Explain gotranscript and how to profit from it

Explain gotranscript and how to profit from it

Gotranscript explained And how to profit from it, as it is considered one of the best and most reliable sites through which you can profit on the Internet. The site is completely specialized in transcribing audio, and it contains audio files in both Arabic and English, and you can withdraw your money every Friday.

Gotranscript explained

Today we are talking about the best sites for profit from gotranscript transcription. As this American site is considered the best and most popular transcription site ever.

Where the site relies in its work on converting different audio files into written texts, for different purposes.

Which may be (medical reports, scientific studies, songs, audio books, etc.). However, working in this site needs to pass a test through which the site determines the competence of the person applying to work in the field of transcription. The test is divided into two parts:

Question Test: In this test, 12 questions are asked related to some simple spelling and grammar rules.

This is in order to verify the extent to which the person who submitted the application knows these rules. The person must pass the test with a score of 100%.

Transcription test: After passing the first stage, the person moves to the second stage, and at this stage an audio file is submitted. And the person is required to copy it correctly according to the rules of the site, and the duration of this file is 3 minutes.

After completing the two exams, you must wait for no more than two weeks until the result of acceptance or rejection is sent to your email.

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How to create an account on gotranscript

How to create an account on gotranscript

To start working on gotranscript, you must first create an account on the site.

For this you must follow the set of steps that we will mention now:

  • First of all, go to a site gotranscript.
  • Then click on the “Apply Now” tab.
  • You have to choose the work language you want from the drop-down list, the site supports the Arabic language.
  • Then press “Register” to register on the site for the first time.
  • At the end a page will appear asking you to enter an email and any password of your choice, do that and click on “Register”.

How to withdraw profits from gotranscript

Gotranscript explained, you can make about $150 a month, and it can go up to $1,215.

Earnings are also calculated based on the number of minutes, so the site pays $0.6 for every unloading minute.

It also provides many ways to withdraw profits, the most prominent of which are PayPal and Pioneer withdrawals.

In addition, the site allows profits to be withdrawn on Friday of every week, which means that the withdrawal process takes place on a weekly basis.

Work on gotranscript requires several conditions, including:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have a computer and a pair of headphones to hear the audio and translation.
  • You must also have a Payoneer or PayPal account.
  • Good proficiency in the language, whether it is Arabic or any other language you want to apply for.

Explanation of gotranscript website and profit from transcription

The customer uploads an audio file to GoTranscript, GoTranscript breaks the audio file into small audio clips of 5-10 minutes, and distributes the work to the translators.

Translator applicants also convert these short audio files into text using GoTranscript’s translation software.

The editors then begin to revise and evaluate each completed script and then compile these final scripts and send them to the client.

You can also earn through the audio files that you decompress. There will be a 5-star rating for your files after they are uploaded by reviewers. And after you reach a certain level of ratings, you can work as a proofreader on the site.

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What is the profit from transcription audio?

Transcription is one of the most common and well-known types of freelance work. So that this type depends on listening to various audio files, and writing what you hear in a Word file or a “PDF” file.

These can also be audio files (interviews, podcasts, or lectures) or other files.

Thus, it became clear to us the reason for the great demand for work in transcription. So that this field does not require a particular skill or experience in a field. All you have to do is listen to the files and write them as text.

Many people have the ability to listen to texts and convert them into Word files with ease.

If you have this talent, you can earn a lot of money, especially after we explained the gotranscript site and how to work on it.

As this site is considered one of the most guaranteed sites in making profits on the Internet.

How to earn money from transcription

Profit sites from gotranscript transcription

After explaining Site gotranscript and how to work on it You must have some skills to work in this field.

Among the most important of these skills:

  • Speed ​​Typing: In order to work on transliteration and transcription, you will need good writing skills.
  • This skill is one of the main tools that you will rely on in your work.
  • So if you do not have this skill and want to work in this field, you need to develop it.
  • Knowledge of language rules: Possession of a sound language free from grammatical and spelling errors is one of the foundations for working in the field of transcription.
  • Therefore, this field relies on converting audio files into written texts. By presenting these texts with grammatical or spelling errors, the text may lose its true meaning or at least undermine its literary value.
  • English: It is no secret how important it is to have a second language, especially English.
  • The importance of this skill is not limited to working in the field of transcription only, but you will need it to be able to develop in any field of work, whatever it is.
  • As for transcription, the importance of this skill lies in the fact that the fees paid for transcribing an audio file in English are much higher compared to Arabic.
  • There are also some sites that do not contain Arabic audio files, so you will need a second language to be able to work on them.
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Profit sites from audio transcription

Genius Audio Transcription website
You can earn money from this site by writing the lyrics of the songs you listen to. Also, each person working within the staff of this site must keep abreast of job opportunities that arise on the site.

There are some conditions for working on the Genius site, which is that the user must be at least 18 years old.

Plus it can manage website deadlines, which can get tight at times. Knowledge of how to work with tables and data is also required.

After explaining the gotranscript website, it becomes clear to us that it is one of the best sites for profit from simple and guaranteed transcription, through which you can achieve a large monthly income.

Where there are a lot of audio files on the site that need to be transcribed into Word files, and it is suitable for the Arab brothers, as there are a lot of audios in the Arabic language, which opens the way for profit from transcribing in the Arab world.

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