Feasibility study of a men’s barbershop 2023 with the required cost and labor – platform

Feasibility study of a men’s barbershop 2023 with the required cost and labor – platform

Feasibility study of a men’s barber shopThere are different and wide ideas that can be used in order to start a project, and these projects differ in their fields from men’s or women’s projects, or projects related to a specific field, such as a sports or administrative project or other fields, and among the projects that are recommended in Various places around the world that belong to men are a men’s barbershop, and through our topic we will discuss the feasibility study of a men’s barbershop.

How to conduct a feasibility study for a men’s barber shop project

One of the most important steps that a person must take before starting any project is to do a good study of the project in all respects, and to know the strengths and weaknesses of the project, and through our topic we will learn about the method of doing a feasibility study for a men’s barber shop project:

  • One of the important things to pay attention to when undertaking a new project is to choose the location of the barbershop in a lively and good place that attracts a wide range of young people of all categories.
  • It should also be known that the project needs labor through which the shaving affairs will be managed and all important responsibilities will be followed up.
  • All financial matters related to the cost of the project and all the necessary tools, funds, and space must be reviewed.

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Men’s barber shop website

Choosing a suitable location for a project is a prominent reason for the success of the project, especially if the project is in a lively place full of movement and activity. Through our topic for today, we will learn about the location of the men’s barbershop:

  • It is good that the location of the men’s barbershop was chosen in a vital area that many people visit, and there is a wide range of men in it, given that this project is primarily for men.
  • Also, choosing a suitable time to announce the opening of the project is one of the things that people should take into account when opening a project.
  • It is good to mainly promote the project in the surrounding area and the neighboring places whose residents can benefit from the services of the project.
  • It is good to choose vital places such as: school gatherings, mosques, or cafes crowded with potential customers.
  • The relationship between the success of the project and the profit accruing from it and the location of the project is a direct relationship.
  • The place where the project will be opened must be ready with all the important capabilities, such as: the availability of electricity and water from the main network of the neighborhood easily and without any complications with legal licenses.
  • As for the rent for a men’s barbershop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it ranges from 5 thousand to 10 thousand Saudi riyals in the capital, Riyadh.
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Required labor for a men’s barber shop project

No project is completed without the presence of a number of workers who manage the project well, and take care of all the details pertaining to this project and every big and small, whether cleaning or arranging tasks or others, and through our topic we will learn about the employment required for a men’s barber shop project:

  • The number of workers needed for a men’s barber shop project is directly proportional to the number of potential clients for a men’s barber shop.
  • It also obscures the number of waiting chairs in the men’s barbershop.
  • It is important to provide a suitable number of chairs for barbering, and this depends on the size of the project.
  • Some men’s barbershops provide some entertainment services to customers, such as making skin cleansing masks, washing services, blow-drying, cleaning hair waste, and others.
  • Perhaps if we make statistics for the project and the labor costs in it, we will find that it is logical that each worker be given a salary from one to two thousand Saudi riyals.

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The cost of a barber shop project in Saudi Arabia

Each of the regions and each of the countries contains a specific price for a project, and this matter depends on many things such as the dominant salaries in the country that depend on its economy, and many other things, and through our topic we will learn about the cost of a barbershop project in Saudi Arabia:

  • First of all, we should know that the cost of renting a barbershop in Saudi Arabia costs between five and ten thousand Saudi riyals, depending on the area and location.
  • In addition, the professional barber education course amounts to fifty thousand Saudi riyals.
  • There are other costs related to the project, which are calculated, such as: Insurance for a barbershop in Saudi Arabia with insurance companies, the price of which may reach nine thousand riyals.
  • As for the price of one barber chair, it may cost eight thousand Saudi riyals to twenty thousand Saudi riyals.
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Marketing factors for project success

Any project needs people to hear about it and know it, and get to know its location closely, and here comes the role of publicity and advertising for this project, and through our topic titled Feasibility Study of a Men’s Barbershop, we will learn about marketing factors for the success of the project:

  • A person should always make sure that his project is at the forefront of similar projects through innovation and adding new and effective ideas.
  • Also, one of the most important marketing factors in our time is social media, and it is customary for the project owner to create a special page in the name of the project, interact with it, and display all the services provided by the project.
  • Trying to make paper advertisements in the place of the shop and distribute them to the largest group of people.
  • The project owner must also use vital places to paste advertisements.
  • We mentioned these instructions as part of our topic, a feasibility study for a men’s barbershop.

The tools you need for the project

There are important tools within each project that are indispensable in order for the project to continue, and even to begin with the foundation, so that these tools are an essential pillar in it, and through our topic for today, we will learn about the tools that you need for the project through the following points:

  • All necessary hair cutting tools, such as scissors and a razor.
  • A mirror with a large area so that the customer can follow the story of his hair and see if there is any modification he desires.
  • Different and important tools such as scissors and blades, which must be sterilized and cleaned at all times.
  • The project should contain two types of chairs: one is for barbering, and the other is for customers waiting their turn.
  • The project owner must also provide a set of clean towels.
  • In addition to shaving creams, hair and skin creams and masks, threads and tweezers.
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Here we have come with you to the conclusion of our article, which bears the title Feasibility study of a men’s barber shopThrough it, we learned about all the important matters related to the barbershop project.

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