Feasibility study of a horse stable project, how to make a profit, and the best publicity for the project –

Feasibility study of a horse stable project, how to make a profit, and the best publicity for the project –

Feasibility study of a horse stable project. The benefits of livestock are numerous, as they are important in the economic, social and recreational sectors, especially in the rural environment. They also constitute a source of income for many livestock or horse breeders, which are used as a basic means of transportation for them. The horse is a strong animal and coexists with all climatic conditions. For sale or rent, it makes a lot of profits. In this article, we present a feasibility study for a horse stable project with all its components.

Feasibility study of a horse stable project

Horses are one of the most profitable trades, where young horses are bought at a low price, then bred and sold at the highest prices, and it is possible to mate them and produce young ones and then sell them and keep them to develop the farm. This project needs sufficient study to deal with a living organism that is exposed to risks and emergency diseases, and most importantly choose the right place With all the conditions prepared for it to maintain its survival for the longest possible period, we learn about all the requirements and elements necessary to study the feasibility of a horse stable project in these lines.

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Choosing a suitable site for a horse stable project

A site that has specific specifications must be chosen, where places are sought away from noise and ensuring easy access to the place in order to be able to provide fodder and medicine easily, while providing all the basic facilities necessary to manage the project such as electricity, water and gas, and it is preferable that it be close to streams or Rivers or watercourses, and the need to ensure the quality and type of available soil.

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Horse stable project space

This project needs a large area, as the matter depends on the number of horses to be bred, and the size of the capital available to the owner of the project, noting that one horse needs a place of its own that is not less than 16 m in area and not less than 4 m in height, instead of the availability of spaces The areas designated for running and the spaces used to separate horses from each other, to avoid the spread of diseases and epidemics among horses, and the stallions must be separated from the rest of the horses during periods when it is not possible to breed.

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The necessary equipment for a horse stable project

Capital is an inevitable necessity for the success of the project, and the project will not succeed without it, and the majority of commercial, animal and agricultural projects require a non-insignificant cost in its first stage, and therefore we review the most important equipment needed for a horse stable project in these points:

  • In the beginning, the horse farm is equipped with a stable for each horse to rest and sleep, and the rest period is usually from eight in the evening until seven in the morning.
  • Stables should be built in such a way as to protect the horses from the harsh winter cold and provide good ventilation in the summer.
  • Stables should be covered with straw or soft sawdust, and perhaps rubber mats, to ensure that the horse sleeps without getting cold or getting injured by the pebbles on the floor.
  • The stable is also equipped with a permanent lighting source that ensures the horses are seen at night, and the horses are examined during the day, with the electric wires kept away from the field of horse movement.
  • Putting iron gates that move on rails so that no injury occurs while opening or closing them.
  • Placement of feed boxes and water tanks while the horses are in the stable.
  • Providing a saddle and bridle for each horse in the stable.
  • The farm is equipped with a small pharmacy that contains all the medicines needed by the horse.
  • Providing umbrellas to shelter horses from the sun in the summer.
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Tips when buying horses

It is known that horses are characterized by their exorbitant high prices, and some of them reach millions of dollars in the case of purebred Arabian horses. This matter requires the presence of a specialist when purchasing, and therefore we explain the most important tips that must be taken into account when buying horses:

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to carry out the process of purchasing the horse and preparing the place, making sure of several things, including.
  • With the utmost necessity for the breeder to be an expert in horse breeding and a doctor to check them out before buying.
  • It is better to buy the breeder breeds that are sold at an exorbitant price in order to obtain the high profit.
  • The most important thing is to know their types, strains, and what is the hybrid of them.
  • As well as identifying them and what problems they may suffer from malnutrition or genetic diseases and general deformities in the body.

Labor needed for a horse stable project

The number of working hands depends on the number of horses to be raised. In the event that the owner of the project owns a field for the cultivation of horse fodder, it is certain that he needs a number of farmers, in addition to a number of workers based on the cleanliness of the stable in order to avoid the spread of diseases, as well as workers to provide food and ensure the cleanliness of the water Drinking three times a day, in addition to the availability of a veterinarian who monitors the condition of horses on an ongoing basis.

How to make a profit from a horse stable project

The horse stable project is one of the profitable investment projects, as it generates great benefits for its owner, as the percentage of its profits reaches 40%. Dollars. Likewise, the cost of one horse from birth to adulthood is 200,000 riyals, and may reach 280,000 riyals if sold.

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Marketing and advertising for the horse stable project

Good marketing, advertising and direct publicity are among the most important means that contribute to spreading the idea of ​​the project, and reaching the largest number of horse lovers and horse riders. It is also used as a tool for transporting goods as it is an attractive method. We review the following how to market and publicize a horse stable project:

  • It is possible to print a paper advertisement and distribute it to passers-by in many high-end areas.
  • As well as designing a huge banner that includes the name of the stable, its location and contact number, and hanging it on one of the main roads and important squares.
  • Also, announcing the project on social media, with the aim of spreading the project among the largest possible number of people.

How to supervise a horse stable

The horse project needs knowledge and a comprehensive study about horse breeding, identifying their growth period and the most important requirements for each stage, and realizing the most important risks that horses may be exposed to, such as diseases or injuries, and we explain the following how to supervise a horse stable:

  • Horses on the lawn should be checked at least once a day.
  • With the need to check stable horses or group horses at least twice a day.
  • Pay particular attention to horses’ gait, behaviour, feet, body condition and appetite with the aim of noticing early signs of disease, injury or signs of parasites and providing appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.
  • As well as conducting careful check-ups at regular intervals to identify any health problems such as skin diseases that may not be seen from a distance.
  • Horses’ hooves should be checked regularly and checked at the same time for cuts, injury, foreign material or anything else unusual.
  • With the importance of cleaning horses regularly to ensure that their coat is free of wounds or parasites.

Feasibility study of a horse stable project. The establishment of a horse stable requires full awareness and a comprehensive study of the project, in terms of identifying the characteristics of the horse or the appropriate place for it.

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