Feasibility study of a mobile accessories project pdf –

Feasibility study of a mobile accessories project pdf –

Feasibility study of the mobile accessories project pdf, mobile accessories have become more advanced than before, and using them alongside smart phones has made it more enjoyable, whether for ordinary people or lovers of photography and video games, and during the recent period, the continuation of the space occupied by smart phones in people’s lives has increased, as It occupied a large area due to the technological development, which extended to phone accessories and accessories, and this made the use of devices easier and more enjoyable, and we attach in this article a feasibility study of the mobile accessories project pdf.

Feasibility study of a mobile accessories project pdf

The importance of mobile accessories annotation is highlighted in the society’s need for this project in a great way, because mobiles are always in need of renewal and repair for malfunctions that may occur to it, and all of that and more requires the purchase of accessories and spare parts for the different types and shapes of mobiles, but before starting to take actual steps on On the ground, a detailed study should be made of all the requirements for the project to achieve the element of success and profit.

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Choosing a suitable place for a mobile accessories project

It is necessary to take into account some of the necessary conditions when choosing a store, and this lies in searching for a large-sized store, and it is required that it be next to stores selling all kinds of smart phones, and commercial malls. Transferring the balance, as well as selling new phones, and if possible, paying the bills related to the internet bill, electricity bill and natural gas, and working on maintaining phones, and it is possible to agree with a specialist in this field to work in the shop.

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Mobile accessories project cost

The mobile accessories store is one of the projects that has spread recently with the increase in the use of mobile phones, and in most cases it is a profitable project in the event of the availability of capital and project requirements, especially since it has great flexibility in terms of costs that are low and high depending on the size or level of the region The following is an explanation of the cost of the Mobile Accessories project:

  • shop rent
  • As well as decorations and finishes, which require the following:
    • Numbers of shelves and stands for hanging accessories.
    • Also included for storage.
    • Glass showcases for display.
    • There are also guiding light panels bearing the commercial name of the store.
    • With the need to have a large office or bank to receive customers and ease of dealing.
    • Also design a distinctive lighting system that suits the place
  • Goods: It must be a comprehensive study of all supplies of high quality with different types and shapes and the latest advanced trends.
  • Spare Parts provides the most requested spare parts in the market for the maintenance and repair of smartphones.
  • Fawry Machine: To perform many services and we explain them as follows:
    • Balance transfer for all mobile networks.
    • It also charges electricity and gas meters.
    • Paying landline phone bills.
    • As well as deposit and withdrawal transactions from various electronic wallets.
  • Advertising and marketing process.
  • Employment: In the beginning, it is only necessary to have two workers alternate between the morning and evening shifts, as well as a maintenance technician.

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Labor required for a mobile accessories project

As a start, the project does not require the presence of a large number of workers in order to avoid losses or failure of the project, and the presence of one or two workers is sufficient to meet the needs of customers, but later, after the great expansion and making more profits, the number of workers is increased to more than that.

  • As well as the presence of people related to the field of maintenance technician so that they have the ability to deal with all devices, to meet the customer’s offer with accuracy and ease, and this contributes to achieving a good reputation for the store and the great demand for it.
  • The necessity of having a cleaner, to take care of the cleanliness of the place and make sure to show it with a proper back in front of customers.
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Products sold in mobile accessories store

It depends on the extent of the expansion of the services provided by the shop owner to customers, and may be limited to providing basic accessories, and may expand further and provide mobile balances and bill payments, as well as maintenance of smart phones, and in any case we offer the basic products that are sold in a mobile accessory store:

  • Where is the mobile cover?
  • As are mobile phone cases.
  • Various types of mobile charger.
  • Mobile headphones of all kinds.
  • It also provides power banks of different sizes.
  • bluetooth headphones.
  • Memory cards have different sizes.
  • And a selfie stick.
  • Mobile holder.
  • Also mobile cables.
  • Also mobile protection screens.

Factors that help the success of a mobile accessories project

The presence of products contributes to the success of the store, but it depends on several other factors, which play the biggest role in increasing the rate of purchase and demand for products, and if neglected, the business owner may not reap any profits. The following is an explanation of factors that help the success of the Mobile Accessories project:

  • Transaction: By maintaining an elegant and attractive style with the client.
  • Gifts: It might be a good idea to give simple gifts to clients without hurting the business.
  • Prices: higher prices than normal, on the pretext of the quality of the product, will not bring any benefit or profit.
  • Employment: Availability of manpower with experience contributes to the success of the project.
  • Presence: by constantly opening the shop without closing, and an assistant worker is needed.
  • Sources of profit: by working in more than one field inside the shop, such as providing maintenance service and paying bills.
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Marketing for a mobile accessories store project

Marketing is a key element to make a profit and make more money, especially if the communication is direct or through social media platforms on which most customers and those looking for those services are located. The following is an explanation of the marketing process for a mobile accessories store project:

  • By printing the largest amount of protective advertisements and distributing them to the most places with large gatherings.
  • As well as distributing cards in areas where there are many services.
  • The idea of ​​printing plastic bags with the name of the store and the services provided may be a good thing, and attract more customers.
  • As well as printing a large advertising banner and placing it on the front of the store with a description of how to communicate in the event of closing the store.
  • Create a sponsored advertisement on the Facebook platform that targets the area in which the shop is located.

Calculating profits in the mobile accessories project

Achieving profit is the first goal of any project, so studying the project and calculating the profits is done by calculating the project’s expenses, taking into account the rental or purchase of the shop, as well as the costs of the goods, then calculating the estimated revenues in a period of 6 months after the start of the project, and the costs are subtracted In the case of a large output, this is a clear indication that the project achieved its fruits and profits, and the exact opposite, and in the event of a loss, it may be to study the project again and find out the reasons to avoid it in advance.

Feasibility study of the mobile accessories project pdf, we explained in this article many details about the mobile accessories project, especially those related to calculating profits, as well as touching on theFactors that help the success of a mobile accessories project.

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