Conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait

Conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait

In our article today, we explain the conditions for establishing an electronic store in Kuwait so that the owners of electronic stores are not subjected to legal accountability. In creating an online store that offers products needed by the local and global market, so we will provide you with the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait through our website.

Conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait

E-commerce has spread recently, especially after the Corona virus pandemic, where searching in stores for the desired things has become a burden on people and therefore the most reliance on electronic stores, but if you want to create your own online store, it takes several things that you must be aware of. Perhaps the most important of them are the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait.

The State of Kuwait was not very interested in the issue of e-commerce, and the general public preferred to buy from stores and see certain things. Therefore, when it realized the importance of e-commerce, it faced some difficulties in order to be able to keep pace with the current era, but today it has developed a lot in this field and has become one of the leading countries in e-commerce.

After this great development for the State of Kuwait, Statista announced the success achieved by Kuwait in e-commerce, which astonished the world from the statistics it published. Kuwait earned nearly $800 million in 2015 while it earned about $1.9 billion in 2020 with Note that the percentage of profits increased at the height of the spread of the Corona virus, as the most sales of electronic stores in Kuwait at that time were:

  • Fast food.
  • food commodities.
  • Sports equipment and tools.
  • shoes and clothes.
  • Everything that includes tools and household items even detergents.

Also, the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait are not difficult at all, but it requires several procedures that the merchant must take and abide by all the provisions of the e-commerce law so as not to expose himself to the legal issue.

The Electronic Transactions Law issued by Kuwait in 2014 praised the protection of consumers from fraud that could be exposed to when purchasing from electronic stores, but it did not stipulate the conditions for establishing an electronic store in Kuwait, in 2021 a new law was issued that regulates electronic commerce where The merchant must follow several conditions to obtain an electronic commercial register, including the following:

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  • In the event of a delay in the arrival of the commodity, the merchant is obligated to notify the buyer.
  • The merchant must submit the purchase invoice including the cost of the item and the added fees.

If you, dear reader, want to know how to obtain a license to create an online store, you can easily enter the official portal website of Kuwait from this Link And follow these steps:

  1. From the home page on the site, enter the Business Sector section.
  2. Go to the licenses and permits section.
  3. Click on the request to issue a commercial license and follow the instructions requested by the site.

What is the new Kuwaiti e-commerce law?

We continue to talk about the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait, as the e-commerce law in Kuwait contains some materials that the merchant must adhere to when creating an online store. These materials are explained in the following:

1- Article No. 4

This article obliges the owner of the online store who practices buying and selling operations to submit a petition in the commercial register containing the name of his store and his full name, knowing that the merchant who has an old commercial register can add the online store to it.

2- Article No. 5

The owner of the online store must provide detailed information about him to the consumer, such as the data of the supervisory authority, the title of the job he works for, and some other information of interest to the buyer.

3- Article No 6

The terms and conditions of the contract concluded with the consumer must be clear to him from the beginning and he acknowledges that he has agreed to these terms and conditions, which state the following:

  • The products displayed on the store have comprehensive information on everything they contain.
  • The store presents the price of the item as a whole which should include fees and any additional costs.
  • Consumer guarantees such as after-sales services.
  • Follow all technical procedures in order to complete the contract between the store owner and the consumer.
  • A detailed explanation of the offers in terms of their prices and the period specified for them.
  • Provide all payment and delivery methods.
  • The consumer has the right to know the status of the contract he concludes with the store owner, whether it will be stored or not, and if it is stored, does the consumer have the right to see it after that or not.

4- Article No. 9

One of the most important consumer rights of the store owner in the event of the unwillingness of the commodity sent to him is the termination of the contract that took place between them from the first day of receiving the commodity to 14 days after it, and the customer cannot damage this commodity or even use it, knowing that the customer bears all shipping costs.

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5-Article No. 11

The consumer and the store owner should know that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait is the supervisor of all electronic stores, and it is the one who enacts laws that it deems appropriate in this field, and the consumer and the store owner must abide by them.

Steps to create an online store in Kuwait

After we learned about the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait, we will now learn about the steps that must be followed when establishing an online store so that people can start buying, selling and profiting from this project, which has become popular in our time, and here are all the details you want to know:

1- Domain and hosting reservations

The domain is the address that you want to name the store, as it should not be used by one of the other electronic stores, and it is better that the name be smooth and distinct, as for hosting, it is the tool in which you put all the evidence of the store such as images, videos, etc.

2- Connecting the domain and hosting to the store

You need to link the domain to the hosting if the company from which you booked the domain differs from the company from which you booked the hosting, where you must access your account in the domain booking company and change the settings so that you can link them, knowing that the connection process takes several hours.

3- Installing the electronic translator program on the hosting

After we have clarified the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait, we now continue to talk about the steps for creating the store, as the store owner who wants to control and manage his store well must add WordPress on his store.

4- Activate the certificate SSL

This certificate is specifically designed for online stores to protect personal consumer data that should not be disclosed, as it is the store’s own security.

5- Adjust store settings

Here, you must enter the store’s website through your online store’s control panel and adjust the settings in terms of the name of the store and the field in which it specializes, and all these things can be done easily through the settings on WordPress, Ubon Kart, or others, according to the program used.

6- Install the online store template

This step is one of the most important steps that must be taken care of when creating the online store, where you must choose your WordPress store template that is easy to deal with and supports the Arabic language. .

7- Add products and prices

In the end, you put the products you want to sell on the online store with their prices and descriptive information about each product, and the payment and shipping system must be selected on your store so that you are completely ready to deal with the store and profit through it.

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How much does it cost to design an online store in Kuwait

We have touched on the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait. We will now discuss the cost that includes setting up the entire store so that you are fully aware of the amount you spend and for which you take high profits.

As the cost varies according to the things that you use when designing the store. If you are a beginner in establishing the store, you need from 5 to 25 Kuwaiti dinars to spend per month, and some companies can spend about 100 dinars per month, if you hire someone to design the store for you, the cost It will be about 300 dinars, the cost may reach 10,000 dinars if you let the design companies design the store for you.

The importance of e-commerce in Kuwait

The conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait make us know the importance of e-commerce, whether in Kuwait or in any other country, and the benefits that accrue to the individual and society as a whole. The following is an explanation of these details:

  • You can start your own business without a large capital cost.
  • Work while you are sitting at home without being restricted to official working hours where you can work at any time you want.
  • Make a lot of money in a short period of time If you can market your products professionally, you compete with the major companies in the same field.
  • Gain experience in the field you work in by knowing what visitors prefer and how to sell and make profits.
  • The conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait do not require much effort.
  • Reducing the chances of unemployment as people with physical disabilities are now working from home and making money, especially housewives also who have had a lot of free time.
  • Do not bother going to the consumer until you receive your money, as you can easily receive it with ease through electronic payment methods such as PayPal or Visa Card.
  • Small business owners benefit from it, as e-commerce has expanded their activity and made them famous among international companies by activating the system of sending goods to some neighboring countries.
  • Saving the time and effort that many business owners were spending in marketing their products as well as people who work alone.
  • Ease of obtaining products that are not available in the country in which you live.
  • The cheap prices offered by electronic stores have made the low-income people able to provide their basic needs with ease.
  • It can be relied on as a secondary income source for people with limited income.

Knowing the conditions for establishing an online store in Kuwait is not difficult at all, as it provides the opportunity for people to create an online store and profit from it.

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