Feasibility study of a fresh juice shop project –

Feasibility study of a fresh juice shop project –

Feasibility study of a fresh juice shop project. Each project begins with an idea and is completed with the idea. Each stage is based on this idea. The idea may come from previous experiences or successful projects. Good project planning enables its owner to see the different stages with knowledge of the implementation steps and success of each stage, and perhaps find an alternative. In the event that there are obstacles that prevent its success and continuity, the fresh juices project is one of the successful projects in the labor market. In this article, we explain the feasibility study of the fresh juices shop project.

Conditions for opening a fresh juice shop project

The trend towards small projects has become prevalent at the present time, instead of waiting queues for office jobs. The unemployment crisis has also contributed to entering into those projects, and in every country it is necessary to submit to laws before starting to implement it, and the following is an explanation of the conditions for opening a fresh juice shop project:

  • A commercial register must be issued by the Ministry of Commerce.
  • As well as issuing a license for the intended commercial activity.
  • Also obtaining a license to practice the activity by the municipality.
  • Implementation of all conditions set by the municipalities to open a shop for fresh juices, and we explain them as follows:
    • Separation between the preparation department, the administration department and the reception of customers.
    • The presence of a number of chairs for the convenience of customers.
    • Ensure that the product is valid and clean before use, with the availability of a manual or automatic cutting machine.
    • Not to add flavors, color and aroma to juices that are harmful to customers.
    • It is also forbidden to add preservatives, nectar or artificial sweeteners.
    • The packaging standards, the temperature of the refrigerators and the shelf life must be adhered to.

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Feasibility study of a fresh juice shop project

The success of any project is based on an actual study of its feasibility, knowing the extent to which its continuity has been achieved during the coming days and years, as well as examining the extent of the public’s demand for these products and knowing the prices of competing sellers, in order to calculate the extent of returns that can be achieved in the short and long term, and the feasibility study of a juice shop project Freshly illustrated by knowing the following details:

  • Market study: through which the prices of products are studied, taking the opinions of sellers as well as customers and studying their favorite juices.
  • Choosing the site: It is preferable that the area not be less than 30 m, as well as choosing a place with a large population gathering.
  • Services and supplies of cutting and slicing tools and equipment, as well as the finest types of fruits.
  • Employment: The availability of a cleaner with workers to make juices and present them to customers in an elegant manner.
  • Marketing: It is an essential component of the project’s success.

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Fresh juice shop project cost

Like other commercial projects, a fresh juice shop needs a low cost, due to the lack of huge machines and equipment, so it is easy to set up this project and make a profit through it. The following is an explanation of the cost process for a fresh juice shop project:

  • It requires calculating the cost of wages and salaries for the labor of the project, bearing in mind that it is within 7,500 Egyptian pounds, and the wages of one worker is 1,500 pounds.
  • As well as calculating the cost of the water bill for the store, which is estimated at about 600 pounds per month
  • As for the cost of the electricity bill for the shop, it reaches 1000 pounds every month.
  • An amount of 2,500 pounds is also allocated for emergency cases, such as paying excess bills and repairing equipment.
  • The rental cost is up to 6000 EGP per month.
  • While the marketing process costs up to 4000 pounds.
  • As for the cost of equipment, machinery and supplies that are spent at the beginning of the project, it amounts to 40 thousand pounds.
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The products offered by the fresh juice shop project

It must be ensured that the products provided are valid and not damaged in the event of pressing, especially that fresh fruits are subject to spoilage very quickly, and then special tools must be available for preserving fruits. The following is an explanation of the products offered by the project of a fresh juice shop:

  • Offer natural banana juices.
  • As well as peach, strawberry and mango juices.
  • As well as pomegranate, pineapple and orange products.
  • And offering products that are in great demand.
  • Add to that, make a fruit cocktail or maybe a fruit salad.
  • It might be a good idea to make a natural fruit ice cream at the store.

Requirements for a fresh juice shop project

The project needs simple machines and equipment, which is an essential element to continue providing the product, and the requirements can be obtained through commercial markets and they are available in large quantities, so it is easy to establish this project on the ground, as well as obtaining machines in an installment manner and this is common for many shops, and the following Clarification of the requirements that a fresh juice shop project needs:

  • An appropriate amount of fresh fruits with not too much at the beginning of the project to ensure that they do not spoil.
  • Providing a freezer for keeping raw materials and products as well.
  • There are also mixers for making and processing juices.
  • Also, tables should be provided, the size of which is proportional to the size and area of ​​the store, so that it is easy to enter and exit.
  • It also provides a machine that sticks the lid on the cup in an automatic way.
  • A glass divider should be made between the place of preparing the products and the customer, as is the case in famous stores.
  • A table for making juice on it is similar to a kitchen table.
  • The most important thing is the availability of a store in a suitable location and space.

Marketing for a fresh juice shop project

In light of the crowding of commercial projects and their provision of similar goods and services in various fields, whether cosmetic or economic, as well as social and others, the marketing process has become an urgent and indispensable necessity, in order to achieve the desired goals. The following is an explanation of the marketing process for the project of a fresh juice shop:

  • In the beginning, for the success of marketing, it is necessary to choose the appropriate site for the establishment of the project so that the largest number of the target group is present.
  • It also requires preparing a banner with a distinctive character and address and placing it on the front of the store to show the services provided by the project.
  • Providing fresh and natural products and juices of high quality.
  • Paying attention to the cleanliness of the shop and all products, as well as packing tools.
  • Marketing through social media platforms by creating a commercial page and a sponsored advertisement with the products being photographed and displayed on the page.
  • Carrying out the process of continuous development of the store in light of the changes taking place in the market of commercial projects, such as designing for decoration and purchasing modern tools and techniques that save time and effort and reduce the number of workers.
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Labor required for a fresh juice shop project

It must be taken into account to provide good services to customers in a way that works to attract them constantly, and this matter depends on the employment and the extent of their acceptance of all customers with an open mind, and a good reception, without overlooking anyone, and answering all inquiries, and clarifying the following employment for the project of a fresh juice shop:

  • The project requires one worker to serve juices.
  • One worker who has experience and speed in preparing various types of distinctive natural juices, and in the case of a large demand, there may be
  • Additional auxiliary factor.
  • The project also requires a worker who cleans the shop on an ongoing basis.
  • There is also one worker to deliver orders to homes.
  • As well as an agent for customer accounting.

Feasibility study of a fresh juice shop project. In this article, we discussed in an extensive manner the explanation of a juice shop in terms of costs and requirements for a fresh juice shop project and other details in this regard.

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