Explain how to create a blog and profit from it

Explain how to create a blog and profit from it

How to create a blog and profit from it The method of profit from blogging is one of the guaranteed methods that allow many users to achieve a high percentage of profits. There are many, many of them, who have been able to reach hundreds of dollars per month, which encouraged many users to create blogs with the aim of making profits, and in this article we will show you how to create a blog and profit from it, through the website money.

Important tips to follow when creating a blog

When you start and start creating a blog, you must follow some tips in order to prepare it in the best way available and possible, and these tips are as follows:

1- Choose the topic of the blog

  • This is done by thinking and searching for a new and distinctive topic that has not been addressed before with the aim of excellence, bearing in mind that this topic will be a point of attraction for many visitors.
  • This step focuses on its success, on focusing on blogging covering topics similar to those chosen, and learning how to write on such topics.

2- Find a service to host the blog

  • This service allows users to store and upload their web files, including photos, videos, games, articles, and more.
  • These services are either paid, that is, you need to pay a monthly or annual fee for this service in exchange for the available services.
  • Or it’s free, like those that allow users to create a free blog like WordPress Blogger and Tumblr.
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3- Blog design

After you choose the topic of the blog and choose the hosting company that contributes greatly to the ease of access to the blog by all people connected to the Internet.

The step of creating and designing the blog comes by choosing a distinctive and interesting design for the blog, bearing in mind that this design is commensurate with the internal content of the blog.

4- Ensure the development of an integrated plan for the blog

This point is one of the most important factors on which the success of the blog depends, as it is necessary to develop a firm and clear plan, and this is done by determining the number of publication times, whether it is weekly or monthly, with full compliance with the specified number.

In addition to the need to determine whether the blog will be self-sufficient, that is, the owner of the blog will rely on himself only to raise the posts, or he will use some bloggers to do so.

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5- Content writing

Content is the most important element that attracts visitors to the blog, so some points must be taken into account when writing it, and these points are as follows:

  • Make sure that the content is simple, as the simple style of writing advertising content is one of the strongest and most important writing skills, as it serves as a factor and a strong attraction for readers of all levels.
  • Be careful not to distract your visitors with too much useless text.
  • Hence, care must be taken that the expressions used are common among people in their daily lives.
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6- Continue writing

One of the most important factors that a blogger must consider when creating a blog is the continuity of writing and publishing without stopping for any reason, in order to constantly update the blog.

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Important tips to follow when creating a blog
Important tips to follow when creating a blog

How to create a blog and profit from it

You can create a blog on the Blogger platform or the WordPress platform, and each of them has its own advantages, so we will explain below how to design a blog on Blogger or WordPress with mentioning how to benefit from that blog as follows:

1- Steps to create a blog on WordPress

  • Go to your WordPress site and click Create site.
  • The account creation data is filled in on the site.
  • A message will be sent to the user’s email for activation and email confirmation.
  • A blog layout is chosen, blog creation is complete, and blogging begins.

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2- Steps to create a blog on Blogger

  • An account on the site is created using a Google account or email.
  • The account is logged in.
  • Click Create New Blog.
  • The name and title of the blog is chosen, as well as the design and design of the blog.
  • The start blogging button is pressed.
  • So, the blog is created and you are ready to start blogging.

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3- How to profit from the blog

There are some ways in which a blog can be used in order to generate as much profit as possible. These methods are as follows:

Join an advertising program, the most popular of which is Google AdSense, which is a program that provides pay-per-click to bloggers, watch videos, and site ads.

  • Selling products and merchandise, and among the most famous sites that provide this service are CafePress, Zazzle, and printection.
  • Earn by writing, by joining a network of blogs that pay a flat fee for all your writing.
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What is the difference between website and blog

  • A blog requires constantly updated content, while a website does not.
  • The blog depends on its system on the comments system, where there are comments and interaction of readers, while the site does not contain comments.
  • A blog can be a part of a site, unlike a site that cannot be a part of a blog.
  • Topics on the blog are archived by categories and date, while on the site it is not.
  • The blog is directed to individuals, while the site is suitable for companies as well as different and large companies.

Terms of profit from blogging

There are some conditions that must be met in order for the blog to achieve a high percentage of profits, and these conditions are as follows:

  • It is preferable for the user to purchase a paid domain for the site.
  • The user must be at least 18 years old.
  • The site must have a clear privacy policy.
  • Full compliance with AdSense policy.
  • Refrain from choosing any of the bad and unhelpful fields.
  • Ensure that the content of the blog is distinctive and non-traditional, and that it is not duplicated or copied from other sites.

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Terms of profit from blogging
Terms of profit from blogging

At the end of our topic about how and how to create a blog and profit from it. We hope we have helped you with the information we have given you on this topic.

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