Feasibility study of a cafe project –

Feasibility study of a cafe project –

Feasibility study of a cafe projectMany young people seek ideas for very profitable and inexpensive small projects, through which they can enter the free market world and engage in commercial activities, especially with their inability to join government jobs or the private sector, and perhaps not wanting to join those traditional jobs, And their love for practicing self-employment with freedom from the constraints and burdensome consequences of work, and one of those pioneering projects in the current era is a café project, and we present a feasibility study for a café project in this article.

Features of a cafe project

Any project begins with planning, as planning enables the project management to see all its different stages, as well as knowing the steps for implementation and success of each stage with the preparation of alternative plans in the event of harm to resorting to them, and therefore each project must have a clear action plan that enables the project implementer to know the extent Its ability to withstand and know if it has deviated from its right path, and we present the most prominent features of Project Café as follows:

  • The project implementer is responsible for himself and does not work under the control and control of anyone, and thus the ability to take decisions freely without domination and control by others.
  • Also, coffee and its derivatives are among the most consumed beverages in all countries of the world.
  • The project does not need high costs compared to other projects that require huge and expensive equipment, and the presence of design and decoration for the project with a view is an important factor in the success of the project.
  • Ease of communicating with customers and getting to know their desires about hot drinks and the necessary improvements for that.
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Success factors of a cafe project

Objectives must be defined at each stage of the project. In the production stage, a product must be produced according to international specifications with the improvements and advantages that the consumer desires, as well as the rest of the stages. In the event of an error at any stage of the project, the error must be fixed and not left so as not to affect In the next stages of the project, the following explains the success factors of the project

  • Taking into account that all the decorations are carefully selected and appropriate for the Arabic sessions.
  • And good dealing with the methods of decency with commitment and good dealing with others.
  • Take great care of the cleanliness of the place.
  • Possess sufficient diplomacy skills to deal with all situations that arise during the course of the project.
  • As thinking about the services and entertainment that customers want and wish for with those situations, it was the Internet and Wi-Fi services.

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Feasibility study of a cafe project

The objective of the feasibility study is to know the project’s needs in terms of costs and resources and its success rate, both in the short and long term. Also, the feasibility study identifies the project executor on the opportunities points available for the project, as well as the points of expected challenges followed by developing plans to overcome them so that the project will reach the largest success rate in the future, and therefore The most prominent requirements that the project needs in terms of labor, costs, equipment, marketing process and others fall under the feasibility study department, and we talk about them in detail in these lines.

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Tools and equipment required at prices for a cafe project

In every project, there must be tools and equipment available as well as raw materials that the worker handles skillfully to obtain new and distinctive products, as is the case with a café project that requires the presence of necessary and other luxury materials, and in both cases they complete the project and cannot be dispensed with, and we explain those tools Below:

  • Coffee machine
  • Also coffee grinder
  • juice machine.
  • Ice making machine
  • Also a refrigerator for commercial purposes in order to display products such as juices, fruits and water bottles, with their availability in different sizes.
  • Barista tools are used to prepare drinks.
  • Also, microwave for heating of large size.
  • Potato fryer.
  • Also, a three-eye gas compound.
  • Paper cups.
  • There are also spoons, forks, knives, stir sticks and plastic straws.
  • Plastic plates.
  • Also teacups, glass mugs.
  • It offers cappuccino cups and coffee cups.
  • Tablecloths in bright and thin colors, especially if the project is a commercial store and not a mobile cart.
  • Also trays are made of stainless steel.
  • And a thermal case.
  • Also, rakat for Turkish coffee.
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Café project license in Saudi Arabia

It is clear that the licensing process is a prerequisite before engaging in commercial activity, so thinking of skipping this step is a major obstacle to the success of the project, leading to its closure and failure without any doubt. The license is also accompanied by the presence of documents to be attached when registering the project with the legal department, the following is an explanation To the municipality’s conditions for opening a coffee shop:

  • It requires entering the registry of the facility and also specifying the area and activity of the project.
  • As well as specifying the location of the store and its details.
  • The required fees must also be paid if the activity is immediate, or a request must be sent to the municipality if the activity is not immediate.
  • Provide an external image of the shop, highlighting the shop plate.
  • In addition, obtaining the required health certificates.
  • Availability of a commercial register to practice the activity of opening a coffee shop.
  • With the building permit in which a coffee shop will be opened.
  • It is also necessary to submit a rental contract if the place is rented.
  • A bill or report for safety tools.

Labor needed for a cafe project

There is a direct relationship between the professionalism of the team and the customers’ feeling of satisfaction with the place and the services provided to them, so the workers must have extensive experience in this field, while enjoying all methods of decency, commitment and good treatment with others, as this generates great confidence for customers and the place becomes more attractive to many, With intense competition with the rest of the cafes:

  • Where a cashier employee is available, with a salary of 1000 EGP per month
  • As a cleaner: 1000g
  • Also a worker who specializes in preparing coffee: 1000 EGP
  • And a professional coffee service worker: 1000 EGP
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Cafe project cost

The implementation of a café project requires a capital of at least 150,000 Saudi riyals, and this amount is through which the sites are equipped with all its basic and luxuries requirements, and another 150,000 Saudi riyals should be available to be paid for the annual comprehensive rent for water, lighting and the rest of the attached services.

Marketing a cafe project is a right way to increase profits

A cafe project is one of the successful projects in the Arab world, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, it is one of the small projects, but it generates a lot of money if it is used to the fullest, as well as following a marketing plan capable of increasing profits, and we define it as follows:

  • Making advertising cards with the prices of the products that are offered inside the shop in the card.
  • Also, a special web page was created in the name of the project through social networking sites, where the menu for the cafe and special offers were published.
  • Make a large banner for the project and write on it the main information, especially how to communicate with the project manager in the event of delivery requests.
  • Also paying attention to the exterior decorations, which are a distinctive way of advertising.

Feasibility study of a café project. In this article, we discussed the success factors of a café project, mentioning the requirements it needs, knowing that it is a successful and attractive project and the investor may get a lot of money and then start expanding and opening other branches.

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