Feasibility study of the heavy equipment leasing project, project costs and marketing methods –

Feasibility study of the heavy equipment leasing project, project costs and marketing methods –

Feasibility study of the heavy equipment leasing projectMany people, especially young people, seek to open a project of their own, in order to be able to satisfy their needs and live in dignity, while employing their abilities to serve the community, but the biggest problem that falls on them is to collect information about the proper methods and steps that enable them to start their project, Followed by taking practical steps such as licensing, determining the location, and other requirements related to the project, which we explain through the feasibility study of the heavy equipment leasing project.

Feasibility study of the heavy equipment leasing project

There is a group of human and material elements necessary for the success of any project, and perhaps the most important of them is choosing a project commensurate with the size of the available material capabilities. It is ideal to collect information about the project to be carried out. Therefore, when studying the feasibility of the project, renting heavy equipment, the following points must be taken into account:

  • The various expectations of the project should be fully studied,
  • With an explanation of the competition opportunities for the project in the market.
  • Provide an accurate description and complete analysis of the construction equipment rental market potential,
  • It is necessary to know the statistics and information about the market and its size.
  • We point out the importance of knowing future trends.
  • Providing information about the heavy equipment leasing market, to make good and sound investment decisions and move towards the right track.
  • In addition to the feasibility study process, it is able to identify the basic challenges that the market faces when leasing heavy equipment.
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The location and area of ​​the heavy equipment rental project

The project site is the place where the project is located and the space required for it, taking into account the extent of the region’s need for this project, as well as the type of main industries in the region, taking into account the possibility of expansion and expansion in the future, and an explanation of the following for the location and area of ​​the heavy equipment leasing project:

Feasibility study of the heavy equipment leasing project

Company website

  • Ideally, it should be within the commercial areas.
  • With the possibility of being located next to the offices of other targeted companies such as building, construction, transportation and the like.
  • In the event that the company’s location does not require a large area, it may be a solution to rent a small apartment or a small shop sufficient for an office with its requirements of chairs and others.

The location of the warehouse for the equipment to be rented.

  • In the case of the location of the operations to be carried out, it must be on the outskirts of the city or close to the project areas, so that the process of communication and communication is easy.
  • As well as the need for several requirements to do the best, perhaps the most prominent of which is the presence of a large garage, equipped with shelves and places arranged to put the tools.
  • Emphasis on the element of cleanliness and that it does not enter the bar, moisture or the sun so that the tools do not suffer any damage.
  • A beautiful arrangement and decoration while taking care of other tools would look great and endearing to customers.
  • The possibility of merging the two sites in one place and placing the office near the garage.

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What equipment can be rented in a heavy equipment rental project?

Recently, it has been observed that there has been an increase in the demand for various types of drilling equipment and exploration equipment for construction and transportation projects, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Many profitable and promising investment opportunities await investors when undertaking such projects. An explanation follows of what equipment can be rented in a rental project. Heavy Equipment:

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manual equipment

  • Electric motors must be provided
  • Air compressors
  • And water wheels
  • Electric concrete vibrators and gasoline are required
  • electric excavators
  • stairs
  • scaffold
  • Also tile and ceramic scissors
  • All kinds of rollers
  • Iron soldering iron
  • It requires oxygen
  • thyme harvesters
  • Also wood, parquet and tree saws

heavy equipment

  • Sheolats
  • The need for flaps
  • Bulldozer
  • bobcat
  • Also jcb
  • cranes
  • Also electric machines

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Labor needed for heavy equipment leasing project

The project is huge and needs manpower to implement the project successfully, so the best drivers must be selected to deal with the equipment and machines that are being worked on in terms of ethics and professional work without mistakes in humans or machines that were rented from companies, and then the losses will be by a large judgment, as well as the labor needed for the project We offer heavy equipment rental as follows:

  • Employment of a sales manager, who is distinguished by his ability to deal with companies, receive all customers and collect the best deals, preferably an English speaker.
  • Also, the presence of a maintenance technician who comes periodically, to ensure and ensure their safety before handing over and receiving them.
  • The project also needs to permanently clean the store, the office and everything related to the project.
  • Finally, make sure to hire a security worker to maintain the safety of the warehouse, especially if it is located in the Nayo area and far from people’s eyes.

Marketing a heavy equipment rental project

The marketing process of all kinds has become an effective and important element in the project plan, and it must be carried out with the selection of the most suitable and the diversity between electronic and paper platforms. The most important thing is to serve the project. Below we review the marketing mechanism for the heavy equipment rental project:

Direct marketing

  • They earn by dealing with companies and workers directly.
  • With the use of a perfect presentation to impress customers.
  • Present your work and special offers, while explaining the mechanism of the services you provide to them.
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Indirect marketing

  • Electronic dealing by creating a website to display the tools you own
  • Clarification of full details about it, rental prices, and the possibility of ordering online.

Methods of implementing a heavy equipment leasing company project

The project fails in the event that experience and capital are not available, at least with an erroneous estimate of the project’s location and place of residence. Therefore, before implementing it, all its requirements must be studied very carefully. The following are the steps for implementing a heavy equipment rental company project:

  • Equipment must be purchased, which is the most expensive step, so that a group of equipment is purchased
  • Note that the heavy equipment shall not be less than 10 pieces, whether it is different equipment or of the same quality.
  • The cost of equipment ranges from $500,000 to $1 million.
  • It is possible to rent heavy equipment owned by others without the purchase process, as it is the least expensive method.
  • In return, the owner of the project gets a percentage of no less than 30% of the value of the rent.
  • For example, if the rental price of the machine during the month is 15 thousand, then the company gets at least 4.5 thousand as a percentage of the rent.
  • When talking about the total value of the percentage of profits, it is not less than 40% or 50%.

Conditions for opening a heavy equipment leasing project

It is possible to work in more than one sector, the most important of which are oil and natural gas extraction companies, as well as the demand for heavy equipment increases in contracting companies, as well as construction and building companies and many others, while doing this work requires following conditions that we mention below:

  • Registration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development is required.
  • A certificate of affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce must also be issued.
  • Also issuing a commercial register from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  • The Income and Zakat Authority file must be issued.

A feasibility study for a heavy equipment leasing project, the most prominent details of the profitable and guaranteed project we have explained, while examining the mechanism of implementing the project and avoiding many mistakes, and other details that help its owner to progress on the right track.

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