Conditions for obtaining residence in Spain 2023

Conditions for obtaining residence in Spain 2023

Conditions for obtaining residence in Spain 2023 Where there are different ways to obtain residency in Spain, as the conditions and documents for obtaining residency for investors differ from the procedures and conditions for work or marriage in Spain, whether from marriage to a citizen or to a person who holds Spanish residency.

Therefore, the multiplicity of ways to obtain residency in Spain gives those wishing to immigrate to Spain a set of options to reside in the country, but more importantly, knowing the conditions for obtaining Spanish residency according to the type of residency that suits your ability, and this is what we will talk about in the subject of our article today.

Therefore, in this article, we will learn about the types of residence in Spain and how to obtain permanent residence in Spain and temporary residence, whether through a work contract or buying a property through marriage, so let us learn about the residence law in Spain and what are the conditions for obtaining residence in Spain 2023.

Conditions for obtaining residence in Spain 2023

Many individuals, Moroccans or Algerians, and from all over the world, choose Spain as a new destination, either for work or for study, or for immigrants to escape from the wars of their country in order to search for a new life that gives them hope again, in addition to that immigration today is available to them when they arrive at There then begin many questions and details about living in Spain and what are its laws, as many people ask about how to obtain residence in Spain, as it is classified as one of the European countries that have higher centers in living methods, as the cost of living in it is somewhat low when compared with other European countries.

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Spain sets some easy and flexible laws for immigrants to obtain residencies in it, and there is no difference whether the immigrants are legal or illegal. This article will explain the most important details about how to obtain residency in Spain for this year.

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Conditions for obtaining residence in Spain

Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa when any individual moves to live in Spain, and it is sufficient to register him in the local police office of the city in which they settle. As for people who are from outside the European Union, they are granted residency when they complete all procedures related to obtaining residence, as the Spanish government grants two types From residences in Spain:

1. Temporary residence:

Temporary residence is granted if the person has recently obtained a Spanish visa or a Spanish Schengen visa, as this visa grants its holder permission to move between several European countries during the validity of the visa, noting that the period of residence in the European country should not exceed a period of 90 days.

2. Permanent Residency:

Many individuals ask about how to obtain permanent residency. This visa is not granted unless the individual has resided in Spain for five consecutive years, and the Spanish government grants residency under Spanish law in other ways as well, as follows:

  1. If the resident intends to study.
  2. If the resident marries a Spanish woman.
  3. In the event that the resident obtains a work contract in Spain.
  4. If the resident is in Spain with the intention of investing or establishing companies.
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What are the advantages of obtaining permanent residence in Spain?

If you have obtained permanent residence in Spain, you will be granted the following advantages:

  1. You can apply for Spanish citizenship if you have lived in Spain for 5 years.
  2. The holder of permanent residence enjoys many rights and benefits that a Spanish citizen enjoys, for example, he has the right to free education before university education.
  3. The resident enjoys free healthcare.
  4. A resident can invest and establish a commercial project in which he enjoys full rights, like a Spanish citizen, or by applying to work for any company or owner, in accordance with the conditions of residency in Spain.

What are the conditions and documents required in order to obtain a Spanish card?

  1. There must be sufficient funds for the resident, as the resident is required to have a valid bank account statement.
  2. The resident must have a valid passport.
  3. Bring a certificado medico medical certificate.
  4. The resident must prove his residence legally and legally through the real estate lease contract in Spain.
  5. Bring all the documents that show the resident’s marital status in the event that he is married or divorced, and these documents must be translated into the Spanish language of the country.
  6. A criminal record must be brought from the resident’s home country.
  7. Submitting a health insurance application during the period of residence in Spain.

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What are the types of immigrant visas to Spain?

There are many types of visas for immigration to Spain, which are as follows:

  1. Student visasForeign students can obtain a visa to Spain in order to study and move to it either for temporary or permanent living.
  2. investment visasIt is possible for the investor to obtain the visa when opening investment projects with a high financial budget.
  3. work visasIt is one of the most frequent ways for foreigners to immigrate to Spain and work in it, and it is one of the safest ways to immigrate.
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What is the duration of obtaining Spanish citizenship for the year 2023?

Nationality is granted according to the residence status of the resident, as it is possible to decrease the period of obtaining citizenship according to those cases and the type of residence, which varies as follows:

Work or study contract:

It is possible for a resident to obtain citizenship if his work or study period has reached 10 years, as this is the legal period for granting Spanish nationality.

Spanish nationality by marriage contract:

If the resident fulfills all the residency and maintenance conditions that we mentioned earlier, and it has been one year since his marriage to a Spanish woman, then the Spanish nationality will be granted.

Spanish citizenship for real estate investors:

Spanish citizenship is granted to real estate investors after a period of 10 years from the period of their investment.

In the end, we have come to the conclusion of our article today, in which we provided the most important information about immigration to Spain and work in it, and we provided the most important details about how to obtain residency in Spain, in addition to the advantages and rights that a resident in Spain enjoys, in addition to providing information about the period in order to obtain Resident of the Spanish nationality.

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