Feasibility study of the Brahma chicken breeding project and project success factors –

Feasibility study of the Brahma chicken breeding project and project success factors –

Feasibility study of the Brahma chicken breeding projectBrahma or Brahmi chicken, which is a breed of Indian origin, and is characterized by its legs covered with feathers and its high caliber with long legs and a convex tail of feathers, these specifications made it the king of birds, in addition to that its behavior is domestic, which makes its breeding very easy, as well as the rate of its egg productivity is large and needs more Good care and nutrition, and to establish a successful project, it is necessary to know the feasibility study of the Brahma chicken breeding project, and this is what we will explain in this article.

Feasibility study of the Brahma chicken breeding project

This type of chicken is not difficult to breed, but needs more attention to produce more eggs, and when establishing this project, it is necessary to choose the distinctive breed, and usually whoever buys eggs for the purpose of breeding brahma looks for pictures of mothers and fathers to decide that the fertilized eggs are of high quality and quality and to establish Brahma breeding project, whether it is or not, in order to finally get a successful Brahma breeding project and exploit marketing methods. There are many ways to sell Brahma chicken production through it.

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Brahma chicken features

Brahma breed chicken is very popular among farmers, due to its excellent performance and attractive appearance, and there are many varieties of this type, as it has many features, which we explain below:

  • It is distinguished by its large size compared to the types of ordinary chicken, which weighs between 4-5.5 kg, and is characterized by its large head and wide forehead.
  • It is characterized by a large amount of egg production, as it lays its eggs when it reaches the age of 8 months, and therefore the rate of its egg production reaches one hundred and fifty eggs or one hundred and eighty eggs, and the winter season is the peak season for laying eggs.
  • Its eggs are also distinguished by their large size and brown color, in addition to their delicious taste.
  • Also, his eyes are characterized by strong, sharp looks, and their color is yellow, tinged with red, while his eyebrows; They are dense and wide.
  • Its colors are beautiful and numerous, ranging from dark to light colors. Therefore, he was called the king of chicken breeds.
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How to breed brahma birds

Brahma birds are unique, and it is necessary to preserve this breed and create a suitable atmosphere for it, especially in the cold weather in the winter, when it is its breeding season. Therefore, we explain how to breed brahma birds and the most important criteria to be followed:

Raising chickens from white with the help of an incubator or a chicken

  • This method needs close attention, especially for those who lack an incubator for laying eggs
  • Also, this type needs good care, and the egg can be spoiled.
  • The incubating hen is also transferred to a special diet that is completely low in calories.
  • Likewise, the bowls of the Brahma partridge or the special laying hens that show the qualities of mothers.

Buy little chicks

  • It is based on buying young chickens that show clear signs of growth.
  • Accordingly, you will not need extreme care, such as caring for eggs in the first method.

Feeding brahma chickens

  • By introducing grated carrots and zucchini.
  • tomatoes.
  • As well as fresh herbs, especially herbs.
  • As compound feed with vitamin supplements.
  • Chickens need to be fed at least three times a day.
  • Chicken is fed intensively with protein for five months, then the period is reduced after that so that bone or muscle problems do not occur.
  • Chicken also needs a completely clean environment in which dirt does not stick quickly due to the thick feathers of this chicken.
  • The poultry house should be equipped with enough towers and nests, in addition to a good source of ventilation.
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The most important types of brahma chicken

In addition to its somewhat strange shape compared to regular chicken, the Brahma chicken has attractive and eye-catching colors, which make its price relatively high and expensive, in addition to being highly resistant to disease. Here are the most important types of Brahma chicken:

black chicken (dark)

  • Its color tends to be dark black or dark gray
  • Its tail also has the same color, and it has a bright blue earlobe, while the wings are dark in color and have white edges.
  • It is considered one of the best excellent chicken breeds, due to its soft feathers, black skin, and hard texture to resist extreme cold, and its weight reaches 907 or 1020 grams,
  • Regarding the amount of eggs he lays, it is three eggs per week.

Cochin chicken

  • It is distinguished by the density of its feathers, so it appears larger than it is.
  • It also weighs between 3.5 to 5 kg.
  • He also lays two brown eggs per week.
  • It is considered one of the types of chicken that is easy to docile and able to withstand extreme cold.

Orange chicken

  • This type is similar to the black brahma chicken.
  • But with a difference in white in the edges of the wings, it is orange instead of white.

Easter chicken

  • It weighs between 2.5-3 kg
  • It also lays 5 or 6 eggs per week
  • Either green, light pink, or blue.
  • Note that it is a type of hybrid chicken.

Brahma chicken price

The Brahma chicken starts laying eggs at the age of eight months, and in one year it lays between 150 to 180 eggs, where the peak of laying eggs is in the winter season, and the Brahma eggs are distinguished by their large size, delicious taste, and brown color, and the price of the Brahma chicken and rooster together reaches A thousand pounds in Egypt and exported abroad for thousands of pounds, while the price of a Brahma chicken egg is approximately 150 pounds.

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Factors for the success of the Brahma chicken breeding project

Establishing such a distinguished project is something that requires a great effort to preserve these breeds, especially since the profits from them are great with the high price in the local and international markets. Perhaps the most important factors for the success of the Brahma chicken breeding project are as follows:

  • You should focus on choosing a good breed.
  • A suitable place must be prepared in terms of the amount of moisture, the amount of ventilation, the amount of temperature, and the amount of sunlight entering.
  • The need to take into account the safety of the walls of the chicken breeding place from insects and cracks, and to maintain the cleanliness of the floor and to ensure that there is no dust and mud on it; This is in order not to expose the chicken feet to mud.
  • Also, paying attention to the periodic detection of any diseases, and it is necessary to provide antibiotics and therapeutic drugs, and to take isolation measures in the event that some of them are infected with any disease.
  • Providing him with appropriate and good nutrition, which we explained above, as he consumes fodder in large quantities, with the need to pay attention to providing appropriate vitamins and nutritional supplements for him.
  • The most important thing is to provide suitable places for laying eggs that are characterized by several standards, as they are safe and spacious, so that the chickens can easily incubate the eggs without being broken due to the large size of the chickens.

Feasibility study of the Brahma chicken breeding project. We mentioned many specifications related to this unique type of its features, as well as identifying its prices, and the mother factors that increase its success and maintain the continuity of its life cycle with egg productivity by a large percentage.

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