Conditions for creating websites in the UAE –

Conditions for creating websites in the UAE –

Conditions for creating websites in the UAE There are many, and it is necessary to meet all of them for all those wishing to create websites in the UAE and launch the e-commerce market, which has become popular, legal, and can be practiced by all groups easily. Today, online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives, especially after the emergence of the Corona pandemic, which required everyone to perform their daily tasks online. The e-commerce sector in the UAE had the largest share of the tremendous development that it witnessed, and is still witnessing so far, with sales rates reaching a record number of 3.9 billion during the past year. Therefore, in this article, through platform, we will learn about the conditions for creating websites in the UAE, its requirements, and the most important e-commerce sites in the UAE. Follow up with us.

Conditions for creating websites in the UAE

Conditions for setting up websites in the UAE It is necessary to know and review it for those wishing to conduct their business on websites in the UAE that allow it to be legally practiced within its territory, and for all those wishing to do so. But under certain conditions, we will show them in this list:

  • To create websites in the UAE, the applicant must obtain approval from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government. This is because it is the responsible and authorized authority to regulate everything related to the e-commerce framework in the UAE, in addition to the digital certification of transactions.
  • One of the conditions for setting up websites in the UAE is to submit a documented license application to the Department of Economic Development in the emirate in which you want to conduct e-commerce.
  • In addition to the need for the applicant to obtain a No Objection Certificate to practice electronic activity from the “Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government”.
  • Follow the terms, conditions and policies related to money delivery matters.
  • The website is subject to the regulations and laws that must be applied to the content that includes the promotion of goods, products and services. Where the laws are to stay away from false and erroneous standards, in addition to the importance of separating editorial content from advertising.
  • The applicant obtains his own property rights, in case he does not want any other independent party to participate in his website.
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Conditions for creating websites in the UAE

Requirements for creating websites in the UAE

The idea of ​​creating websites in the UAE has become very prominent, and the number of people who tend to practice it in the country is increasing day by day. Although it is not simple, there are certain conditions that must be met in order to be able to do so. However, it is enough that the matter is legal in the country, and it can be practiced in a serious and practical manner. Therefore, we will look at the following requirements for creating websites in the country:

  • Before creating the website in the UAE, it is required that it comply with the contents of the current trade license, and that the company responsible for organizing the website is able to view the electronic activities that take place within the website.
  • that the company expand its activity; So that includes e-commerce. Accordingly, the authorities determine whether or not the activities are compatible with the activities specified by the digital regulator.
  • It is necessary to create a new commercial license in case the current commercial license does not cover the commercial activities taking place within the website.
  • the presence of comprehensive content within the Website; It even includes reviews, comments and shares between the two parties to the work.
  • Get a web hosting site, plan a name for your site and the content you want to put on it, and decide what products and services you want to sell on the site.
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Required licenses to set up websites in the UAE

The UAE has issued many laws and licenses that must be obtained in order to regulate e-commerce businesses:

  • Virtual Merchant License, which must be obtained from the emirate in which you operate.
  • A license that includes legal approval from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government.
  • The e-commerce license in the UAE, which is of various types as follows:
    • Abu Dhabi Merchant License: which allows you to practice more than a thousand businesses, and any citizen can obtain it on easy terms. It allows residents to establish a limited liability company, while for Emiratis, it allows them to set up a sole proprietorship.
    • Dubai CommerCity License: which allows the creation of a virtual e-commerce.
    • Dubai e-merchant license for expatriates and citizens.
    • Sharjah Accreditation License.
    • Virtual Merchant License in Ras Al Khaimah.

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Advantages of creating websites in the UAE

Among the most prominent advantages that can be obtained from creating websites in the UAE after knowing their conditions are:

  • Not having to pay heavy fines, which can sometimes reach up to 5000 dirhams.
  • You can officially create a brand for your store.
  • You can advertise your products on various media platforms. And not just in oral recommendations or electronic brochures.
  • Your e-commerce license allows you to open a bank account and even apply for trade finance.
  • You give your customers a sense of security and peace of mind just because you are a fully licensed and reliable company.
  • You can enter into a formal partnership with many other companies such as delivery companies or warehouses. This helps to expand your business operations.
  • You have a great opportunity to reach your products to many customers, without any problems.
  • You can adopt different digital payment systems such as electronic digital wallets, or bank cards, and even through cash payment. This provides your customers with many payment options.

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E-Commerce Law in the UAE

The law of e-commerce in the Emirates can be summarized as that in each emirate there is a special law that has its own obligations that must be viewed. However, in all the Emirates, a license application is required to practice e-commerce activity, whether on your store or on social networking sites. Bearing in mind that all licenses require approval by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government. Therefore, it is necessary to review the conditions and requirements related to the establishment of websites in the UAE, and to work on their basis in the country.

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E-commerce sites in the UAE

Some of the best e-commerce websites in the UAE are:

  • Dot emirates com website specialized in shopping and selling clothes and fashion.
  • Jumbo website specialized in selling all electronic devices.
  • Amazon is a website that sells electrical and electronic appliances, clothing and furniture.
  • Noon UAE website for shopping clothes, furniture and electronic devices.

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Conditions for creating websites in the UAE

Conditions for creating websites in the UAE

Create an online store in the UAE

To set up an online store in the UAE, the following steps are required:

  1. In the beginning, you must define the products that you will sell within the online store.
  2. Set prices and profit margin before starting a trade.
  3. Choosing the name of the online store so that it indicates the content of the store, with the need to add the suffix “.com” that denotes the commercial project.
  4. Choosing a domain and hosting store; So that it matches the store name.
  5. Hire a web developer, and create your own online store.
  6. Choose the shipping and delivery system you want to deal with among the many payment options offered by the UAE.
  7. Securing the online store in order to protect your site data, and all customer information.
  8. Marketing your online store and posting advertisements for your products on social media.

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In the end, we have got acquainted with Conditions for creating websites in the UAEAnd we checked it out. To show us the necessity of fulfilling the conditions and obtaining the required licenses before starting to practice the profession to ensure that the commercial process proceeds in a legal, orderly and reliable manner.

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