Feasibility study for the 2023 sewing workshop project in detail and its cost – platform

Feasibility study for the 2023 sewing workshop project in detail and its cost – platform

Feasibility study for a sewing workshop project in detailThis project falls under investment projects, and it can be said that they are projects from which the return is expected to be distributed over a number of years, and in turn are divided into short-term and long-term investments. These projects aim to increase the income of individuals while achieving social welfare, and thus increasing national income. and gross national product, and each project must undergo several comprehensive steps, and in this article we review a feasibility study for a sewing workshop project in detail.

Objectives of a sewing workshop project

Small projects play a fundamental role in advancing the economic level of the country, as well as in terms of innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation in human societies. The reality is that the economies of the great countries depend on small and medium projects in the development process and attracting capital and others. One of the most important of these projects is a sewing workshop project. Below are its objectives:

  • The ability to provide high quality raw materials and products that satisfy and interest the largest number of customers.
  • The most important thing is to manufacture clothes at the lowest prices compared to international brands, which are characterized by their high prices.
  • The project also requires the development and creativity of the investor and the work team to continue operating the project for the longest possible period.

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Feasibility study for a sewing workshop project in detail

The objective behind the project feasibility study is to identify the needs of a successful project in terms of costs and resources, and to know its success rate, whether in the short or long term. Points of challenges and obstacles, with the development of alternative plans to overcome all risks, all in order to reach the project to the greatest success rate in the future, and in those steps we present a feasibility study for the sewing workshop project.

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The appropriate location for a sewing workshop project

The site is considered one of the most basic elements within the feasibility study of the project, and perhaps the most prominent reason for ensuring the success of the project, especially since many sites were an obstacle to the continued growth of the project, but rather the reason for its abject failure. In the following lines, we learn about the specifications of the suitable site for the sewing workshop project:

  • It is better for the project to be located in a strategic and vital location, especially in an area characterized by dense population and pedestrians.
  • It may be a very good and feasible idea to be near fabric stores that are well known among a wide range of people.
  • With the need to stay away from the areas where such projects abound, to ensure the success of the project.

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The appropriate space for a sewing workshop project

The matter depends on the extent of the work that he intends to do, as well as the number of workers and capital, through which the operations determine the amount of production operations, and in general, as a project at its inception, it needs to provide sufficient space capable of accommodating the following:

  • A place for measuring clothes.
  • As a special place to put fabrics on it.
  • There is also a special place for sewing and all the work related to the project.
  • It is preferable that there be a space for the owners of the operator, not less than 40 m.

Equipment and supplies for the sewing workshop

The project needs basic materials and equipment so that the project depends entirely on them, as well as the preparation and design of the shop with the availability of its own decoration.

  • Lighting and strong lighting must be available, as it is a prominent assistant in the success of the project.
  • There are also more shelves on which clothes are placed, thus organizing the store in an attractive manner.
  • Chairs are also provided to receive clients.
  • A place designated for measurement and closed from all directions for measurement.
  • It provides a sewing machine, an ironing machine, and related items.
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Labor needed for a sewing project

The project is based mainly on the presence of a skilled tailor and has long experience, or at least he has undergone training courses in the field of sewing and has excelled successfully, without that the project will not succeed, and therefore the project needs no less than 3 workers, roles are divided between them in taking special sizes With customers, and others who help in sewing, detailing and all the latest equipment to reach elegant clothes that satisfy customers in an amazing way.

How to market a sewing workshop project

Research has shown that companies, regardless of their size, have a marketing plan that succeeds and outperforms competitors, and retains employees and customers more than other companies that do not have a marketing plan. Therefore, without a marketing plan, it leads to missing opportunities and allowing threats to stop the project from working, so we present the following Marketing plan for a sewing workshop project:

  • It is good to place a large banner on the store to inform the target group of the most important services that the project provides.
  • In addition, designing promotional cards for the shop and distributing them to textile shops and passers-by.
  • It may be a fruitful idea as a start for the success of the project to make discounts for those who come at the beginning of the project, such as being the first ten, while making discounts without harming the project.
  • Agreement with some of the stores by offering them the goods and supplying them with the distinctive clothes they need at competitive prices.
  • And do not forget about electronic marketing, which is able to reach the largest segment of customers, by displaying pictures of all designs and models that are manufactured by the operator.
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Sewing workshop project costs

The future costs of the project are estimated and forecasted by determining the estimated budget for the project, as it includes many accurate data about the project, with a detailed project management plan, taking into account the project time period, the location on which the project will be implemented, and the number of workers, with contingent costs Which changes the course of the project, the cost of the marketing process, and equipping the shop with its own equipment and decoration.

Calculating the profits of the sewing workshop project

Profits are calculated after an expected period of time and according to the detailed plan of the project. At the very least, the period is 6 months. After the completion of that period, the costs are subtracted from the expected revenues, and the apparent result is analyzed as follows:

  • In the event that the output is wave, then the project has achieved its goals and thus its profits, and deservedly.
  • Whereas, if the output is negative, the project has failed to determine its correct path and is in decline, and the project may have to be saved by strengthening one of its basic elements such as the marketing plan or the presence of strong capital to support the project.
  • In the event that the project was from zero, this indicates that the project has reached the stage of equilibrium, and realistic steps must be taken to continue the project towards achieving its major goals, without reaching the stage of negativity.

A feasibility study for a sewing workshop project in detail, by presenting all the elements of the requirements of a sewing workshop project, we realize the importance of planning and studying the feasibility of any project, without that it will not achieve its goals and thus a catastrophic failure, and the demolition of aspirations and dreams that destroyed our lives.

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