Difficulties of living in Canada (8 negatives facing immigrants in Canada)

Difficulties of living in Canada (8 negatives facing immigrants in Canada)

If you are thinking of emigrating, Canada will certainly be one of the first choices in your choices, as it is considered one of the most attractive countries for immigrants, whether to search for job opportunities, to study, or to live and settle in it, as the government provides many distinguished services to immigrants, and yet it is still Canada It has some disadvantages or disadvantages of living in it, and the disadvantages of immigration to Canada or the disadvantages of life in Canada may be a surprise to many, thinking that Canada is free of defects, so the topic of our article today, through which we will learn about the 8 most important disadvantages of living in Canada.

If you are wondering is life difficult in Canada? Or rather, you want to know what are the negatives of living in Canada? Whether the negatives of studying, immigration, or those looking for stability in the country, this article is directed to you, as we will show you the most important 8 Cons of life in Canada.

Difficulties of living in Canada (8 negatives facing immigrants in Canada)

Canada recently occupied the first positions in the last classification among countries that contain a high standard of living and social services, as the country receives thousands of immigrants or job seekers in Canada and from all over the world.

Where Canada worked to raise the standard of living and provide all the services they need in order to enjoy complete well-being and a comfortable life, in addition to health insurance and many other advantages granted to them.

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Therefore, many ask about how to immigrate to Canada and obtain residency in it, but many people neglect the question about the difficulties and challenges that can be faced by immigrating to Canada. In this article today, we will present the most prominent difficulties that immigrants face in Canada.

What are the difficulties and challenges faced by immigrants in Canada?

Below we will show you the 8 most famous negatives facing immigrants in Canada, which are as follows:

1. Conditions of work within Canada

If you are an immigrant to work in Canada, you will find some difficulties in searching for a job, as if you have work experiences in a profession, Canada most of the time does not recognize the experiences that the immigrant gained outside its territory.

Therefore, many immigrants are forced to resort to another job, and the job may not be suitable for him, but in order to achieve self-sufficiency in the living needs in Canada.

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2. The existence of the principle of “Canadians have the right to work first”

In fact, the principles of work in Canada are somewhat different from other countries, where despite the lack of foreign labor in the country, the government always tends to prefer the employment of Canadians over foreign workers, and this is the reason that was favored by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The results of this law issued by the government had some positives and some other negatives, as it had already achieved labor market reforms in terms of increasing employment rates among Canadians. Outstanding practical experience.

3. Weather in Canada

You may be surprised that we put the weather option among the difficulties that immigrants face in Canada, but in fact, the weather in Canada is very cold, as temperatures drop below zero, so it is difficult for immigrants to adapt to such weather, especially if the immigrant is coming from my country. The temperature is either moderate or high.

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4. Customs and traditions

Many people want to get acquainted with new cultures, and this is called cultural openness, and this openness has its advantages and disadvantages, but many immigrants consider it a negative point in the balance of immigration, and this is due to the fact that there is a clear and large difference between the immigrant and the customs and traditions of the country, and this difference appears more in the cultural and social differences history between the two parties

However, we do not mean anything in our words to the Canadian people, as it is known among people that the Canadian people treat foreigners nice and elegant, but it is possible that this big difference in customs causes the immigrant to isolate and reduce mixing with the outside world.

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5. The high cost of living

In fact, living is somewhat high in Canada, where the Canadian government imposes on immigrants some deductions and taxes, and these taxes reach approximately 20% or 30% of the immigrant’s income, and the tax rate is determined according to the sources of income in which you work.

And if the immigrant buys the goods, he must pay a tax of up to 15%, in addition to that there are some high costs in the health care and health insurance that the immigrant needs, as health care is one of the services that the tax bills are subject to, and it is somewhat high, although the care system Health care for immigrants needs a long waiting period for treatment, so living in Canada is a bit high.

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6. Poor internet quality

Although all the services provided by the Canadian government are of high luxury and at an advanced level, the quality of the Internet is somewhat low compared to other countries that provide Internet at high speeds for their people and immigrants. Internet fare prices are also high and there is no difference in prices between the regular Internet or from the Internet. Available on the mobile phone through telecommunication companies, and the price of the activated Internet on the mobile phone reaches 60 Canadian dollars, and the regular Internet reaches 80 Canadian dollars.

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7. Language difficulty

This point is one of the most important difficulties and challenges faced by new foreign immigrants in Canada, as many of them find it difficult to adapt to the new language, as it is known that if you do not have a language in order to deal with the language and study, you will find it difficult to communicate between the immigrant and the Canadian, but if the immigrant Fluent in English or French, he will not find it difficult to speak and adapt to the new situation in Canada.

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8. Specific immigration programs

Some people find that immigration programs are one of the most difficult challenges that immigrants face, as the government does not allow the immigrant to choose the city in which he wants to live, but it is based on distributing all immigrants to a number of cities within Canada, according to the circumstances and factors related to the arrival of immigrants to Canada, for example. If you are an immigrant to Canada with the intention of studying, the appropriate city will be chosen for your Canadian university.

Here we have come to the conclusion of our article today, after we presented some of the most important challenges that immigrants face in order to adapt to live in Canada.

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