from eight o’clock in the morning until three thirty in the afternoon, and the company and its branches are closed on Friday and Saturday, and it is also possible to communicate with the company electronically through its official website.

Al Mulla International Finance Company

Also, Al-Mulla International Company is considered one of the best companies that give personal loans in Kuwait, as this company provides personal financing to its applicants, in order to buy a car, house, or financial cash, where we can look at ways to communicate with the company to request financing through the following:

  • The company is located in Kuwait City within Jassim Tower, and the company can be contacted by phone via the number 22960300. It can also be reviewed during its official working hours from eight thirty in the morning until three thirty in the afternoon. The company has no branches inside or outside Kuwait.
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Al-Manar Finance and Leasing Company

The company was established in 2003 to achieve the aspirations of customers wishing to obtain personal financing through the latest methods and technologies for granting cash loans and their facilities. It is also possible to communicate with the company and request a loan through the following channels:

  • The company is located in Al-Qibla within Plot No. 13 on Street 23 in Building No. 19 in Al-Qibla Square Tower Finance and Customer Service – Mezzanine Executive Management – Floor 29. The company can also be contacted by phone through the number 22983115. The company also allocates a hotline to communicate with it via the hot number 1825050 It can also be communicated with electronically via the Internet by entering the official website of the company.

At the end of the article, we have come to know the best companies that grant personal loans in Kuwait. We have also put the most important and best companies in your hands by enumerating them through the article and standing in detail at each company separately. We hope that we have reached with you the desired benefit. We also hope that you have enjoyed this article with us after we got to know how to obtain personal loans through the best companies in Kuwait.

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