Employment contracts in Spain 2023 are free without purchase

Employment contracts in Spain 2023 are free without purchase

Residency in Spain through a work contract. In this article, we will learn how to obtain free work contracts in Spain 2023 without the need to purchase them. If you want to obtain a work contract in Spain, whether for study or work, this article will talk in detail. How to obtain an employment contract in Spain 2023 Terms, requirements and knowledge of the types of employment contracts in Spain.

As work in Spain is considered one of the most important requirements that many who are looking for job or residence opportunities in Spain, especially Moroccans, and fortunately recently it has become easy to obtain a work contract in Spain, and today we will learn how to obtain a work contract In Spain without buying a work contract.

Employment contracts in Spain 2023 are free without purchase

Many young people are looking for an opportunity to immigrate to Spain and obtain a work contract, either for the sake of studying or for the sake of work, as many individuals prefer to take a work contract in Spain for free and without paying any fees, and there are types of work contracts that exist in Spain, where they are Granting contracts to those who wish to immigrate to Spain and obtain a job or residency opportunity in it. In this article, we will explain the details about obtaining a work contract without purchasing it, in addition to the types of work contracts in Spain.

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What are the types of employment contracts in Spain?

In Spain, there are several employment contracts in Spain, the most famous of which are:

1- Seasonal work contracts in Spain:

The Spanish authorities have offered seasonal work contracts for young people looking for a job opportunity in Spain since 2022, in most fields such as industrial, commercial and agricultural fields, where these fields offer work contracts based on the work season in which they take place, as these fields require workers throughout the year. The year and gives a promise of work for a period of three months every year, where the worker must comply with the conditions of the Spanish authorities to enter and leave without breaking the visa.

2. Permanent Employment Contracts:

The Spanish authorities opened the doors of the country in order to receive workers wishing to work in Spain, as the country has recently suffered from a shortage of workers due to the Corona virus and its spread in the country, and the Spanish authorities grant work contracts with permanent residence for the year 2023.

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What are the conditions for obtaining a seasonal work contract in Spain for the year 2023?

If you want to obtain a work contract in Spain, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The worker must master the English and Spanish languages ​​in order to facilitate dealings in Spain.
  • The worker must have experience in many fields, the most important of which is the field of agriculture.
  • The worker must accept his provided monthly salary in return for performing his job duties well.

What are the documents required to obtain a seasonal work contract in Spain 2023?

  1. Have a valid passport.
  2. Two personal photos of the worker, provided that they are with a white background.
  3. A clean criminal record document free of all criminal offenses or judicial rulings.
  4. A health document proving the safety of the worker and that he is free from communicable diseases and Covid-19.
  5. Copies of the employment contract must be made from the Spanish company from which you obtained the contract.
  6. You must translate all the previous documents into Spanish through the Spanish embassy located in the country of the worker.
  7. The receipt proving payment of all required fees must be submitted.
  8. Proof of your consent to leave Spanish territory after the termination of the employment contract.
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How to buy employment contracts in Spain?

There are many employment sites on the Internet in order to find a work contract in Spain, where they are constantly searching on these sites for ways to purchase the contract, where if the worker possesses practical skills or has scientific certificates proving his scientific expertise in certain specializations, he can search on the websites, but before Research You must learn some necessary conditions such as mastering the Spanish language and free from criminal cases in order to be eligible and fit to live in Spain.

This is done through many different methods, for example, it is possible for a relative of the worker who has an investment in Spain to send him an employment contract, or it is possible if he has a Spanish friend or any other person who has Spanish nationality and has forms or a commercial company where He can send the worker an employment contract requesting that he come to Spain, or if he possesses the expertise and scientific certificates that qualify him to enter the labor market, he can apply to the Spanish companies that request employees to work in them, through the websites as we mentioned above.

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Residence in Spain by employment contract

Many of those wishing to travel to Spain ask about the available methods in order to obtain a work contract and residency in Spain, as there are many ways to obtain residency, which are as follows:

To obtain a residency work contract, you must seek help from a friend of yours who is in Spain or through relatives who are present, provided that they have a commercial investment, that they send an e-mail to your personal mail that includes all information about the work, including a monthly salary, the name of the employer, and what is the specialization and nature of the work And when you get this letter, you must obtain the visa by means of it in order to travel to Spain. The message is a work contract, and if you do not have anyone there, you must apply for a work contract with a Spanish company or with a Spanish employer there, where if approved, you will be granted residence. For a period of 6 months in Spain, knowing that the visa is renewable in order to obtain a long-term visa.

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What are the requirements and conditions for obtaining a work permit application in Spain?

  • Submitting proof that the worker owns the professions he masters, along with attaching certificates and previous experiences that prove this.
  • Upon arrival in Spain, an application must be submitted in order to obtain Spanish residency.
  • The residence card must be valid for one year.

And here we have come to the end of our article, my friends, after we have provided you with the most important details in order to obtain a work contract in Spain and what are its types, along with submitting all the papers required in order to obtain a work contract. We hope that the article will be useful to you.

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