Feasibility study of an import project from China to achieve the best profits –

Feasibility study of an import project from China to achieve the best profits –

Feasibility study of an import project from China. There is no doubt that importing products from China is common, and through it the most cheap products and costs are obtained due to low manufacturing costs, and it is reasonable to achieve a large percentage of profits if they are sold locally at reasonable prices, and unique products can be obtained so that they are not available In several places, thus achieving a special commercial place in China, and in this article we present a feasibility study for an import project from China.

Feasibility study of an import project from China

This project depends on the movement of goods from a producing country to a country where these goods are not available or are not sufficient for the domestic product. This project needs to spend time and research with sufficient knowledge of the pioneering experiences in this field. We explain the feasibility study of an import project from China in these lines:

Choose and specify the products to be imported

  • The project requires defining a list of products and goods that the investor would like to import, along with identifying the specifications of each product.
  • As the specifications of clothing differ from the specifications of household furniture, electrical appliances, and so on.
  • Focusing on knowing the price of the goods and paying attention to the nature of the raw material from which the product is made.

Identify the requirements of the local market and compare its prices

  • It is necessary to know the prices of commodities in the local market, some of the prices of the products may be cheap in the local market compared to their original price.
  • With identification of import costs such as customs, shipping, travel and other import requirements.

Compliance with customs laws and standards

  • The import process imposes customs duties on all kinds of goods.
  • At that time, you must familiarize yourself with the customs conditions and standards, which include product data and customs tariff.
  • It is also necessary to identify the documents and papers required to ship the goods.
  • It is possible to take advantage of customs clearance companies to get acquainted with all this required information.
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Selling and distributing the product

  • The ultimate goal of the import process from China is to buy good goods and products and then sell them at prices that make a profit for the owner of the project.
  • This can be achieved by distributing the goods and knowing the methods of marketing them.

The capital required for the project

  • The project makes its profits by continuing to bring the goods at a rate of 5 containers or more.
  • Where the owner of the project distributes the goods to the local merchants, and not everyone will be able to buy the goods with cash, as some will rely on buying in installments.
  • Note that the price of one container, depending on the type of goods, ranges from 10 to 20 thousand dollars.

Awareness of the risks and advantages of importing from China

  • The project executor must be fully aware of the risks and advantages of importing from abroad
  • This is done by comparing the prices between the products that you want to buy from abroad and the cost of importing them from abroad.

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How to import from China without a commercial registration

The commercial register means that it is a register that includes the names and data of merchants and owners of small or large enterprises. It also includes commercial movements related to import and export operations inside or outside the country. Import can take place without this register. In these points, we learn how to import from China without a commercial register:

  • In the beginning, register with one of the Chinese websites from which you will import, while searching for the best one, which is the Ali Express website.
  • Then being able to enter the site where you registered, choose the products to be imported, and know the wholesale price, not the consumer price.
  • The address to be shipped is specified, and accordingly the company will study your request and then prepare, pack and package the goods.
  • After that, the site sends the due invoice and the account number that must be paid through, and payment can be made via Master Card, Visa, and Western Union.
  • It is also recommended to use Ali Express, especially for novice entrepreneurs.
  • It is worth noting that this site guarantees a full refund from the Chinese supplier, in the event that your goods arrive late or at a time not agreed upon.
  • With these steps, the goods are received very easily and at low costs, without travel and without the necessity of having a commercial register for you.
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Import office numbers from China

The majority of merchants tend to import their goods from China, and perhaps the low prices have contributed greatly to the great demand for Chinese companies, and there is a lot of searching for the names of these companies, as well as the numbers of import offices from China, and we mention them in these points:

  • Where the phone number for the import office of Lantien Carvo is: 008675522314275.
  • The phone number of Midian Trading Company is: 008615986439525.
  • The phone number for Yonghwa International Trade Office is: 00862083233277.
  • Also, the phone number for the STS import office is: 008602081341477.
  • The phone number for the import company CCD is: 00862081255589.
  • Also, the company’s fast number for shipping, import and export services is: 00862083495077.
  • The United Group import office phone number is: 00862081360712.
  • The import and export office number of the Yemeni company is: 008613588684900.
  • The phone number of the commercial marketing company is: 008615102006006.
  • Also the office number of Blue Sky Shipping Company is: 00867552231427.
  • First Company for Import and Export No.: 201023925171.
  • In addition, the number for the China Waseet Company for Import and Export is: 00966556361500.

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The best shipping companies from China to Saudi Arabia

The feasibility study of an import project from China confirms that this project is a wonderful investment opportunity that will earn a lot of money in the short term without waiting for a long time, like other service projects, so the trend is prevalent towards this project, and we explain the following the best shipping companies from China to Saudi Arabia:

  • Where Alibaba Express is one of the best shipping companies from China to Saudi Arabia.
  • Ship Tao is one of the most important shipping companies from China to Saudi Arabia.
  • Likewise, MyCN is one of the best shipping companies from China to Saudi Arabia.

Shipping procedures from China to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered the largest trading partner of the People’s Republic of China, as China’s exports to the Kingdom amounted to 28.1 billion US dollars in 2020, and these figures indicate the strong relationship and the desire of the two countries to harmonize major economic development plans. As for the shipping procedures from China to Saudi Arabia, we explain them as follows:

  • The shipment request must contain all the required data in order to confirm the shipment in its policy.
  • Note that the request is submitted by the selected shipping company to the ship’s agent or the official of the transport plane in the case of air freight.
  • The Bill of Lading is a document issued by the carrier when agreeing to transport the goods to a specified destination in return for the transportation fees indicated therein.
  • Include details of the shipment and the limits of responsibilities of the carrier, supplier and importer.
  • It is also one of the basic documents in international trade and one of the import conditions in Saudi Arabia.
  • After completing the operations described above, the goods are prepared to be shipped. You must choose the type of shipment, and try to reduce the cost to a minimum.
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Documents required when importing from China to Saudi Arabia

Import and export procedures are carried out in an organized and easy manner, with the availability of sea, land and air shipping methods and ports, as commercial exporters and importers use sea and air freight from China to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and before the transportation and shipping process, the required documents must be submitted when importing from China to Saudi Arabia, which we explain as follows:

  • The packing list must be submitted with the name of the supplying company in English, the tax number, the address for receiving the goods, the phone number for communication, and the e-mail.
  • Good description as well
  • The commodity code of the imported goods must be HS Code
  • Shipping Marks
  • In the event that you are importing under your personal name, you can dispense with providing a description of the goods to the shipping company, and instead of sending the company name, you must send your full name and passport number along with the rest of the documents mentioned above.

The time required for the arrival of air freight from China to Saudi Arabia

The transit time of sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia depends on many factors, most notably the speed of the cargo ship from China to Saudi Arabia, as well as the ease of the route, the number of stops on the way, and others. As for the time required for the arrival of air freight from China to Saudi Arabia, it is as follows:

  • Considered time from Shanghai to Jeddah: 7 days.
  • As for the time from Guangzhou or Shenzhen to Dammam, Jeddah or Riyadh: 8 days.
  • While the time from Chengdu to Dammam, Jeddah or Riyadh: 9 days.
  • As the time from Beijing to Dammam or Jeddah or Riyadh: 6 days.
  • And maybe arrive time from Qingdao to Jeddah: 8 days.

Feasibility study of an import project from China. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a strong relationship with the State of China. Import operations have also strengthened that close relationship, and it is the best option for many merchants.

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