Feasibility study of a garbage and waste recycling project –

Feasibility study of a garbage and waste recycling project –

Feasibility study of the garbage recycling project. The person consumes a lot of different foods and tools in his daily life, which results in different types of organic and inorganic waste, which is what is known as garbage, which in some countries is considered an obsession that you cannot get rid of, but enables the person with his mind to control the waste These quantities are through recycling that waste, which is known as separating the garbage from each other and using it again. In this context, we discuss the feasibility study of the garbage recycling project.

types of waste

Nature contains many living organisms that produce a lot of waste, but the most consuming of those organisms is the human being, as he produces daily tons of different waste in this leg. We deal with the types of waste:

Ordinary waste

  • Ordinary waste is everything that comes out through the daily activities of a person.
  • Most of which come out of homes as a result of preparing foods and waste from factories or companies.

Medical waste (hospitals)

  • From its name it is the waste that can be produced by hospitals and medical places.
  • Where these wastes are disposed of in special ways as they are considered toxic waste.

Special (hazardous) waste

  • It is that waste that represents a proportion of the danger to those who approach it.
  • Such as medical waste and some waste from factories and agricultural places

agricultural waste

  • It is the waste resulting from the agricultural sector and the agricultural operations carried out by farmers.
  • Such as animal waste or skin and rotten agricultural crops residues of chemicals used in agriculture.
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industrial waste:

  • It is all waste that is produced from industries of all kinds, especially oil and gas plants, petrochemical industries and power plants.

waste recycling project

Many countries around the world suffer from their inability to control the amount of waste that results from human consumption as a result of coexistence with life, which causes huge amounts of garbage. In this context, we address the waste recycling project:

  • Feasibility study of the garbage recycling project, the recycling project is the best way to turn waste into wealth by turning useless products into useful products.
  • Which helps in raising people’s awareness of the need to care for and preserve the environment.
  • Therefore, recycling is one of the most profitable businesses.
  • New entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from this type of new venture.

Feasibility study of a waste recycling project, the required equipment

When undertaking any project, the work on it must be done in a complete manner by preparing all the required tools through which it is possible to facilitate the profit process from the project. In this context, we address the feasibility study of the waste recycling project. Equipment required:

  • The necessity of providing trucks to transport waste from their places to the project headquarters.
  • As well as the so-called hydraulic lifts, which are belts that sort the waste well before it passes into the recycling devices.
  • There are belt conveyors, which are used to transport waste from trucks to waste sorting stations.
  • Also a magnet machine, which will separate iron and metals from non-metallic waste.
  • Limited number of cranes.
  • Also a limited number of what are known as vibration feeders.
  • Feasibility study of a garbage recycling project, special screens for recycling projects.
  • In addition to a press.
  • Mill to convert solid waste into small pieces.
  • As well as a special mill for glass waste.
  • A shredder, which is a machine used to cut plastic, tires and paper, into very small pieces.
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plastic recycling project

The mind of a person who has money must be able to determine the best and what can make a greater profit to start his project, and he is absolutely sure of the possibility of making profit and avoiding loss. In this context, we address the plastic recycling project:

  • The plastic recycling project is one of the beneficial projects because it works to rid the environment of polluting materials completely safely.
  • It also works to exploit the available resources.
  • Feasibility study of the garbage recycling project, as it also contributes to the country’s economic process by manufacturing local products that reduce import rates.
  • It also works to employ individuals and reduce unemployment rates.
  • The plastic recycling project and other projects based on the recycling of waste of all kinds are among the best projects that a person can invest and work in.
  • Therefore, this type of project is considered profitable and at the same time helps to develop the environment and rid it of pollutants.

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How to recycle waste

The waste recycling currency goes through a set of stages through which the waste was sorted correctly in order to identify the materials that will be used and what will be disposed of. In this context, we discuss how to recycle waste:

The first stage: waste collection and treatment

  • Waste is collected through centers specialized in the matter.
  • Or by placing the garbage in the places of garbage collection, or places where waste is bought and resold.
  • Recyclable waste materials can also be purchased.

The second stage: sorting and cleaning

  • It is one of the most important stages through which the process of identifying the types of garbage that we have.
  • Then they are separated from each other and marked as to what can be recycled.
  • After they are sorted, they reach the stage of cleaning and processing in the form of ideal materials for manufacturing.

The third stage: manufacturing

  • It is the conversion of processed waste materials into useful products.
  • The feasibility study of a garbage recycling project also includes common products manufactured using waste materials, paper towels.
  • There are also newspapers, steel cans, plastic glass and aluminum soft drink containers, and plastic laundry detergent.

Fourth stage: Putting manufactured products on the market

  • When the recycled product is finished it is sent to the market to be sold.
  • It is very easy to identify products from recyclable materials by the information on the product.

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Recycling Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is the most important steps that must be started before moving a step towards the project, as it explains the mechanism that will be dealt with throughout the project period.

The location and location of the project

  • Find a suitable place to work on this project, because this project can only be implemented in a large area.
  • Which facilitates the sorting process due to the presence of large numbers of waste.

Buying a car for the project

  • It is necessary to have a car for the project to carry out the process of collecting waste and transporting it to the place designated for the project.

Provide the right outfit

  • A uniform should be provided for project workers, and these clothes should distinguish some things so that they are not exposed to danger during the sorting process.
  • As well as to be protective and protect them from pollution and diseases.


  • This type of project is considered one of the large projects that requires the availability of a number of manpower.
  • As most of them will collect waste from different places.
  • As well as workers who will be present in the workplace itself in order to sort and classify waste.

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Finally, we have presented in this article everything related to the feasibility study of the garbage recycling project, as well as the feasibility study of recycling as well as the types of waste and the plastic recycling project.

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