Feasibility study for a photography studio project 2023 with costs and supplies –

Feasibility study for a photography studio project 2023 with costs and supplies –

Feasibility study for a photography studio projectPhotography is a creative work and requires the availability of sufficient skills and knowledge about it to be successful. Apart from technical knowledge, there must be a clear vision of the various equipment and tools related to the project, especially as it needs the high costs associated with it. Thus, achieving a percentage of profits is the ultimate goal of the project instead of We are talking about developing skills. In this article, we are talking about a feasibility study for a photography studio project, with all its details and elements.

Feasibility study for a photography studio project 2023

The feasibility study is a study that the owner of the project evaluates from the economic point of view, knowing the extent, and answering several questions, the most important of which is whether we should move forward with the specific work plan with determining if the plan is applicable, as for the study of the feasibility of a photography studio project, the most important things that must be studied are what follows:

  • The total cost of a photography studio project.
  • As well as knowing the capital of a photography studio project.
  • And a percentage of the revenue of a photography studio project.
  • As a percentage of the profits of a photography studio project.

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Cost of a photography studio project 2023

The calculation of the expected costs takes place during the planning phase of the project, and it must be approved before the start of work on the project. Expenses must be documented and tracked during the implementation of the project, and all operations must be ensured within the cost management plan. Once the project is completed, the expected costs are compared with the actual costs. This The matter is useful in setting future cost management plans and budgets for upcoming projects. As for the cost of the 2023 photography studio project, we explain it as follows:

  • Whereas, the fixed cost of a photography studio project amounts to 55,220 Saudi riyals, in the event that all the requirements, materials, and tools for the project are purchased.
  • While the operational cost of a shooting studio project is 19,000 Saudi riyals.
  • Thus, the total cost of the project equals 75,000 Saudi riyals.
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Capital for a photography studio project

Capital may stand in the way of many who have a complete vision of implementing a project, but the search for funding agencies can make it easier, such as taking loans from the Social Development Bank and other charitable outlets. We explain the details of the capital of the photography studio project as follows:

  • The fixed capital allocated for starting the project and purchasing photography studio materials is 50,000 Saudi riyals.
  • The monthly variable capital for emergencies and emergencies is 10,000 Saudi riyals.
  • While the expenses of establishment, rent, water and electricity bills, and the project license amount to 2000 Saudi riyals.
  • Taking into account the capital allocated for the decoration of the photography studio project, 10,000 Saudi riyals.
  • Marketing expenses for the project are 5,000 Saudi riyals.

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Profits of a photography studio project

Profits are possible if the plans are fully followed and implemented, with a full feasibility study. Failure is also possible if the goals and plans that have been developed are dropped and there may be obstacles that have changed the course of the project from its goal. As for the profits of a photography studio project, we explain them as follows:

  • Where the profit of the photography studio project is equal to the total revenues minus the total operating costs per month with the inclusion of the operating and fixed capital of the project.
  • The annual return is also a standard value in calculating the profit of the photography studio project, and the annual return increases steadily with the increase in the percentage of potential customers benefiting from the project’s services.
  • It is worth noting that the profit of the studio project depends mainly on the location of the studio, and the studio location, design, and decoration must be chosen very carefully to achieve the percentage of profits set for the feasibility of the project.
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Photography studio project supplies

The project manager who reduces the availability of material and financial resources necessary for a new product or service often ends up with a catastrophic failure in projects or promises not being fulfilled, so the project depends on the requirements necessary to fully operate the project, the most important requirements of a photography studio project We explain them below:


  • The use of a lighting reflector is often resorted to when the budget of the photography studio project is low and the inability to purchase the ideal lighting supplies for the studio.
  • The reflector allows you to direct the light source and get perfect images after printing.
  • It is possible for customers to choose a multi-colored light reflector to add the special and customized touch to the image.

the flash

  • The flexible flash flash that can be installed on all types of digital cameras is usually used for quick photos in the photography studio.
  • It is of great importance in lighting quick instant pictures for customers, and most importantly, it is characterized by its cheap price compared to other lighting tools and supplies in the studio.

lighting stand

  • It is intended for carrying light bulbs or projectors intended for lighting the photo session in the studio
  • In addition, it is characterized by its flexibility and the ability to move it in all directions and at all heights.


  • Used for studio setup and background installation.
  • They are flexible and stress-tolerant for attaching objects providing instant holding power.
  • With easy repositioning during assembly, splicing and gluing work.

photography studio backgrounds

  • Where backgrounds are used to obtain professional photos after printing.
  • Also, after installing the backgrounds in the photography studio, by means of flexible clips.
  • It is possible to install backgrounds in different colors and multiple sizes, according to the type of photo session.
  • Backdrops are usually made of durable 100% non-woven fabrics, so they are a good alternative to a professional canvas backdrop.

lighting canopy

  • Includes 2 super bright 135 watt bulbs, 2 light stands, and 2 softboxes
  • It also includes a bag to carry equipment for product photography sessions and a 220-volt British plug.
  • Also, the light stand has a 3-in-1 design, where you can install the light, umbrella and reflective softbox
  • It is important to know that the canopy helps create perfect lighting with a color temperature of 5500K.
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Photography studio project Photography

The availability of manpower depends on the size of the project and the services provided by the project, as it includes many operations related to printing, packaging and photography of all kinds, and it may require external photography for events, we explain the employment of a photography studio Photographic in these lines:

  • Only one worker must be available for internal photography, another for external photography, and only one worker for printing photos at the start-up stage of the project. The two workers also take turns in cleaning work to reduce costs.
  • There is also one worker for photography, a worker for printing photos, and a cleaning worker, in addition to the presence of another worker for packaging pictures and delivering them to customers. This is in the advanced stages of the project, i.e. the stage of expansion and customer acquisition.

Photography studio project services Photography

The expansion of services brings more customers and thus more sales and revenues, and this lies through the use of social networking sites in the marketing process, as well as high-quality services targeting the largest number of audiences, and the following is an explanation of the services of a photography studio project:

  • Provide personal photos to customers according to the required sizes.
  • Also do a full day or half day photo session with all the necessary equipment.
  • Photo editing, color correction and retouching.
  • Also corporate team photography service.
  • And maybe commercial photography and food photography.
  • With the necessity of filming through social media.
  • Most importantly, passport photos.
  • Services include outdoor photo sessions for weddings, events and celebrations.
  • With the service of filming service and official events and national celebrations.

A feasibility study for a photography studio project. We discussed in detail the most important information that qualifies the entrepreneur to successfully operate and manage the project, while identifying the costs and profits that he reaps.

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