Conditions for the work of the Banque Misr Visa Card and the method of activating it

Conditions for the work of the Banque Misr Visa Card and the method of activating it

Conditions for the work of the Banque Misr Visa Card and the method of activating it. It is what we will get to know today through our article in detail, and in addition to that, we will learn about the types of Visa Cards available in Banque Misr, which allow customers to obtain and use them inside and outside Egypt, in an effective and easy way, in addition to that we will get to know the best credit cards Granted by Banque Misr, and we will also learn about the steps to be taken in case it is lost.

Cards issued by Banque Misr

Cards issued by Banque Misr

  • Gold credit cards.
  • World Elite Credit Card.
  • Gold credit postcards.
  • Platinum MasterCard.
  • Classic credit cards.
  • the card Titanium fiduciary.
  • Platinum Credit Cards.
  • Visa Egypt Bank for young people.
  • Installment cards from Banque Misr.
  • Internet master cards.

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Conditions of work for Visa Card Banque Misr

There are a large number of credit cards available at Banque Misr, which can be obtained by the customer, in the event that he has an account in the bank, and there are three types of visa cards in Banque Misr, which he can obtain, namely:

  1. The classic card
  2. The golden card
  3. titanium card

The bank also has the Golden Credit Card and the Platinum Master Card. To know the conditions for the Banque Misr Visa Card to work and how to activate it, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The age of the applicant for the card should be 21 years and over.
  • Bring a copy of the national ID card to obtain a credit card.
  • You must earn a high salary to be able to get a Gold Credit Card.
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How to activate the Bank of Egypt Visa Card

To activate our Visa Card affiliated with Banque Misr, we must follow the following steps:

  • Put it in one of the automated teller machines so that we can start activating it. Thus, we first start by putting the card in the ATM until we start activating it.
  • Then we set a password for the card, and we must memorize the password, so that we can use this card and withdraw from it.
  • Then we activate the credit card, after which we can deal with it through any Banque Misr ATM, and benefit from the services provided by the bank.

In the event of loss of Banque Misr Visa

In the event that you lose your Banque Misr credit card, you will feel anxious about your saved money and deposited on the card, and you will also worry about the password, but you do not have to worry, because if you lose your card, all you have to do is the following:

  • Visit one of the branches of Banque Misr, as these branches are located in every city and governorate in Egypt, and there is at least one branch of Banque Misr within each governorate.
  • The center will immediately deactivate your lost card and give you a new Visa card, and the activation method is the same as the previous method.
  • You can also contact Banque Misr customer service, and through them you can deactivate your lost card immediately, after which you can go to their branch to obtain a replacement for your lost card.
  • You are required to bring the national number to ensure the validity of your data, and to give you a new card.
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Let’s get to know the best credit card in Banque Misr

Banque Misr offers many credit cards to its customers, but the best of all is the classic card, because this card has many advantages, which bring great benefits to the customer, in addition to its ease of use, the most important of which are:

  • This card is valid for use inside and outside Egypt, and this feature is one of the great advantages granted by the classic card.
  • This card gives you a long repayment period.
  • The customer can get the minimum amount, which is 5% during the month.
  • Any ATM can be used to withdraw money in any of Egypt’s governorates, and we can also do the purchase.
  • You can also take advantage of the discounts that you get when you make purchases from commercial malls that deal with Banque Misr.

Advantages granted by the card to students

  • External dealings, as this card allows us to withdraw money and receive our purchases inside and outside Egypt.
  • We can also use cash machines for withdrawals, such as ATMs, through electronic sales points at commercial establishments.
  • One of the advantages of this card is the speed in obtaining it, and we can also issue it without the need to obtain security approval.
  • It also allows us not to charge a commission when making withdrawals from machines linked to the National Bank of Egypt.

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Procedures followed when losing a Visa Card, Banque Misr

Procedures followed when losing a Visa Card, Banque Misr

In the event that the visa is lost, or it is lost to us, follow the following steps:

  • You must contact the bank and inform it of its loss, by informing one of the branches spread all over Egypt.
  • Then we can go to the bank and request a replacement for the lost card.
  • The lost card must be reported, so that no one will use it, and these procedures are also easy, as it only requires your national ID card, place of residence, and name.
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How to cancel the Banque Misr credit card

  • We can, through contacting customer service, cancel the credit card, and then provide them with the required data on the card, and make sure that the debts are paid, if any. These debts can also be paid by following the following method:
  • The customer logs into the Banque Misr application, then enters his username and password.
  • After that, we skip some options until we get to the credit cards option, and we click on the option for card data, and then the value owed on the card will appear to us.
  • We then click on the option to pay from, and then we choose our account number through which we will pay.
  • Then we will move to a new interface with our account number, which means the total amount contained within it.
  • We then request the required amount from our account, in order to make the payment to the card.
  • And we press the confirmation option to withdraw the required amount.
  • And then we receive the phrase “Payment has been completed successfully”, which means that the payment process has been completed, and then we cancel our card.

Thus, we have become acquainted with the conditions for the work of the Banque Misr Visa Card, and the method of activating it. We got acquainted with the types of visa cards in Banque Misr, and the cards granted by Banque Misr.

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