Feasibility study of the dairy cow breeding project, project requirements and necessary labor –

Feasibility study of the dairy cow breeding project, project requirements and necessary labor –

Feasibility study of the dairy cow breeding projectThe animal production sector is one of the most important factors to provide the country’s need for meat of all kinds, milk and its products from local breeding in order to achieve self-sufficiency, so the country’s administration is keen to contribute to the upgrading of this sector and support projects based on it, and encourage them to promote livestock with a partial subsidy system The Ministry, through its representatives, gives technical observations that contribute to the success of the project, and we present a feasibility study for the dairy cow breeding project.

Feasibility study of the dairy cow breeding project

The feasibility study is applied to the animal production project in order to find out the possibility of success of the project idea, where the services it provides, the target markets, and perhaps new distinctive services that can be added to the project are determined in terms of the quality, quality and quantity of the animal product in the local markets, with the determination of the capital and the extent of Its coverage of expenses and costs, as well as studying the marketing plans for the product and analyzing the risks and obstacles that may be encountered.

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The place and area of ​​the dairy cow breeding project

This project requires collecting and analyzing data to evaluate investment in terms of time, effort and money, with a clear answer on the availability of material and technical matters and the executive structure, all in order to reach a correct decision regarding the implementation of the project or not, and we explain the most important information about the location and area of ​​the dairy cow breeding project:

  • It must be a large livestock barn for the full breeding and care of cows of all kinds.
  • It also provides a place designated as a room for isolating any cow on which any disease is observed in order to avoid the occurrence of other risks.
  • In addition to the need for a place to store the quantities of feed that are sufficient for the number of cows present in the place for a period of time.
  • And do not forget that there is a place designated and equipped with refrigerators to store the milk that is milked daily from the cows.
  • Places for newly born calfs, fully cared for by professionals.
  • There should be a specific area for each cow, not less than 15 to 40 square meters.
  • With the possibility of the sun entering the place well for better health of the cows, as there is no spread of bacteria and germs that may grow inside the farm and the bodies of the cows.
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Studying the market conditions for the dairy cow breeding project

To complete the project of raising dairy cows, some capabilities and means must be provided to ensure good production at the lowest costs, with a comprehensive study of the market conditions and the need for cows’ milk products and its derivatives. We explain the following how to study the market conditions for the project of raising dairy cows:

  • It is important to know which species are most traded in the market, especially the ones that attract the most interest from cattle breeders.
  • Note that Friesian cows are among the most dairy-producing species, and it is possible to obtain approximately twenty kilograms per day.
  • While the Baladi cows can filter about 6 kilograms of milk on a daily basis, instead of the period in which the Friesian cows produce dairy, it may reach 300 days.
  • With regard to the local cows, they continue to produce milk for approximately 200 days only.
  • As for the most prominent breeds that can be bred in the Jersey, Ayrshire, Frisian, Dutch, Holstein, Danish and Guernsey projects, to obtain a product of high quality.

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Requirements for the project of raising dairy cows

The feasibility study of the project contributes to knowing the requirements of the special needs of the project. The requirements of the animal project are different from the industrial project, and so on. We explain the most important requirements of the dairy cow breeding project:

  • Concentrated feeds must be available and may need to be fully checked by the veterinarians responsible for the project.
  • And the necessity of green products, which are the main source of many vitamins and minerals for the cows inside the project.
  • Supervising the project by the supervising veterinarians on a regular basis to get acquainted with the conditions of the cows.
  • It is necessary to have a number of milking machines for cows and to produce abundant and sterilized quantities of milk.
  • It requires the availability of ties that are placed in front of the cows and the placement of feed in them in an orderly and sterile manner, in order to prevent the transmission of diseases between cows.
  • There are also water tanks to store pure water to provide safe drinking water for the herd.
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Labor needed for dairy cows breeding project

The project needs to provide full care for the cows on a daily basis, and this requires the presence of manpower that performs several jobs, including the calaver and the milker, as well as the cleaner who cleans the farm on a daily basis, and the project must be managed mainly by the owner of the farm.

Legal licenses for the dairy cow breeding project

The main objective of entrepreneurial licenses is to attract investments by organizations sponsoring small projects. This license also aims to encourage innovation owners and enable them to benefit from business incubators, research centers and services provided to small and medium enterprises. The following are the most important legal licenses for the dairy cow breeding project:

  • It is better to resort to specialized lawyers with previous experience or any competent authority in the place where the farm is located.
  • This is in order to obtain a license to practice the dairy cow breeding project, with the number of cows to be raised included in the official papers and licenses.
  • Note that cows breeding needs a cycle to be completed in one month from the beginning of breeding, meaning that one year reaches 12 cycles.
  • It is possible to start with 10 cows, the price of one is estimated according to the local market prices at the time of purchase, while relying on reliable places.

The financial costs of the dairy cow breeding project

In this step, we learn about the material costs required by the project, specifically the basic and operational costs, as well as the fixed and variable costs. The most important financial costs of the dairy cow breeding project are explained below:

  • It should be noted that the duration of the production cycle is one month, with 12 production cycles per year.
  • Therefore ten cows must be purchased as the price of one cow is £20,000, so the total cost of purchase is £200,000.
  • When buying two 5-meter cows, the price of one fodder is £600, so the total cost of the fodder is £1,200.
  • Veterinary medicines must be purchased for about 2,500 pounds.
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The most important factors for the success of the dairy cow breeding project

The success of any project requires a number of factors that contribute to that. As for the dairy cow breeding project, it depends largely on the environmental factors that are suitable for cows, in addition to several factors that we explain as follows:

  • The best breeds with high quality production and abundant amounts of milk should be selected.
  • The necessity of providing a veterinary medical staff to take care of the health of cows and follow them up, moment by moment.
  • Ensure that the appropriate amount of vitamins and mineral salts is provided to provide the herd with all the nutritional supplements they need.
  • Instead of marketing dairy products produced from cows, it is possible to resort to manufacturing part of them and converting them into products that can be used.
Feasibility study of the dairy cow breeding project. The success of this project is based on many factors, and perhaps the most prominent is a comprehensive study of its feasibility with clarification of all its requirements and their full provision.

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