Earn Google Play cards for free 2023 without collecting points (100% working sites and applications)

Earn Google Play cards for free 2023 without collecting points (100% working sites and applications)

Hello, visitors to the technical.com website, many people are looking for ways through which they can get Google Play cards for free, whether from websites or applications.Earn Google Play cards for free without collecting points Therefore, in this article, we will learn about all possible ways to earn Google Play cards for free legally, and we will also show you free Google Play card codes 2023 in case you are looking for a Google Play card code of $ 10 for free or $ 5, or it may reach $ 100 sometimes. .

Earn Google Play cards for free 2023 without collecting points (100% working sites and applications)

Many Android phone users are looking for a quick and easy way to get free Google Cards 2023, as these cards enable game lovers to download games on their Android smartphones through the Google Play Store, as this card gives you downloading games that need subscriptions and fees The player must pay it like the fighting games of PUBG and Free Fire, so many users of these cards ask about the applications that enable them to obtain Google Play cards, in our article today we will present the most important points and methods that enable users to obtain Google Play cards.

If you are a user of the Google Play Store in terms of frequently downloading applications and purchasing from within the store, through which you can obtain cards as gifts from the store after making purchases, and it is possible that the store gives you cards for free or by legal means, and there are types of Google Play cards that vary between Sold in the markets with money or by selling them in the form of codes by reloading. If you want to get Google Play cards without collecting points, there are some applications and sites that give you cards and they come as follows:

Apps and websites to get a Google Play card for free

Below we will mention to you the best sites and applications through which you can get and charge Google Play cards for free.

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1. Gplay Card website

It is one of the best and easiest sites that gives users the ability to win Google Play cards for free and without collecting points, as the site gives you the process of earning through the link that it places for you to activate the card then you can use it if you wish to do so you can enter the site and then Choose the type of your device and specify the country in which you reside.

In the event that there are some offers that are prohibited in your country, you can use vpn applications to change your location to the location of another country that gives you many other offers after you finish specifying the location. Click on the generate now button. After pressing, a Google Play code will appear in front of you on the screen. Long press on it to copy where You must keep it until you click on the Activate Code button, and the site will automatically transfer you to the card activation site directly

Then you must choose the type of card, google play card, and then click on the code that you obtained previously for activation. The site will automatically check the code and a menu will pop up in front of you. Click on Activate Now, then click on VERIFY Now, then confirm that the person is not Robot You will then have completed the registration process.

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2. swagbucks.com

It is one of the famous sites that gives users the ability to win cards from Google Play for free, where the user must perform only a small task, which is to watch a video or play games and do shopping through the Internet.

There are many other options that enable you to obtain rewards that give you the profit of Google Play cards, and you can redeem rewards through marketing stores such as Amazon and many others. Google Play cards do not turn material conditions from bad to good, but help the person to make a good profit.

For more information on how to profit from swagbucks Follow who Here

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3. Gplay reward app

It is one of the best sites that give you a lot of points in exchange for giving you Google Play gift cards for free, and the user only has to do some limited tasks, such as the user watching videos or downloading applications on the phone and using them for a specific period and many other tasks. If you collect 1000 points, you can redeem them With a Google Play card of $ 10, and as the number of points increases, you can get Google Play cards of $ 25 or $ 50.

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4. Apply Top Cash rewards

It is one of the best trusted applications for users in order to earn free Google Play cards, but in order to obtain Google Play cards, the user must perform some tasks in order to obtain points to exchange them for Google cards by watching videos or by downloading applications and games and testing them on The phone, in addition to that the application gives the user some points when he logs in to each login process to the site, and if the user invites friends to the application, the application will give you 100 points, and every thousand points equal one dollar, and if you want to win a card, you must collect approximately $ 25 to win a card .

5. GrindaBuck

Also, Grinda Pack is one of the sites that gives you Google Play cards for free in exchange for a questionnaire that you complete or perform mini-tasks that the site asks of you at a specific time, or by watching videos or advertisements, and so on.

But the only negative on this site is that you need to collect certain points in order to be able to exchange them for Google Play cards, but we mentioned this site with previous methods for the ease of collecting points through it.

The site gives you your profits in three ways, as follows:

  1. The site allows you to withdraw your earnings via PayPal.
  2. Or in the form of an encrypted electronic currency granted by the site.
  3. Or you can withdraw the profits as Google Play cards.

There are several confirmations and withdrawals available on the Internet for people who have won and withdrew their profit from the site using one of the methods I mentioned.

When you collect 100 points on the site, you can exchange your points for a Google Play card or an encrypted electronic currency (where the value of these points is equivalent to one of these two methods). If you decide to withdraw your profits via Paypal, you need 125 points to be able to withdraw one dollar as a profit.

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But after inquiries about the site, it became clear to us that everyone who used this site and tried to withdraw profits from it found that the best way they can advise you to withdraw your profits is to exchange your points for Amazon or Google Play gift cards, and it is not recommended to exchange them for digital currencies or PayPal.

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What are the free Google Play gift card codes 2023?

If you are looking for free codes to get free Google Play cards, do not worry, in this paragraph we will give you many codes that you can use, and you only have to go to the Google Play Store and write the card number, and then enter the code, these are some codes:

  • YM3-KTBU-S4EA-U3YG-6332 ($35)9
  • NMBV-V33B-TKVX-XH54-ZHWU ($5)
  • ($5) MU9-XP2J-CGMV-K9W4-NLFU5
  • KZ – F6QJ – A727 – LT9S – W45X ($10) 62
  • BJE-TUUQ-8UXB-WAB8-ZPS5 ($906
  • REX-BY8T-BYL5-WWPQ-52C4 ($15)5
  • (YKE-J99D-AGTD-FHW9-FEDE ($302
  • N324-M52P-FX2Q-UBN3-X2TZ ($25)

How to top up free google play cards

After obtaining the code for the Google Play card, you can now charge the card from the Google Play Store, and you can perform the charging process by applying the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play website.
  2. Click on the drop-down list to open it.
  3. Then by clicking on “Import”.
  4. You will find a field for the Google Play card code. You must enter the code for your card.
  5. Make sure to charge the card with the full amount of money.
  6. Finally, get your Google credit back.

In conclusion, we have come to the conclusion of our article today, after we presented the most important sites and applications that give users Google Play cards for free. I hope that the article will be liked by you, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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