Feasibility study of a household appliances project in Egypt and a good marketing mechanism for the project – Our Trade

Feasibility study of a household appliances project in Egypt and a good marketing mechanism for the project – Our Trade

Feasibility study for a household appliances project in EgyptThe acquisition of household items has become an inevitable necessity in all homes, and commercial projects of this kind are increasing greatly, and the demand for what is new is attractive to women, and accordingly, undertaking this project achieves a great return due to the demand of a large number of consumers to buy household products, especially brides who perform By preparing and preparing her house from A to Z, and in this article we explain the details of the feasibility study for a household appliances project in Egypt.

Feasibility study for a household appliances project in Egypt

The project feasibility study is the first step that must be taken when a business idea comes to mind, and if it becomes clear that the idea is successful after studying the market and the extent of demand for the project’s products, then starting it is something that does not require waiting and wasting golden opportunities, and we review in these points how to do a project feasibility study Houseware:

Technical study for a household appliances project in Egypt

  • It includes a detailed description of the project, the product or service that will be provided by the project, and the required needs in terms of machinery, equipment and labor.
  • Market study of the product with a clear answer to these questions:
    • What product or service will the project provide?
    • Also, what is the demand for the product?
    • So, the position of competitors in the market?
    • What is the comparative advantage of your product and service?

Financial study for a household appliances project in Egypt

  • The financial details of the project are presented in terms of the required financial capacity.
  • Taking into account the expected costs of operation, production and marketing.
  • And studying the availability of such funds, whether from direct investment or resorting to borrowing.
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Legal study for a household appliances project in Egypt

  • It is intended to study the regulating laws and legal procedures for the establishment of the project.
  • Taking care that the project does not conflict with any of the laws regulating work in the country in which the project is intended to be established.

Risk assessment for a home appliances project

  • A list of potential risks should be prepared.
  • With the development of the plan that you will follow to manage the risks in the event that the store is exposed to it.

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Location and area of ​​a home appliances project in Egypt

In general, household appliances stores should be relatively spacious due to the large number of goods, and the most important thing is the desire of people to move freely inside the store to view the products comfortably, and therefore the area should not be less than 60 meters if it is in cities, and 30 square meters in villages, where it is possible Implementation of the project in all residential areas, whether villages or cities, as people are in dire need of household appliances, and one of the good characteristics of the project site is that it is on two corners, allowing for the work of two facades, and thus the possibility of displaying and displaying the products more.

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Equipping a home appliances store project

It is necessary for the project in charge of cities to equip it well, especially with the availability of many competitive projects for it, and the outlet must design it in a different way to attract customers to it, and we clarify the mechanism for equipping a home appliances store:

  • A facade must be made of securit glass
  • As a securit glass door inside the main façade.
  • With the necessity of placing glass shelves, and these shelves are placed behind the glass facades and on the walls.
  • Gondola shelving units are placed in the middle of the shop, and the goods are displayed on them.
  • Providing a small desk and 3 chairs.
  • Also, lamps and lighting are distributed throughout the store, to provide a good view, whether for employees or customers.
  • It is necessary to have air conditioners covering the entire area of ​​the shop, or to suffice with fans.
  • The presence of surveillance cameras inside the shop, whether to monitor cases of theft and trespassing, or for licensing.
  • Placing a board on the front of the store with the main details written on it, along with the name of the store in an attractive way.
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Presentation of the products of the home appliances store project

Obtaining products through contracting with a factory that produces these goods at reasonable prices, or buying from wholesalers, who are many and present in popular markets, and perhaps importing from abroad and contracting with a Chinese or Turkish company, which is the most traded, as for displaying the products of a home appliances store project In Egypt, we explain it in these lines:

  • Work should be done to provide sets of utensils made of Tefal, stainless steel, Tefal, aluminum, sheet metal, and thermal glass.
  • Bringing in most types of plastic products, including food preservation sets, buckets, garbage baskets, melamine sets, and other products made of plastic.
  • The project also requires the availability of all kinds of spice sets, made of plastic or stainless steel, as well as china, pottery and porcelain.
  • With the need to buy sets made of glass, such as cups and mugs of different sizes and brands.
  • As well as sets of spoons, forks and knives of various types and sizes.
  • And it is possible to expand and bring the sets for bathrooms, which are extended in front of the doors of kitchens, bathrooms, or walkways.
  • And do not forget to buy the electric boiler for water, which is placed above the stove.
  • With the need to provide kitchen and bathroom supplies such as plastic parts such as soap, strainer and other pieces.

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Employment for a home appliances store project

The number of vendors in the project is determined based on the size of the project and work pressure, as the number of workers in the shop ranges from 2 to 5 workers, especially on occasions that witness a large amount of demand for products, and with regard to very small shops located in villages, you only need the project’s executor to manage the project and carry out the sale process With the help of family members, if available.

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Good marketing for a home appliances store project

The majority of commercial projects have become based on the element of good marketing, whether electronic marketing or communicating directly with customers through many outlets, and we explain in these points how good marketing works for a home appliances store project:

  • It must be located in a crowded area.
  • Also, resorting to electronic marketing through an agreement with an expert in the field of marketing in return for a commission on each piece of sale.
  • Funded advertisements are also made on social media pages, or it is possible to create a page in the name of the shop.
  • It is a good idea to make paper advertisements that include the store’s products, address and phone numbers, and place and paste them on several surrounding walls.

Success factors for a home appliances store project

The definition of a successful project is the project that achieves a percentage of revenues and sales, and therefore a reasonable percentage of profits in a period of time that has been included in the plan set for it, as well as obtaining a wide mediator and frequenting the place permanently by customers.

  • The products are of high quality, especially those made of plastic.
  • Also planning and doing a good feasibility study to ensure that things are going on the right track.
  • Taking into account the proportionality of prices with the surrounding environment and the social level of the population.
  • And most importantly, tactful dealing with the consumer segment in a good and elegant manner.
  • It is possible to set up offers on some products by reducing the price of some products.

A feasibility study for a home appliances project in Egypt, the most prominent details of a home appliances project that we have explained in this article, while examining the success factors that contribute to achieving a high percentage of revenues and profits.

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