Feasibility study of a small shawarma restaurant 2023

Feasibility study of a small shawarma restaurant 2023

Do you have a small capital and want to invest in a project that will bring you good profits? If you are in the right place, you only have to see this topic that we will discuss.Feasibility study of a small shawarma restaurant 2023Which is considered one of the best successful, profitable and inexpensive projects as well, where you can explore any shawarma restaurant and see the demand of customers for it. Therefore, the profit rate of the shawarma restaurant is excellent compared to the capital that it puts in the project.

Therefore, the food restaurant project in general, and the shawarma restaurant in particular, is the most successful for every beginner who wants to open a small business that generates an excellent income. A small shawarma restaurant project.

So if you are wondering how to open a shawarma shop and wondering how much it costs to open a small shawarma shop, whether in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Turkey, Jordan, or any Arab or foreign country, and you want to know what are the requirements for opening a shawarma restaurant, follow the explanation to get to know the details.

Feasibility study of a small shawarma restaurant 2023

Shawarma selling restaurants are among the investment restaurants that earn a lot of money and do not require large capital at the same time, and through our article today we will put in your hands the most important points to do a feasibility study of the shawarma selling restaurant and is the shawarma shop profitable?

We will also learn about the most important basic requirements that must be met in such a project, such as the equipment of a shawarma shop, and the calculation of the total estimated cost that must also be provided, how much it costs to open a shawarma restaurant, and what are the expected profits through this project after its opening and start of work.

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Feasibility study of a shawarma restaurant

If you are wondering what you need to open a shawarma shop, when conducting a feasibility study for opening a shawarma restaurant, we must take into account a set of main elements, which are:

  1. First: The total cost of opening such a project, including the cost of the machines it requires, which must be included in the restaurant.
  2. Second: Choosing the place where the restaurant will be opened, whether it is on a main street or a side street, and the ensuing cost of the restaurant’s monthly rent, in addition to the water, electricity and telephone bills.
  3. Third: The wages of the labor force that will be recruited to work in the restaurant to sell shawarma.

Factors necessary for the success of a shawarma restaurant

A good study of the shawarma restaurant project, provided that it includes all the aspects that must be taken into account for the success of this project, and the study of the total value of the capital it needs is very important.

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How to determine the location and area of ​​the shawarma restaurant

First of all, there are steps that we must follow, which is determining the location and area of ​​the shawarma restaurant that we will open to sell shawarma. We have to choose the place within an active market and a lot of people constantly moving because selling meals or shawarma needs a place crowded with passers-by. The greater the movement, the greater the demand and the greater the profits. .

Also, the area of ​​​​the shop for selling shawarma should not be less than 500 square meters, and it must be moved away from the floor shop for ease of entry and exit for customers of different age groups.

Products offered by the project

The project relies on providing meat shawarma sandwiches of both types, chicken and lamb, and it must add to that the services of soft drinks, juices and mineral water.

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The most important equipment needed by the shawarma restaurant project

After we finished determining the location and space, it became very important that we determine the necessary equipment for the restaurant.

In general, it is present in every restaurant that opens basic and necessary services that cannot be ignored, such as utilities, potable water, and electricity. It is advisable to carry out some decorative designs commensurate with what the restaurant offers.

The walls should also be painted in light colors, as these colors give an increase in space, comfort to the eye, and attract many customers, as well as good treatment for them.

And here we have come to the necessary tools and equipment that the restaurant needs.

Shawarma equipment

We have to choose the necessary equipment for the shawarma shop carefully, carefully and with a good study so that the restaurant can be based on the correct and successful basis, and being in this article our goal is to put in the hands of the readers the important information, so we will mention the most important equipment that the shawarma selling restaurant needs necessarily and inevitably, which are:

  • The refrigerator, in order to preserve meat and the necessary cooking materials.
  • Exposed refrigerator, which is private for drinks and mineral water.
  • Gas cylinders and supplying them through pipes within the restaurant.
  • Furnace, air conditioner and extractor for air purification.
  • In addition to tables and chairs to receive customers in the restaurant, a chair and table for the accountant with a computer and a printer for invoices.
  • We will also need cooking equipment, such as knives, spoons, plates, and other tools and equipment.
  • A table for preparing food.
  • Detergents for washing hands, and next to them are paper tissues for drying.

To get all of the equipment and tools we mentioned, there are private companies spread that secure what you order quickly and also provide delivery service to your restaurant without incurring any additional efforts.

And after we finished all the preliminary matters and supplies, we still had the appropriate raw product to start working and selling.

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How to choose the raw material

Choosing the raw material is the most important step that works for the success of the shawarma shop project. After you have determined the location, area, tools, equipment, and the equipment required for the project, you must choose the product of high quality and delicious taste to be a factor that attracts customers. Through quality and taste, the customer will work to repeat and repeat the experience many times. You will even be an element of publicity for your restaurant through his friends and acquaintances.

In order to choose this good product, it requires experience and skill to prepare the shawarma well, or you can seek the help of an experienced person in that field, who will handle the matter of cooking well.

As we mentioned earlier, the restaurant must include, in addition to shawarma, mineral water, soft drinks, juices, and appetizers of various and many types, in addition to garlic cream, ketchup, and french fries, to gain customers and satisfy them.

So start opening your restaurant immediately, after we mentioned to you all the important information about the explanation and the detailed explanation, but you must make sure that the opening day is one of the special days by doing advertising work for your restaurant through social networks on the Internet or by printing posters and brochures through which you know what it includes The restaurant and its services.

You should also always make sure to display sandwiches and shawarma meals within the restaurant in a distinctive and attractive way, and you should also take care of cleanliness and good treatment of the customer.

And here we have come to the end of our article for today, after we gave a detailed explanation of the feasibility of a shawarma restaurant. We hope you like it.

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