Feasibility study for an electronic devices project and the technical and financial study for the project is complete

Feasibility study for an electronic devices project and the technical and financial study for the project is complete

What is the location and area of ​​the electronic devices project

The study of the location and area is of paramount importance, especially since the project needs a lively center of pedestrians and residential areas, in order to buy the devices they need, and thus increase the percentage of sales and profits. Below we learn the most important details regarding the location and area of ​​an electronic device project:

Location selection factor

  • It is possible to choose the commercial store in a comprehensive shopping center for electronics, with the need to choose a service that is not provided in this center. This is to ensure easy and fast access to the customer, and this is an available option, but you will be limited here to a specific area determined by the mall management.
  • Some may resort to setting up a completely independent store away from the commercial centers, and this choice will cost a lot, and make you do advertising and marketing operations for the project of selling electronic parts.
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area factor

  • Basically, the choice of the space for the commercial store depends on the type of service provided.
  • In the event that you are going to choose the space for an electronics store, you should know the services that you offer, will you sell in it, and the size of the products that you intend to sell will determine the required space.

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What is the labor force required for an electronic equipment project?

It is true that the project depends on the provision of material services, but without the human element, the project will not be completed, as it needs maintenance operations and experienced experience in this field, and the most prominent details regarding the volume of employment required for the project of electronic devices are explained below:

  • In the event that the owner of the project intends to maintain, an experienced and well-experienced maintenance employee must be available.
  • As well as the need for an employee to organize the shop and place the goods on the shelves and clean it.
  • The need for an accountant, as they cannot be dispensed with in the electronics store, in order to follow up the buying and selling operations, supplies, and so on.
  • Most importantly, the sales specialist must be specialized in selling electronics specifically, and not specialized in selling in general.

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How can I get the goods for the electronics store

The availability of goods for an electronics store is extremely important, so it needs to rely on a person with experience in the electronic field and guide the project owner to high-quality devices away from mediocrity. Products can also be obtained through importing them from China or Turkey, or through a distributor of these brands, There may be a maintenance agent, and through trusted wholesalers.

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Products that can be sold in the electronic devices project

The products depend on the availability of capital and commission at the project executor, if this factor is available and many products can be provided through which the project will expand and the highest percentage of revenues will be collected, and accordingly we explain the products that can be sold in the electronic devices project:

  • It is possible to provide audio products such as amplifiers of all kinds.
  • As well as remote controls, whether they are for TVs, air conditioners, or anything that needs a remote control.
  • Computer or mobile batteries.
  • Also a wired and wireless mobile charger.
  • Also data storage devices such as flash and hard drives.
  • Also wired and wireless headphones.
  • PlayStation game arms.
  • As discs for games and programs.
  • Wired and wireless keyboard and mouse for computer.
  • computer screens.
  • In addition, protection devices are available from lightning, high and low voltage.
  • router.
  • Electricity regulator of any capacity.
  • Landline and wireless phones.
  • smart watches.
  • Also desk fans.
  • LED lighting.
  • The most important are optical cables, audio and video cables, and HDMI cables.
  • Electronic boards are required for various electrical parts.
  • Microphones and cameras.
  • Battery chargers.
  • UPS voltage riser.
  • Pyrography may be available.
  • Power tools parts.
  • Also digital printers and laser printers

Advertising and marketing for electronic devices project

Marketing has become an essential element in all investment projects and through electronic platforms that aim to reach a large number of customers and attract them towards the services provided to them. The advertising and marketing mechanism for an electronic device project is explained below:

  • Carrying out an electronic marketing campaign for the store on social media, and electronic marketing is the most successful marketing process for any project, regardless of its size.
  • It is good to make partnerships with other nearby stores that provide complementary services with your service.
  • It is also possible to print papers and cards and distribute them to your area and neighboring areas so that everyone knows the location and activity of the shop.
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