Container Capacity Calculator – Our Trade

Container Capacity Calculator – Our Trade

container capacity calculatorIn the commercial field in the world, it is customary to transport goods from one place to another, and this matter remains in development from year to year, and the way in which goods are transported at the present time is the use of large containers, which can accommodate tons of different goods, and these Containers differ from one field to another in the world of transporting goods, so transporting goods that contain clothes that differ from those that contain fuel sources, for example, and through our topic we will learn about the container capacity calculator.

container capacity calculator

There are many sizes related to containers through which different types of goods are transported, whether these goods are large or small, and through our topic for today, we will learn about the container capacity calculator through the following points:

  • Knowing the container capacity calculator is important in order to estimate how many products will fit into a 20 40 or 40 sea freight container, as all these capacities are available in the field of shipments.
  • Also, the way container capacity is calculated is not a way to do the simple arithmetic formula compared to the total volume of the shipment and the maximum capacity of the container, since almost every time a container is loaded, it is impossible to use every piece of space.
  • The amount of unusable space depends on the size and shapes of the items being loaded and their packaging as well as on how the items are stored and, as a general rule, the actual capacity inside the container is just over 80% of its maximum capacity.
  • With that in mind, use the following table to get a general estimate of how many products fit the four most common shipping containers (20, 40, 40 HC, and 45 HC).
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container type height Show to rise eligibility Maximum
20 ′ 589 sim 234 Sim 238 Sim 26-28 CBM 33 CBM
40 ′ 1200 cm 234 Sim 238 Sim 56-58 CBM 66 CBM
40′ HC (High Cubic) 1200 cm 234 Sim 269 ​​sim 60-68 CBM 72 cubic meters
45′ HC (High Cubic) 1251 Sim 245 sim 269 ​​sim 72-78 CBM 86 CBM

Container types and sizes

The containers that are found everywhere and are dealt with within the commercial sector is one of the important matters, which people must know their types and everything related to these types of information such as their size and capacity, and through our topic we will learn about the types and sizes of containers:

  • General and multi-use containers (Dry Containers).
  • Flat rack container.
  • collapsible flat rack container.
  • Refrigerated containers.
  • We have mentioned these types in our Container Capacity Calculator topic.

container shipping unit of measure

Knowing the unit of measurement for shipments is important in order to know the price that a person working in shipping companies must charge for transporting goods from one place to another, and through our topic we will learn about the unit of measurement for container shipping:

  • The unit of measurement for shipping is used in shipping companies and customs clearance, when you ship products by sea by container (container).
  • The Shipping Unit of Measure (CBM) is used to calculate the volume of product packaging in cubic metres, which helps you choose the right container for your products.
  • This information was in our topic Container Capacity Calculator.

The formula used to measure your shipment volume is “cubic metres,” or CBM. You can get the measurement of your shipment using this formula: CBM = Length x Width x Height
Illustrative example: If you have a parcel which is a “carton” of length (2 meters), width (2 meters) and height (2 meters). What is the size of the CBM of this carton?
Shipment volume: 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 cubic meters (CBM).

container accounting software

The calculation of containers is one of the things that some traders may find difficult to accurately calculate the capacity of the container, so some accountants working in the trade wire resorted to finding smart applications that help in this matter, and through our topic we will learn about the cubic meter calculation program:

  • CBM Calculator is a utility tool for calculating the weight and volume of the shipment, it helps the user to calculate the cubic meters (CBM) when shipping the goods, and the user can also get a quick and easy calculation of the number of products that fit the shipping container.
  • During shipment record creation, CBM Calculator displays weight occupied and volume percentage within container, and in CBM Calculator user can set shipping container dimensions for calculations by default in CBM Calculator, contains details of STANDARD 20 FT containers and standard 40 feet high cube 40 feet

Ocean Shipping Kg to CBM

Container shipping is one of the methods used in shipping goods by sea, and there are many ways through which this information is communicated, and through our topic for today, we will learn about ocean shipping in kilograms to CBM through the following paragraph:

  • For ocean freight pricing, one ton, or 1000kg, is equivalent to 1 cubic meter, and this makes it fairly easy to calculate the CBM of LCL shipments for quick reference. Here is a handy chart for converting kilograms to CBM for ocean freight:
    • 1 kg = 0.001 CBM.
    • 10 kg = 0.01 CBM.
    • 50 kg = 0.05 CBM.
    • 100 kg = 0.1 CBM.
    • 200 kg = 0.2 CBM.
    • 500 kg = 0.5 CBM.
    • 1000 kg = 1 CBM.
    • AIR CARGO KG to CBM .
  • The CBM calculation for air freight is different from the sea freight calculation, the standard formula used is Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) 6000 = Volumetric Weight (kg) / 1 cubic meter 166.6666 kg Any such air freight calculation is used conversion, so it is worth noting this basic rule:
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What is the volumetric weight of the containers

Containers vary in size from one container to another, and this is important for people who transport these goods, and this matter is supervised by large dedicated companies called shipping companies, and through our topic for today we will know what is the volumetric weight of containers:

  • Large items with a light gross weight are shipped according to the space they occupy, and in these cases, volumetric weight is used to calculate the shipping cost of the shipment.
  • International volumetric weights are calculated using the following formula: length x width x height in centimeters / 5000 = volumetric weight in kilograms, multiply the length x height x width in centimeters and divide the result by 5000.
  • The result is volumetric weight. The answer should be compared to the actual weight in kilograms which is greater the shipping company should use for shipping.

Here we have come with you to the conclusion of our article for today, which is titled container capacity calculatorThrough it, we got acquainted with various important information related to containers and their sizes.

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