Feasibility study of the aquaponics project –

Feasibility study of the aquaponics project –

Feasibility study of the aquaponics project. Aquaponics means the integrated agriculture between plants and fish, relying mainly on fish waste for plant nutrition, as well as relying on fish nutrition through plant nutrients, and this is done on a daily basis with the introduction of oxygen in a good way to increase reproduction in the fish farming unit It is one of the popular projects at the present time, and several techniques are being introduced to ensure the success of the project. The following is an explanation of the feasibility study of the aquaponics project.

Feasibility study of the aquaponics project

The idea of ​​establishing this project appeared recently in the developed and developing countries, and it became a source of livelihood and consumption for many families and they were satisfied with it without the process of purchasing from abroad. Following is the feasibility study of the aquaponics project:

  • If you want to implement this project for the production of fish, fruits and vegetables on the roofs of houses through the aquaponics greenhouse, it must be ensured that the roof and foundation of the house bear the weight of a unit of water as well as fish in addition to other products.
  • As well as tiling the roofs of the house with ceramics to prevent water leakage and the weakness of the structure of the house, and thus the collapse of the house.
  • With the necessity of having a specialist, obtaining advice and knowing all the conditions and requirements to be followed.
  • In order to obtain the highest possible productivity, proper care of fish and plants must be taken care of.
  • Note that these products of the project are basic and necessary, so there is a great demand for them by consumers, with the need for consistency between shop owners for the purpose of selling to them.
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Aquaponics project problems

Before embarking on the implementation of the project, it is necessary to know all the obstacles that may impede the proper implementation of the project, with ways and alternatives in case the project is obstructed. The following is an explanation of the most important problems of the Aquaponics project:

  • The main problem is the power outages, especially suddenly.
  • Note that this project is based on the use of electricity in the pump that is used to move water from fish ponds to agricultural ponds.
  • Also, when the electricity is cut off, the water will remain stagnant in its place, and this causes fish poisoning with water waste and death.
  • And then the plant will not benefit from the fertilizers in the waste, thus hindering its growth.
  • In addition, the pumps that provide oxygen to the fish will stop working in the event of a power outage and thus the fish will die.

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Components of the aquaponics project

The aquaponics system provides many services that benefit a wide segment of society, as it is based on providing fish products, especially tilapia, basa and Hanchan, in addition to plants such as strawberries, peppers, and others.

  • The aquaponics unit provides an area of ​​48 square meters.
  • Also 8 fish tanks.
  • Also, the presence of deep water 2, which is necessary for the cultivation of capuchin.
  • Also 3 levels of outpipe.
  • As well as 2 pyramid stands, each pyramid includes 12 pipes.
  • Then 1 media hand as a mechanical filter for growing leafy vegetables.
  • Note that all connections, lifting pumps and air pumps that are used to operate the project must be available.
    • These components are applied if the project consists of 500 fish, as well as tilapia, 150 fish, eel and 50 basa fish, in addition to providing 2,000 seedlings of different varieties, specifically capucci, strawberry and leafy vegetables, as well as peppers of all kinds.

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Aquaponics project cost

The success of the Aquaponics project requires seriousness and ambition, especially as it is one of the modern projects that need several technologies that depend mainly on electricity, as well as providing all requirements with capital, then entering the actual procedures for implementing the project, and the following is a presentation of the cost of the Aquaponics project:

  • Where the price of feed for fish is 7200 pounds.
  • As fry in the amount of 1000 pounds.
  • It also provides plant seedlings for 1200 pounds.
  • Electricity is required at an amount of 2000 pounds.
  • The total value of the project costs during the first year is as follows: = (7200 + 1000 + 1200 + 2000) = 11400 pounds.

With regard to the project’s revenues during the first year, they are as follows:

    • Where 350 kg of tilapia x 14 pounds, the average price of a kilo = 4900 pounds.
    • Also, 150 kg of basa fish x 20 pounds, the average price per kilo = 3000 pounds.
    • Also 150 kg of eel x 100 pounds, the average price of a kilo = 15,000 pounds.
    • Then 1296 capucci units x the price of 2.5 pounds, the total price = 3240 pounds.
    • Note that 810 kg of strawberries x the price of 3 pounds per kilo in total = 2430 pounds.
    • While 512 kg of colored pepper x average price of 6 pounds per kilo = 3072 pounds.
  • Thus, the total value of the project’s revenues during the first year = (4900 + 3000 + 1500 + 3240 + 2430 + 3072) = 32,642 pounds.

The labor required for the aquaponics project

This project is one of the projects that does not require, for a start, the presence of manpower, so it is preferable and to avoid any losses. It is limited to the presence of the owner of the project to manage it himself, as well as with the availability of the element of experience, market conditions, as well as competitors, and the prices of goods, and it may be to consult a person who has sufficient experience in breeding Fish and agricultural crops, while calculating the ratio of costs and profits as well as expected losses, to ensure the success of the project.

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Marketing of the aquaponics project

The best marketing strategies for new projects are strategies that combine traditional marketing methods and electronic marketing methods, and this allows the application of a comprehensive marketing plan to reach a large segment of people. The following is an explanation of the marketing process for the aquaponics project:

  • Social media marketing, which provides marketers with reaching a wide audience through project marketing advertisements and flyers.
  • Choosing a special place in a lively place, especially next to the vegetable and fruit stores produced by the project.
  • Choosing an outlet near the agricultural areas, and close to consumers.
  • Advertisement in one of the commercial magazines, especially the one that has a brand and has the largest number of customers.
  • As well as making video ads and distributing them to passersby.
  • As a positive step, deal at wholesale prices and lower than competitors’ prices
  • The market and the available prices are constantly monitored and what the project needs.
  • It is possible to go to the fish market and offer fish to sellers at competitive and attractive prices.
  • Supporting the project by renting a transport cart for the products offered for sale, thus obtaining a mobile and mobile port and in the same good idea for sale on a cart.

The smallest aquaponics project

Due to the high costs of the project initially, small projects are resorted to, especially if the possibilities are small for expansion and the establishment of a large project, and until a small fish farm is established, it does not need a place, perhaps occupying an area of ​​​​10 m of the house, also building a small fish tank In addition, the fish eat vegetables, and then they produce an integrated system and a successful project, and get fish that can be offered for sale on a regular basis if the project continues.

Feasibility study of the Aquaponics project. In this article, we discussed a comprehensive study of the Aquaponics project, in terms of the marketing process and project design, taking into account the problems of the Aquaponics project, as well as the smallest project that can be done.

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